How he likes your hair

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Cam: Cameron likes when your hair is in a ponytail or a messy bun. You usually wear your hair likes this before bed, when you’re just having a chill night, or when you’re having a netflix date with Cam. He likes this hairstyle the most bc it usually means you’re alone with him, and you’re in your most natural state.

Nash: Nash loved when you experimented with hairstyles. Like when you curled your hair and braided some, or messy braided buns. He loved seeing how creative you got, and how frustrated you got when you couldn’t replicate the hairstyle.

Taylor: Taylor loved when you put your hair into two braids and wore a bandana. You would always throw peace signs up and say swag in a joking manner. He loved how goofy you got, and would always call you a loser. Not to mention you were wearing a bandana, which he thought was the sexiest thing on you.

Jack G: Jack thought curls looked super sexy on you. He loves to tangle his fingers in them when he was fucking you. He thought it was refreshing as well, since most girls just straighten their hair. He loved how curls made you look so innocent but so sexy at the same time.

Jack J: Jack loved when you’re hair was braided. You always braided your hair when you were doing homework or anything that required your focus because it kept your hair out of your face and kept you concentrated. Jack knew whenever you had a braid in you were determined to do something, and he thought that was really sexy. Jack loved when you were ambitious.

Sam: Sam absolutely loved when your hair was messy. He thought it looked sexy and associated with sex, so your messy hair always turned him on. He also loved your messy hair because you always had it in the morning and Sam thought you looked adorable when you were asleep.

Jacob: Jacob loved when you wore your hair half up like Ariana Grande. You would sing in an obnoxious way, which always made him laugh. He loved when you wore your hair like this with girly dresses, it drove him insane. He loved how you could dress up all feminine and cute and dress super casually in sweats and a t-shirt and still look flawless.

Carter: Carter loves when you wear your hair down, straightened. It looked glossy and he thinks you look like a model. Whenever he saw your hair straight he would look shocked and say “you’re turning asian!”, joking about asian’s stereotypical straight hair.

Matt: Matt loved when you put the front of your hair back with a bow, he thought bows made you look cute. Whenever you wore a bow in your hair you wore a skater skirt and knee songs because you thought it made a cute combo. It was Matt’s favorite outfit on you, he thought knee socks made you look innocent and adorable.

Shawn: Shawn loved your hair any way you wore it. Shawn always thought you looked beautiful and told you whenever he saw you. Shawn always played with your hair, sometimes he would even agree to straighten it. He wasn’t very good at first, but you had trained him.

Aaron: Aaron loved your natural hair. You hated to wear your hair naturally, but Aaron thought it was super cute. Each strand was unique in the way they curled and he loved it.

The President and First Lady escorted President Habib Bourguiba of Tunisia to Blair House, May 3 1961. On the ride back to the White House, the President brushed his wife’s hair out of her eyes. She later told the photographer that it was her favorite picture of herself with her husband “because it shows such great affection.”

Where We Land Part 7 (I literally had I rename this 20 times because I'm a dumbass)

Hey sorry it took me like a year but here it finally is! Hopefully it’ll start coming faster

Jack is coming over at 12:30, and I spend the whole morning dithering around the house, straightening things that are already straight and worrying about the first (ok, second) impression that my house will give. I’m almost too nervous to eat, but I manage to swallow some toast and orange juice. Whenever I’m with Jack, it feels so natural, but then I’m always nervous before I see him. I’m doing a last sweep of the house when the door bell rings, surprising me and making me scream. I laugh a little embarrassedly at how easy I startled and head to the front door. When I open the door, Jack is standing on the front step. He’s holding a box of popcorn, and wearing shorts and a tshirt, but he looks so good that I feel like I should have put more effort into my appearance. I self consciously tuck some of my loose, wavy hair behind my ear as I open the door more, stepping back to let him in.
"Hi." I say as he steps in, and I notice that he looks a little tense. I laugh as I realize why. "Don’t worry, my dad’s not home." I say, and he visibly relaxes.
"It’s not that your dad is scary or anything, but… Your dad is kind of scary." Jack says, laughing.
"Oh, believe me, I know." I say. "Should we start on the movies?"
"Sure, whatever you want." Jack says, and I lead him up to my bedroom. I have a big blank wall opposite my bed, and when I got to redecorate my room, I got a projector and put it on the ceiling. I can connect it to my computer and play whatever I want up on my wall, which I think is pretty cool. At the foot of my bed are a bunch of beanbag chairs, pillows, and blankets, perfect for watching movies and snuggling.
"Wow, your room is awesome." Jack says, flopping into a bean bag chair.
"Oh, thanks!" I say, grabbing my computer and sinking down next to him. I turn on the projector and pull up Netflix on the computer, watching as the Netflix logo shows up on the wall.
"This is seriously cool, though. How’d you think of it?" Jack asks.
"I think I saw a picture on tumblr." I answer, not thinking.
"You have a tumblr? Let’s see it!" Jack says, baring his teeth in that signature grin of his.
"Um, yeah, no. That’s not happening." I say quickly. My tumblr was mostly a personal, but of course I reblogged some magcon things, and, if I remembered correctly, some very explicit things about Jack. There was no way he would ever see my blog.
"Oh, really? Why’s that?" Jack asked, his tone teasing.
"Because it’s embarrassing! And private!" I say, a little desperate .
"I don’t think tumblr is all that private…" Jack says, laughing.
"Ok, yes, but it’s not anyone I know. I literally cannot show you it." I say, my voice a little pleading. I think Jack can see the panic in my eyes, and his voice softens.
"Hey, Alex, I didn’t mean anything personal. If you don’t want me to see it now, then I won’t push. But I will see it one day." He says, smiling deviously at the last part.
"Yeah, I don’t know about that." I answer, but I’m thankful that he let it go, at least for now. "Ok, so what should we watch?" I ask, rerouting the conversation.
"Whatever you want." Jack says, leaning back on his elbows, causing his shirt to ride up a little bit, and that combines with his low-riding shorts so I can see his hip bones and some of his abs. I tear my eyes away to see him looking expectantly at me, one eyebrow raised and a smirk on his face.
"Oh, just stop it." I say grumpily, a little embarrassed.
"Stop what?" He asks, leaning forward.
"Stop… That!" I say, gesturing towards him in general. He just raises an eyebrow again in a confused manner. "See, you’re doing it again. You and your face and your teeth and your dumb eyebrows." I spit out without thinking, and then I’m instantly mortified. Jack looks shocked for a second and then bursts out laughing. He leans forward, almost guffawing, as I feel my face growing redder and redder. Finally he pulls himself together and turns to me.
"Well, I’m sorry my eyebrows upset you." He manages to say with a smirk, and I frown and playfully whack him on the arm.
"Your whole face is upsetting." I say, tucking my chin down as the heat in my cheeks blazes again.
"My whole face is upsetting?" He asks, shifting forward in his beanbag and putting his hand under my chin, lifting my eyes to his. "I think your face is pretty upsetting." Jack says, his thumb stroking across my cheek, and I swear I’ve forgotten how to breathe. He tilts his head a little and leans forward, and all the sudden the panic hits me again, deep in the pit of my stomach. I roll a little to the side, turning my head back to the front. Flustered, I pull the computer back into my lap and clear my throat.
"So, uh, the movie." I say, keeping my eyes down on the screen, carefully avoiding looking at Jack. I hear him slump back into his seat.
"Yeah, the movie." He says, and his voice sounds dejected. I have to close my eyes and hold my breath for a second so I don’t do something stupid, like throw myself at him or start crying. I open them and then click the first movie I see, not even registering what it is. That is, until the credits start, and I see the cartoon smoke curling around the letters, and I realize that I chose Mulan. I’m stuck halfway between laughing and crying, and I let out a little choked laugh. By this point, I’m pretty sure Jack thinks I’m crazy. For the first few moments, I’m extremely aware of the space between us, and how I can practically feel him even though he’s about a foot away. However, as the movie progresses, I get caught up, even laughing out loud at some places. When Be a Man starts, I actually sit up straight, and Jack laughs.
"No! It’s really important, ok?" I say, laughing, and he nods. I sing along, loudly, as the training montage on the screen flashes in front of us. As the song nears it’s end, I become aware of the fact that Jack isn’t singing along, he’s just staring at me. "Why didn’t you sing?" I ask, nudging his knee with mine.
"Because I’ve never seen Mulan before!" He replies, and it’s his turn to look bashful as my jaw drops.
"But… How???" Is all I can say. Mulan was such a huge part of my childhood. I would make my brothers watch it all the time, and sing an dance along with me. I can’t even fathom having grown up and not seen Mulan.
"I don’t know! My sisters were always into the princesses, and I was way into cars, so I guess it didn’t really appeal?" He says, his voice a little defensive as my face becomes more incredulous.
"Mulan is like the best movie ever, ok? Do I need to rewind so we can rewatch the beginning?" I ask, leaning forward to go back.
"No, no, it’s fine, I was watching." Jack replies, laughing.
"Oh, good. But make sure to pay attention, ok?" I say, and he agrees, laughing. I settle back into the beanbags, but during the discussion we’d both scooted closer, so now we’re side by side, almost touching. I try to pay attention to the movie, but I’m so caught up in the body heat radiating out from him, how he smells, all the little things, that I can barely focus on a least trying to look like I’m watching. What seems like an hour later, but is probably only 5 minutes, he shifts in his bean bag chair. I can’t help but slump a little as he moves away, but automatically forget that as he rocks back in my direction, his arm going over my shoulder. I stiffen instinctively, practically holding my breath, hyper aware of every place where our skin is touching. However, I quickly become accustomed to the feeling and relax into him, my head on his shoulder and my body folded into his side. We watch the rest of the movie like this, but I’m barely paying attention to it, just listening to Jack breathing. As the credits roll, I sit up and turn to him.
"So??" I ask expectantly.
"I’m gonna be honest and say that I didn’t really follow it." He answers, and I can feel little frown lines form between my eyebrows as I automatically pout. "I’m sure it’s a great movie, but I was pretty distracted." Because I’m slow, I definitely don’t catch on.
"Distracted by what?" I ask earnestly.
"By this really pretty girl who sat right next to me and made my arm fall asleep." He smirks as I blush, again. I cover my eyes with my hands and curl up a little, closing myself into a shell. I feel his hands on my wrists, gently pulling them away from my face. "Why do you always do that?" He asks, his voice gentle.
"Do what?" I ask, folding my knees up to my chest.
"This." He says, indicating with his eyes my posture.
"It’s just more comfortable." I say, my hands still in his.
"No, Alex, you know what I’m talking about. Every time I try to compliment you, every time I try to kiss you, you totally shut down. What’s up?" He asks, his eyes looking straight into mine.
"I.. Just…" I’m about to make something up, but he’s looking at me so sweetly. "You scare me." I say, and watch him recoil a little. "I mean, you’re Jack Gilinsky. You have girls throwing themselves at you all the time, at least half of them prettier than me. You’re a little bit perfect. And I’m… Me." I fade off, embarrassed.
"Alex. I’m here with you because I want to spend time with you. When I saw you at Magcon, that was the craziest thing. I’ve never felt anything like that, I just knew that I had to get to know you, to get closer to you." Jack says, lifting my hands to his face.
"Ok, Jack, but… What even are we?" I ask, bringing my eyes back up to his.
"Does it matter?" He asks. "I just know that I want to be around you, I want to spend time with you."
"And when you leave?" I ask, already dreading the answer.
"Well, we’re in L.A. for at least another week, and then after the tour ends Jack and I are moving out here…" He trails off, and it takes me a minute to process what he’s said.
"So… You mean, this would be a… Like, a thing?" I ask, somehow unable to put into words what I’m trying to say.
"I mean, we’ll see, but that’s what I want, if it’s what you want to happen." Jack says, suddenly looking uncertain.
"I hate you and your perfect eyebrows." I say as I lean forward and press my lips to his gently. Although it starts out as a sweet kiss, it quickly deepens as he grabs my waist, pulling me into him. I’m sitting on his lap, one of his hands twisted in my hair and the other under my shirt and pressed to the small of my back, when I hear the floorboards right outside of my room creak. I throw myself off of Jack and onto the nearest beanbag, just as my mom opens the door.
"Oh, hello!" She says, surprised to see Jack. He stands up immediately, holding his hand out towards her.
"Hi, Ms. Smith, I’m Jack Gilinsky. You have a beautiful house." He says, shaking her hand. My mom looks at me and I can see the approving gleam in her eye- she loves polite boys.
"Well, thank you, Jack, but you can call me Bridgette. Now, I know it’s 3:45, but do you kids want a snack?" She asks, and I groan inwardly. She sees me start to roll my eyes. "Oh, excuse me. I meant to ask if you young adults wanted a snack." She says, correcting herself , with just a touch of sass.
"No, no, we’re totally fine." I answer, trying to get her out of my room.
"Yeah, thanks so much for offering, Ms. Smith." Jack adds, making my mom smile. She starts to leave the room, and then turns as she’s about to close the door.
"Make good decisions. And sweetie? You need to work on your poker face. And fix your hair." She says, and the door shuts behind her as my hands fly up to my hair. It’s twisted and rumpled from Jack’s hands, and she definitely knew it.
"Oh. My. God. I’m so sorry, my parents are super embarrassing." I say, turning to Jack, still trying to fix my hair.
"No, it’s fine. They just care about you." He says, sitting back down. "Here, let me help." He gestures to the space in front of him, and I sit down. He starts combing through my hair with his fingers, gently untangling any little snarls. The feeling is extremely soothing, and I relax so heavily into him that I’m practically comatose.
"I think I might actually start purring." I manage to mumble. "How did you get so good with hair?"
"Oh, you know, two older sisters." He says, laughing.
"What’s it like to have sisters?" I ask, genuinely curious.
"I don’t know, I think it’s kind of nice. I mean, I definitely learned how to treat a girl right at a young age. But I don’t really know, I’ve never not had sisters. What’s it like to have brothers?" He answers thoughtfully.
"You know, there are the ups and downs. They always used to pick on me, wrestle with me, beat me up, things like that, but if anyone else even teased me, they were a goner. One time when I was in middle school, I was biking home, and this guy in a truck followed me home for a week. I told my brothers, and the next day, they came and picked me up from school on their bikes. They were riding behind me when the truck pulled up beside me. Mark and Ryan were there in a second, right up in this guy’s face. It turned out he was a senior at their school, and he would do this all the time, but they threatened to beat him up if he came anywhere near me again. He never did. They always did things like that. It’s weird to not have them at home."  I say, getting a little lost in remembering.
"Yeah, I definitely understand that. My mom definitely didn’t know what to do with herself after Molly and Laura left… And with me doing Magcon stuff, and leaving this year, she’s kind of lost another one." Jack says, continuing to massage my head.
"Yeah, I know I haven’t even started applying to colleges yet and my mom is already freaking out about losing her ‘baby’. I don’t know, I really like a lot of the UC schools though, so I probably won’t be going too far." I say. I’m surprised that I’m able to talk intelligibly, as I’m barely conscious at this point. I push myself up and crawl up onto the beanbag next to him. As I come closer, he opens his arm, and I tuck myself into his side, my head on his chest. "Tell me a story." I say, my voice barely louder than a whisper.
"What about?" He asks, and I notice how I can feel the vibrations of his voice in his chest.
"About anything. About when you were little." I mumble, my eyes shutting. Jack thinks for a minute, and then starts talking. I barely register the story he’s telling, instead focusing on the warmth of his arm and the sound of his voice. Before I know it, I’m drifting off to sleep.

I wake up, slowly blinking my eyes to accustom myself to this new viewpoint of my room. I’m confused about why I’m lying practically on the floor, but then I feel Jack next to me and I smile. I roll over to my side a little, and almost scream as my mother comes into focus.
"Mom!" I hiss in a whisper, hoping Jack’s still asleep. "What are you doing??"
"You guys were so quiet that I was worried, so I came up to check on you. Alex, sweetie, it’s 6:30." She replies, her voice a whisper as well.
"Oh my god! Ok, we’ll get up, but get out of my room." I say.
"Sure thing. Oh, and honey, you two are adorable when you sleep!" She says, and I all the sudden see the camera in her hand.
"Mom. You didn’t. Please tell me you did not take pictures." I say, burying my face in the beanbag.
"Ok, I didn’t take pictures." She replies.
"Really?" I ask hopefully, lifting my head.
"You told me to say that, you didn’t ask me to tell the truth." She says. "Well, I have to go get dinner ready, your father will be home soon." The door closes behind her and I groan, letting my head fall back into the beanbag. Then I roll over to see Jack, still peacefully and adorably asleep. I feel like a monster to disturb his sleep, but I know I have to wake him up.
"Hey." I say, putting my hand on his arm. Nothing happens. "Hey, Jack." I repeat, shaking his arm a little. He lets out a groan. "Wakey wakey!" I say, a little louder, shaking his shoulder gently. He groans again, and then rolls over, one of his arms and half of his body coming to rest on top of me. "Oof!" I let out a grunt as the air is pushed out of my lungs. "Jack. Jack!" I say, this time speaking normally. He reaches his arms up, stretching, and rolls to his side, off of me.
"What’s up?" He asks, his voice groggy and his eyes still almost completely shut.
"Good morning, sleeping beauty." I giggle, and even though he’s still half asleep, he smiles that smile, and it takes my breath away for a second.
"If I’m Sleeping Beauty, does that mean you’re Prince Charming?" He asks, his voice that kind of low, scratchy tone that makes me want to cry.
"No, Prince Charming is Cinderella’s prince. Prince Phillip is Sleeping Beauty’s prince." I answer, and laugh at the perplexed look on his face. "But I can be whoever you want me to be." I say, leaning forward and kissing him on the nose. He is so ridiculously adorable when he’s sleepy that I just want to cuddle back up next to him and go to sleep, but I know that I can’t. "But we have to get up." I say, pulling back a little.

"In just a second." Jack says, pulling me back into him for another kiss.

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