Take my hand. -Jack Gilinsky- Part One.

The feels are strong with this one. Sorry guys. No Smut in this, but it’s still pretty lovey.

14 years, 8 months and 2 days. The amount of time I’ve known Jack Gilinsky. We met in 4th grade. We traded lunches most days. He wanted jello and had pudding. I wanted pudding but had jello. It was basically a match made in heaven. 3 years 11 months and 14 days since the day he asked me to be his girlfriend in senior year. It was after a pep rally for the basketball team.  He was more nervous than I was.  It was cute to see him flustered like that. 13 hours and 27 minutes until I get to call him my husband.


The light peaks through the window of my room.  The sun creating shapes against the wall from my lace dress hanging against the window frame.  I scurry closer to the long train and veil.  Taking in the intricate pattern and beading.  Jack had it custom made for me four months ago.  I run my fingers across the fabric and brought an edge to my cheek.  I close my eyes and think about all of the wonderful memories we’ve created, all leading to this day.  The day that I get to walk to him in front of our most cherished family and friends. Sharing in our celebration of eternal love. There was no denying that I was madly in love with Jack, and he with me.  Id give him my heart a million times over.  That doesn’t stop the butterflies though.  Every girl dreams about the day that she gets to walk down the aisle trailed with rose petals to her prince charming.  Having anxiety made that difficult. The idea of being watched and possibly judged.  It scared me.  I was never good in social situations, but this is my dream. My man.  My future. I lover the fabric of the veil and gaze at the sunset through the open window, taking in the fresh air.

"Thinking about running?"  A familiar voice enters the doorway.  My best friend, Cassie.  My Maid of Honor. I gave her a slight smirk. "Not a chance." At least thats what I told her.  Part of me wanted to tell him "Lets just go to the courthouse.", but at the same time, I want to share in our moment with our closest family and friends.  I know Jack does as well.  With less than 24 hours until the wedding, all of the bridal party had gathered together at Cassie’s house for a pre wedding sleepover.  We did facials, I had special robes made for all of my brides maids and we shared in some of our favorite memories growing up. 

"Remember the night after Westside formal, when Kaylee hooked up with sam wilkinson behind a denny’s?" We all burst out into laughter. Except Kaylee of course.  "ONE TIME.  IT WAS ONE TIME." Talking with my girls made everything seem so much easier.  There was one thing though that I know would instantly calm me down. I needed to hear his voice.  "Guys, im going to run to the bathroom."  I held up my empty wine glass, signaling a full bladder.  I snuck away to the guest bathroom to call Jack.  The line rang two times, three, four.  "Come on, jack.  Pick up." "Your call has been forwarded, to a voice-" I ended the call. "Shit."  Now what? I take a minute to gather my thoughts before I feel my phone vibrating in my hand. I answer instantaneously. 

"Baby girl." 
"Oh Jack." I sighed. "I can’t tell you how nice it is to hear your voice." 
He chuckled lightly. “Miss me that much, huh?”
"I always miss you, J." 
"Is everything okay, baby?"
"Yeah, Yeah, Im fine.  I just…I needed to hear your voice.  I needed the reassurance. Wedding stress, I suppose."  
"Hey, you’re mine.  Forever.  You know that.  You have nothing to worry about.  Im always going to be here.  If i’m not with you, i’m a phone call away. Do you need me to come over?"
"No, Jack! Thats against the rules!"
"The rules….? What rules?"
"The wedding rules! You’re not supposed to see me until the wedding, Jack." 
"Well, I don’t like that rule anymore." 
I gave him a light hearted laugh. “Im fine.  I just, really miss you.  Thats all.” 
"Well you know what, babe?"
"15 hours and 12 minutes.  Im all yours."
"I love you, Jack Gilinsky."
"Not nearly as much as I love you, sweet girl.  Ill talk to you a little later okay?  I need to take care of something."
"Oh, okay. Ill talk to you later, then. Bye, babe."
"Bye cutie."
The line died.

I sat against the bathroom wall, controlling my breathing, as I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes once more.  I didn’t even know why I was crying.  My nerves get the best of me.  A knock was as the door. “Hey (y/n), are you okay?” I quickly stood and smoothed out my shirt.  ”Yeah, im fine.  I dropped my contact in the sink.  Ill be right down.”  The ultimate cover.  Now they wont question the tears.


A few hours of laughter pass.  Fond memories growing up.  Another bottle of wine down. We decided to call it a night. I went back to my room, looking at the perfect dress one last time. I crawl into the bed and look at my lock screen on my phone.  A picture of Jack and I at a fall festival this past october.  I couldn’t help but smile, thinking about that day. I close my eyes and drift off into a light sleep.  *Smaaash* I shot up in bed. “Shit! Im sorry.  I tripped.  My shoe lace got caught in the window sill.”  Jack sit in the floor trying to free his shoe from the window.  ”Gilinsky! What the hell are you doing!?” He stood and came to sit on the bed next to me. “I want to go on an adventure. One last hurrah! So put some clothes on.” He playfully smacked my thigh and went to retrieve his shoe.  I slowly got up and went to dig through my duffle.  I grab my black leggings, purple flannel and black boots.  I threw my hair into a side braid.  ”Our carriage awaits, my lady.” He moved out the window. “Wait! Why cant we take the stairs?!” “Wheres the fun in that, babe?! Its an adventure, remember? Take my hand?” He hold it out waiting for me to take. I climb out onto the balcony with him.  Wrapping him into a hug.  ”Remind you of old times? We were just kids in love.  Sneaking out of your parents house to go to Sammy’s. Truth or dare in his basement.  Johnson streaking the football field.” I laughed as I thought back to the night that we tried to sneak back IN to my house through an open back window for over 20 minutes, before we realized my parents weren’t even home. “Damn, its crazy. Ya know?  How much we’ve been through. Look at us now.” His eyes fluttered and met mine. “You’re right.  We had some pretty good times, huh, babe?”  I rest my head on his shoulder and he ran a hand through my hair.  ”The best is yet to come, baby girl.” He playfully shoved me and me gave me a cheesy grin.  ”Alright! Lets get this party started!” He started down a level before helping me shimmy down the railing. “Ive got you babe.  Jump.”  I hesitated for a second, before crashing into his arms.  He lay in the grass for a few minutes looking for constellations.  He pulled me up and carried me the the car.  He opens the door of his jeep for me.  ”Such a gentleman.”  I playfully pecked his cheek.  ”I aim to please baby girl.” He walked around to his drivers side and started the engine. “What do you say we take a trip down memory lane?” He interlaced our fingers and placed small kisses across my knuckle. I was falling in love all over again.  


I didn’t initially plan on this being two parts, but Its literally sooooooo long. This is a very sentimental story to me, so I hope you guys like it. I included some personal memories from growing up with my late boyfriend.  His anniversary is approaching, and I get a little sentimental thinking about him.  I miss his dumb ass.  Any who, Hope you like it! Positive feedback is appreciated. <3


The Voice Inside Your Head part 3

*Demon Jack Gilinsky*

Part1 Part2

Everyone has a story. The waiter with the charming smile has a story. The flustered mother of four who can’t seem to control her children at the grocery store has a story. The disgruntled CEO who snaps at his employees has a story. The lonely girl sitting at the diner table sipping on coffee has a story. The ones who remain invisible, slipping under our sensory threshold have a story. Sometimes it’s the ones we don’t see that have the most magnificent, most breathtaking, most tragic stories. But we’ll never know. Because they are invisible.

 He sits on a bench, watching strangers walk by. Some are alone; some have the company of a parent, sibling, friend, or significant other. None of them can see him, but he can see them so clearly. Perhaps the greatest perk of his god-forsaken state of existence is his ability to feel other people- the emotions toiling beneath their human skin, the vibes they give off subconsciously.  He already knows so much about them, but they don’t even know he exists.

 It has been said that not all those who wander are lost. But what about the ones who are? Wandering souls are romanticized by the free spirits who find a home in every place they visit. But what about the damned and the wayward? The ones who have destroyed every home they’ve ever known. There’s nothing beautiful about wandering. All that disparity was never once poetic, it was lonely and tragic. People want to believe that there is beauty in suffering, but there isn’t. Not always. It’s just dark. So hopelessly dark.

 A girl around the age of 17 plops down on the bench next to Jack, his appearance to mundane eyes is nonexistent. She’s babbling on the phone with a tone of voice that walks the line of chafed and despondent. He shakes his, abandoning the spot he’s been sitting in for the last 3 hours and 38 minutes. He doesn’t care to find out what troubles her. Humans always make such a big deal out of nothing. Simple woes are irrelevant when you hail from a place of torment.


 “Pay attention to me,” Sam whines, throwing an empty water bottle at her midsection.

 Sam has been pestering her for weeks to take new head-shots for him. She kept brushing him off, as more important projects needed her attention. But his constant begging eventually got the best of her and now here she is, adjusting the lighting for the shoot of a needy, work-in-progress model.

 “Sam, I’m trying to adjust the lighting so there won’t be any wonky shadows on your face,” she sighs, tilting the bulb for what feels like the millionth time.

“Wonky? Who the hell says wonky?” Sam scrunches his face up in distaste.

“The photographer who oh-so-kindly offered to do your headshots for free. That’s who,” she raises her eyebrows smugly.

“All right fair enough. Any chance you’re gonna win that fight with the light bulb?” he inquires.

“It’s putting up a good fight, but I’m not let about to let some inanimate object school my ass.”

 A few minutes and excessive amounts of whining from Sam later, she finds the perfect lighting to highlight the sharp angles of his face. God does the camera love him. How could it not? With his sharp cheekbones and a prominent jawline. He has all the potential in the world. Combine that with a confident smirk and he’s set to get everything he’s ever wanted.

 “Making me look sexy, babe?” Sam grins before the flash goes off.

“At the risk of inflating your already too enlarged ego, yes. I am,” she smirks before walking over to show him what their session produced.

Sam peers at the LED screen, his face lighting up when he sees what she was able to capture.

“You’re an amazing photographer, ya know that?” he smiles up at her, genuine gratitude stretching his lips.

“Well it doesn’t hurt that you’re an amazing model,” she returns the smile.

“We’re gonna make it.  You, me, and Nate. We’re gonna be something incredible.”

She can see it in his eyes that he means it. He really believes what he’s saying.

“You’re right. We will,” she nods in agreement. Something about his reckless ambition is contagious.

“Worst comes to worst we just make a deal with the devil. Sell our souls or something,” he jokes, laughing carelessly.

She forces a chuckle, her face paling a bit. Make a deal with the devil. Sell our souls or something. If only he knew the gravity of the words that just spilled out of his mouth.



He finds himself in an unfamiliar part of town, approaching a coffee shop. He discarded the invisible glamour a few blocks back, tired of being an unseen bystander in a crowd of many. The other pedestrians don’t pay much attention to him, except for the occasional girl between the ages of 16 and 30 who bother to give him a second glance. But he doesn’t look their way. Not even once.

 A metallic chime resonates in his ears as he gently pushes the door open. Various types of coffee instantly infiltrate his nasal passage, making him cough lightly. Rich scents never sat well with him.

 “Can I get you something?” the barista calls to him from behind the counter.

“Uhh…no… I just wanted to stop walking for a minute without getting trampled by the sea of people out there,” he nods to the window.

“Understandable. It’s very fast paced out there,” she laughs.

He smiles politely, nodding his head in agreement.

 He takes a seat by the window, his focus getting lost in the several bodies walking by. So many emotions fight for his attention at once: the frustration of the teenage girl gesticulating wildly whilst on the phone, the happiness of the couple swinging their interlocked hands, the vague distaste of the older women carrying a briefcase. That combined with the pungent stench of coffee grounds makes his head pound.

 “Are you sure I can’t get you anything? You look exhausted,” the barista pushes.

He chuckles humorlessly. She must have noticed the purplish tint under his dark eyes. On most, the unusual coloring would appear ghastly. But on him it gave an alluring appeal.

 “Coffee can’t fix my problem. But thank you,” he waves off the offer for a second time.

“A problem coffee can’t fix? I’ve never heard of such a thing!” she giggles.

He can’t tell if her persistence is endearing or obnoxious. Suddenly he wishes he would‘ve walked into a bar instead.

“What’s your name?” she asks, trying to seem casual.

“Jack,” he replies shortly.

“What’s on your mind, Jack?”

He groans internally. Small talk with a stranger who may or may not be trying to flirt with him was the last thing he wanted to deal with right now. Sometimes it is better to be invisible.

“Nothing. Nothing at all,” he responds dully.

“The bags under your eyes say otherwise.”

I got these ‘bags’ from residing in hell, not from losing sleep over a girl.


 A sharp crack of thunder makes him jump slightly, the legs of the chair screeching against the floor.


“I better get going,” he starts for the door.

“Are you sure you don’t want to wait out the storm here? It’s already coming down pretty hard. Plus I’d be more than happy to listen to whatever problem you’re trying to convince yourself isn’t that big of a deal.”

“My roommate is kinda terrified of thunderstorms,” he shifts anxiously.

“I’m sure he’ll be alright,” she chuckles.

“I’m not so sure she will.”



She’s hated thunderstorms for as long as she can remember. She could watch every horror movie ever made and feel only the slightest pang of fear, but nature was something else entirely. You can’t fight nature, can’t hand hide from it. If it wants to break down your walls to drown you it will. And there’s not a damn thing you can do about it. There’s something terrifying about that kind of unyielding ferocity and determination.

 She falls back onto her bed, sighing deeply. When she left work it was drizzling- totally manageable. But by the time she got home it was bordering a tsunami- totally not manageable.

 She tries to drown out the cracks of thunder and pelts of rain threatening to shatter the windows by turning the volume of the TV up. It works well enough until everything goes black. Not just the TV, but everything. All the lights in the apartment have gone out. The only thing worse than a storm is a power outage during a storm. 

 She squeezes her eyes shut tightly, willing herself to calm down. Her heart beats erratically in her chest cavity, threatening to tear through her skin and fall onto the floor.  Everything is fine. It’s okay. You’re okay. Everything is okay. Everything is not okay. This is fucking awful.


Thunder booms menacingly, shaking the entire apartment and breaking any resolve she had left.


“Jack!” she shrieks, fear overcoming any reasoning on why that may have been a bad idea.

“You okay?” he appears beside her, poking her arm with his index finger.

She lets out a breath she didn’t know she was holding as she falls against his side.

“Yeah. No. I hate storms.”

“I know,” he laughs lightly, slipping his arm around her shoulders comfortingly.

“What do you mean you know? How could you possibly know when I never told you?” she grumbles a bit irritably.

“You’re only ever nice to me when there’s a storm. Plus I can feel it,” he draws circles on her upper arm.

She huffs in annoyance, but doesn’t move or make any attempt to wriggle out of his grasp. Instead she lets her head slump onto his chest, the top of her head brushing his collarbone. His shirt smells vaguely of coffee grounds.

 “Did you go to a coffee shop today?” she quirks an eyebrow as she sniffs the dark fabric.

“Yeah. I think the barista was trying to hit on me,” he grimaces.

“Oh my god what did you do?” she laughs effortlessly.

“I left.”

“You sure know how to let them down easy.”

“She was trying to get me to talk about my problems.”

“When did barista become synonymous with therapist?”

“Right?!” Jack laughs.


She smiles, burying her face into his chest. This is the first normal conversation they’ve ever had. The banter between them is so effortless and natural that for a moment she forgets he’s an uninvited squatter. Except this time, he was invited.


“You called for me,” he says quietly, stroking her hair.

“I know,” she whispers.

“It’s the first time you’ve invited me in.”

“It’s the first time you weren’t here.”

 He doesn’t know how to respond. She’s never once admitted to wanting him around. And maybe he shouldn’t think too much of it because she was scared and she needed somebody to be there, but he can’t ignore the smallest bud of hope blooming in his stomach. He mentally kicks himself. Hope is the root of all disappointment.



They sit like this for some time, talking about nonsensical things to shut out the storm raging outside. Her body becomes fatigued as her eyelids flutter shut. He jostles her gently as if to say ‘go to sleep’. She nods in understanding, disentangling herself from him to crawl under the covers. He slides back until his back hits the headboard and he’s parallel with her pillow. He doesn’t want to lie down. Not quite yet.

 “In another life, this might work,” she mumbles half unconsciously.

He knows she won’t remember saying that in the morning, she’s too far gone into her dreams. But those words tease as the seed of hope that’s beginning to grow into a garden in the pit of his stomach.


“I’m trying to make it work in this one,” he whispers quietly.


Little does she know, she’s become the voice inside his head.

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Meeting His Fans With Him - Nate Imagine (requested)

Requested: Yes

Word Count:  620

Story Line: You’re visiting Nate on tour and you’re scared that his fans won’t like you but he reassures you that everything will be okay, and it turns out to be way better than you had expected it to be.

A/N: This is my first ever imagine so I hope the anon that requested this liked it! :) Sorry it’s really short as well :/ Send in requests if you’d like :D

You had decided to visit your boyfriend of 4 months, Nate, on tour for a few days. It just so happens that on those few days you were going to visit him, he’d have a meet and greet. You were happy that you were going to be able to meet his fans with him but at the same time you were scared. Scared that his fans might keep thinking ‘Why is she here? I came for Nate, not his girlfriend.’ Or even worse, they might not even like you.

You were in the back of the tour bus Nate was on for tour, just thinking and wondering how today would be going. You hear footsteps approaching the sliding door that was closed and your eyes slowly gazed up to the door. Nate comes in and slides the door behind him so it would be closed. He sits next to you and kisses your cheek, “You excited for today?” He says with a smile. “Yes and no.” giving him a slight smile afterwards. “Yes and no ? Why the no ?” he says with a worried expression on his face. You put your hands on the table in front of you and decided to play with your fingers, trying to avoid eye contact with him. You sigh before giving him a reply. “I don’t know. What if your fans don’t like me? Do I just stand there awkwardly? Am I suppose to be in the picture? What if they’re like, rude to me? Or something. They came here for you and eve-“ before you could even finish, you felt a pair of lips shutting you up. You immediately kissed him back. The both of you pulled away seconds later and he just looked at you while you turned your head and looked straight ahead. He grabbed your fingers and intertwined them with his. “You must be really blind if you think they don’t like you. I have been getting so many tweets saying that they can’t wait to finally meet you today.” Still looking at you. Your head quickly turned to him. “Really ?” He nods. “You literally have nothing to worry about babe.” he pecks your lips again. “C’mon, let’s go and get ready.” you nod and follow him.


30 minutes have passed and you’re still in awe of how amazing these fans have been towards you and him. You can finally understand why he loves meeting them. It’s honestly such an amazing feeling. They have the biggest smiles on their faces. Even when they hug you as well. Every once in awhile you would get, “It’s so amazing to finally meet you.”  There’s even fans that have asked to take a selfie together. That took you by surprise. You weren’t expecting that at all. After meeting a few more fans, the meet and greet was finally over. It was a bittersweet feeling for you. You loved it but at the same time you felt like you were a bit awkward. After all it was your first time meeting Nate’s fans. You felt two arms being wrapped around your waist while walking backstage. You both stopped and you turned around and came in eye to eye contact with your boyfriends eyes. “You see. That wasn’t as bad as you thought it would have been.” you give him a small chuckle. “True. It actually went way better than I thought.” He gave you huge smile before kissing you. “Ew, you guys. Get a room.” You hear Sam yell in the background. You let out a laugh and you both pull away from the kiss. Nate looks at you and gives you a wink before grabbing your arm and walking away with you.

Just Friends a Jack Gilinsky and Sammy Wilk Fanfic

Part 1 <——


Part 2

Gilinsky´s POV

She is sweet, cute, funny and gorgeous, but she is Wilkinson´s sister.

“Hey Gilinsky” Sammy said.

“Hey Wilk”

“What did you tell Vic that she´s so happy?” I turned and there she was smiling while talking with Leslie.

“We just talked”

“About what?”

“Well she told me about her other school and I told her about our pranks, and I guess she liked them”

“I hope you are not thinking about dating here”.

W-Why?” I stuttered.

“Because I don’t want you to break her heart”

“What do you mean?”

“Gilinsky I´m telling you to stay away from my sister because you are not a relationship guy, you just break hearts, you are a player” He said.  Am I really like that?

“It´s not my intention to do that”

“Sure. What about Leah?” Who´s Leah? I thought “That´s what I mean, you don´t even remember her, I liked her since kinder garden, and one day you just told her to be your girlfriend, and she told you yes, then a week passed and you broke up with her just because you were bored. Then I asked her out and she told me no, why? Because she thought I was like you.” Tears fell through his cheek.

“Wilkinson, it wasn’t my intention, I´m so sorry” I really meant it.

“But if you want an opportunity with my sister, you´ll have it, just one, but if you break her heart I´ll kill you”

“Thank you Wilk” I hugged him.

I have to change for her.

“I will change Wilk” I said.

“You have” he said, leaving me in the cafeteria alone.

01- Jack and Jack (Part 3)

Read Part one here

Read Part two here

Kenna and the Jacks were nearly half way through the movie, and Sam still hadn’t come back from dropping Dani at the dorm. It seemed that Kenna was the only one to notice this, though. Johnson still had his hand places lightly on her knee and he watched the movie, and Gilinsky had been gently rubbing Kenna’s shoulder with his thumb for the duration of the movie.

She wondered how neither of these boys had noticed what the other was doing yet. It would take one turn of Johnson’s head for him to see Gilinsky’s big hand wrapped around her shoulders. Slowly, she was losing her focus on the movie. All that she could think about was what these boys were doing and how they would react to one another doing it. Then her train of thought derailed, and she was thinking about what all of this meant. Did they like her? Were they looking for a comfortable hook up? Did one want a relationship while the other wanted a hook up? Which one wanted what? Did this mean anything at all.

Before Kenna could even stop herself, she was getting up and heading to the balcony. She grasped the rail g tightly, balling her hands into fists around the cool metal. Inside, the Jacks were exchanging a look of confusion. Each one wondering if they had dome something wrong by making a subtle move.

"I’ll go see what’s up," Gilinsky said as he stood up off the couch.

Johnson watched as he slid the glass door open and then walked through before closing it again. He watched as they talked. It seemed strange, almost as if Gilinsky were guilty of something. Then he realized what had to be going through Gilinsky’s head. The way he had just touched Kenna’s upper arm; the way his head was turned to the side, he only saw Jack with that expression one other time: the first time he saw Kenna at the beginning of Freshman year. Jack Gilinsky was still in love with her.

"Hey," Gilinsky said as he slid the glass door shut behind him, "What’s up?"

Kenna turned slowly to face him, taking in a long breath. She traced her gaze across his face and ran her hand through her hair before she spoke.

"I just…" she faltered.

"Look, Kenna," Jack said stepping closer to her and placing and hand on her upper arm, "If I was, well, crossing the line or something in there-"

"Jack, no," she interrupted, "It’s not that. Well, it was kind of that."

He turned his head to the side looking into her sweet, brown eyes.

"You had your arm around me; and Johnson had his hand on my knee, and-"

"Wait, Johnson had his hand on your knee?"

"Yeah, and I just…I don’t know. I started to over think things, I guess."

But gilinsky wasn’t listening. He was watching Johnson through the glass. The way he was twiddling his thumbs and looking down at his lap; the way he had smiled when he brought Kenna into the apartment, he hadn’t seen Jack that happy in a while. And it wasn’t just because he was excited to see an old best friend. Jack Johnson was in love with Kenna. His Kenna, Gilinsky thought.

Stay The Night Part 2-Sammy Wilk *Smut**

   Part 1         

You blushed under his gaze and nodded, “Okay.”

            Sammy released you and you made your way into your hotel room, Sammy followed you in and kept his eyes on trained on your back side as you led him into the room. It wasn’t before long Sammy had you pinned to the bed, he was kneeling on top of you with your hands being gripped hard to the bed, his lips pressing to yours in a wet and harsh kiss, his tongue swiping against yours and wrapping it around yours and pulling it into his mouth.

            Sammy let go of your hands and you felt him beginning to undress you, he broke the kiss and straddled your waist, he pulled off his own shirt before starting to work on your clothes, ripping them off and not caring when he nearly ripped your favorite shirt, and definitely not caring when he ripped your tights and thong off. You glanced down at the ripped fabric he was pulling away, “Seriously?”

            Sammy didn’t answer, he only smirked before he pressed his lips to your neck and started trailing open mouth kisses down your body, stopping at your breasts and giving them special attention. You sighed as he gathered them in his hands and brought your sensitive nipples to his mouth, running his tongue over the areola before closing his mouth and sucking, sending sparks of pleasure down to your sex but it wasn’t enough to ease the tension that was almost painful. You sighed again as you slipped your hands through his hair, tugging when his mouth made its way down your stomach.

            Sammy slipped off the bed and pulled you to him until his breath was hitting your sex, he pushed your thighs apart and pulled your legs over his shoulder, his hands then reaching up and pressing your hips down to the bed. The first flick of his tongue against your clit sparked your orgasm and the second caused you to curl your toes right as he pulled on the skin of your belly to give him better access to your clit.

            “Sammy,” You moaned, feeling the air leave your lungs.

            Sammy tsked you, his tongue leaving your bundle of nerves. “Call me daddy, baby.” He said, his breath hitting your sex. You stared up at the ceiling as an unsettling feeling took place in your stomach instead of the feeling of euphoria, you cheeks flamed with embarrassment instead of heat from the moment.

            “I can’t,” You got out as you slipped out Sammy’s grasp. You quickly rolled off the bed and grabbed the thin bedding sheet and wrapped it around your body before Sammy could grab a hold of you and pull you back in bed. “It’s weird, I can’t. You’ll have to find another girl to do it.” You said, not meeting his eyes as you tried to move past him and into the bathroom.

            Sammy didn’t allow it and pulled your body into his until he had you facing the wall, his arms caging you and his bulge that was only covered by the thin piece of cotton pressed against your bum. “You’re gonna call me daddy, baby. It’s been a fantasy of mine ever since we started this shit, ever since I bit off more than I could chew with you. You’re gonna finish this,” He moaned into your ear.

            You didn’t say anything to Sammy but felt his hands peel away the cloth, he was leaving little kisses down your neck, down the slope of your shoulder and down your spine. “Fucking gorgeous,” Sammy groaned, groping your ass while standing up and grabbing both hands and bringing them up over your head with one of his hands, his free hand touched the soft skin of your ass. “Spread your legs, baby, I need to get inside you.”

            “Daddy,” You heard the name roll off your tongue before you could even stop yourself. You pushed your ass back into his crotch and spread your legs further apart, “That’s it, baby girl.” You heard him groan. “Stay like that,” You felt him leave you but you didn’t dare to look. You heard him rummaging through your things and you knew he was trying to find a condom. “You look so hot, standing there, all spread out and waiting for daddy.” He groaned, you heard him rip the wrapper before he came up behind you again, rubbing the head of his dick along your cunt.

            “Daddy, please God, just fuck me.” You groaned right before he slipped inside of you, not giving you enough time to adjust before he pulled back again and rammed back inside you.

            “Is this what you want? To be fucked by daddy?” Sammy moaned into your ear, one hand grasping yours against the wall, his other hand slipping down your front to go play with your clit, the pad of his thumb making hard and rash circles.

            “Yes, I want it.” You cried out when you felt orgasm arrive in your belly.

            Sammy’s thrusts became quicker and sharper, his breathing began to quicken. He moaned into your ear and his thumb quickened its pace, “So close,” He groaned.

            “Faster, daddy, please.” You groaned as his other hand let go of yours and wrapped itself into your hair and tugging until your hear rested against his shoulder.

            “Fuck, baby, you feel so good. So hot and wet wrapped around me,” He groaned, his teeth nipping your ear.

            “I’m close,” You whimpered, the air leaving your lungs as the pleasure grew.

            “Come on, baby.” Sammy groaned and you felt him swell inside you and you knew it would be a matter of seconds before his orgasm took a hold of him. You pushed back against him just as your orgasm took a hold of your body, you began to tighten around him right as he climaxed. His thrusts became sloppy and tired he stopped thrusting, he slipped out of you and turned you around to face him.

            Sammy collapsed against you, his fingers running up and down your back. “Yeah, you’re definitely not breaking up with me.”

Ship for: shawnxthotsides
Shipped with: Jack Gilinsky.

+ this was so tough for me! Because once you said music to the cruel but sweet, I started thinking “Shawn!” But then the rest of your paragraph definitely said Gilinsky.

Jack is 5’11, and you’re 8 inches shorter, so he always takes the advantage of your height. But, you never complain because it’s always so fun. This meant calling you “shortie” “short fry” and piggybacks and throwing you over his shoulder.

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Imagine how awkward it would be if you and Gilinsky were over at your parents house for Thanksgiving and it was the first time they had met him so he was scared he was gonna fuck up but for the most part it was going really well until you said “Daddy, can you please get me a fork” anD BOTH JACK AND YOUR DAD STOOD UP AND JACK WAS LIKE, “SURE BABY” BUT THEN IT WAS JUST DEAD SILENT AND YOUR DAD STARED AT HIM AND JACK WAS LIKE “shit…” OH MY GOD