William T. Hader on Ice (coming soon to an arena near you)


Feliz cumpleaños, Logan!

Happy birthday, Logan!

Gracias por tantas historias!

Logan Lerman...

…en “El patriota”:

…en “Los Chicos de mi vida”:

…en “Lo que ellas quieren”:

…en “El efecto mariposa”:

…en “Jack & Bobby”:

…en “Vecinos al rescate”:

…en “El número 23”:

…en “El tren de las 3:10”:

…en “Bill”:

…en “Gamer”:

…en “Cansada de buscar marido”:

…en “Percy Jackson y el ladrón del rayo”:

…en “Los tres mosqueteros”:

…en “Las ventajas de ser invisible”:

…en “Stuck in love”:

…en “Percy Jackson y el mar de los monstruos”:



Wax sculptor Bobby Causey creates phenomenal hyperrealistic wax renditions of famous movie characters and Hollywood stars. Based in Allen Park, MI, Causey is a self-taught professional sculptor. Each of his pieces is painstakingly made by hand. For the sculptures that feature hair, each individual strand is punched in one at a time.

Causey makes an exhaustive study of photo references for each subject. The extraordinary effort he puts in is clearly paid off by the awesome results he consistently achieves. These sculptures look so real, we keep waiting for one of them to stick out a tongue or wink at us.

Visit the Bobby C. Sculptures website to check out more of Causey’s astonishingly lifelike wax sculptures.

[via Design Taxi and Daily Art]


Jack and Jack - Tides (Official Music Video)

Apparently, the video is unlisted, but this from their official account.
Enjoy loves<3:)
Dis got us feelin sum type of way:*