Jack Johnson Imagine - The Fight

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Jack’s POV:

"WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME, THIS IS MY CAREER Y/N, THIS IS MY LIFE NOW, IF YOU CAN’T ACCEPT THAT, WHY ARE YOU EVEN HERE THEN!" I yelled over whatever she was trying to say to me, determined to have my voice heard. She can’t just accuse me of picking work over her, she can’t make me choose, I won’t fucking do it. God, she’s being so difficult. 

"I SWEAR TO FUCKING GOD JACK IF YOU DON’T SHUT UP AND LISTEN TO ME I WILL WALK OUT THAT DOOR AND NEVER COME BACK!" Y/N screamed at me from her now standing position in the middle of our living room. I stayed seated, tensed up on the couch, and firmly shut my mouth, willing her to talk and silently promising to listen to her. She never yells… this isn’t good.

"If you would have just stopped and listened to me for a second Jack, you’d understand that I don’t want you to choose, I loved you before all of this, and I love you now… I just don’t want you to forget about me.. about us. I just want there to be time for both me and your career in your life.." she quietly stated, as if she’d repeated it in her head a thousand times. I looked up to see her sit down and a few tears slide down her cheeks as she looked down at her hands in her lap. Every part of me broke seeing her like that.

I gulped back my emotions the best I could and slowly moved to the floor, kneeling in front of her and taking her hands in mine.

Your POV:

I squeezed my eyes shut as I sat down, letting my tears fall in with the silence of the room, too scared to look at him. Is he mad? Is he upset? God why did I open my mouth I sh- NO! I had every right to say that. I want to be happy too, I deserve to be happy. I could feel his presence around me before I felt him lightly grab hold of hands, almost like he was afraid he would break me. I hadn’t seen him this gentle in a long time. I looked up to his piercing blue eyes, searching them to find what was going on in that head of his. 

He wiped at my tears with his thumbs, holding my face in his hands and willing me to look at only him. He spoke softly and I could hear his voice breaking, like he was hurt, “I’m s-so sorry, Y/N.. I never meant to make you feel left behind… you were supposed to always.. always be my princess, to always come first… and I-I let you down” he paused and took a deep breath.. like he was trying not to cry with me. I had missed this sweet boy showing me this side so much, but I couldn’t bare to see him this upset. 

I launched myself forward and into his arms, nuzzling my face into his neck as he did the same, his whole body relaxing into mine. He whispered in my ear, his voice low and raspy, “I promise it will get better baby, you’re my everything, I would be lost without you by my side. I mean, how does the laundry machine even work?” I threw my head back in laughter at his final question, same old Johnson, always making me laugh when things get tough. He grinned at the sound of my laugh and continued “I mean, I can only cook breakfast foods, how long can a man survive on that? And i’d be stuck with Gilinsky, he probably likes being the big spoon and i’m not down for that!” I leaned in to his shoulder, doubled over in laughter at his goofy humor, amazed by how quickly he could fix me when i was upset.

I felt his hand run up the length of my arm then tilt my chin up, bringing me to him, letting our eyes connect and dart back and forth to each others lips. Five years together and he still waited for permission when things got rough, that’s how I know he loves me, he never forgets the small things. I nodded at him slightly and in half a second his lips crashed into mine, taking them over and claiming them as his own. He kissed me with everything he had, leaving it all in the kiss, making me pull back and struggle for air. He moved down to my jaw, kissing across it softly before moving down my neck, his hands with a firm grasp on my waist. I moaned out softly as his tongue brushed over my sweet spot, and heard him let out a low growl of approval at the sound. 

He stood up abruptly and I looked at him with curiosity laced disappointment at him stopping. He smiled at me in the most breathtaking way and said “Don’t you worry, princess, I’m not done with you” before taking my hand and leading me upstairs to our room.

I giggled as I felt the blood rush to my cheeks, turning them a dark shade of pink at the sound of his words. But I couldn’t help but notice how gentle and calm he was being, he was never like this anymore… I pushed the thought away as we walked through the doorway and he led me forward, his hand on the small of my back, as he shut the door with his foot. 

He spun me around and looked at me like I was the only girl in the world, and God did I ever feel like I was.

Jack’s POV:

I spun Y/N around to face me, taking in every inch of her, remembering exactly why I love every part of her. I never want to be stupid enough to let her think I’ve forgotten. I kept eye contact as I slid my hand up her back, keeping the other firmly at her waist and found the zipper to her dress, I brought it down slow, letting the sexual tension fill the room, resisting all the urges I had to lunge at this beautiful girl in front of me. 

I took in a sharp breath as Y/N shrugged her shoulders, letting the dress fall in pools at her feet. God she’s perfect… Why wasn’t she wearing anything under it? It didn’t matter. She gained all the confidence she needed from my reaction and reached forward, never breaking eye contact and deftly unbuttoned my shirt before pushing it back off my frame and reaching down to the button of my khakis, moving agonizingly slow with the zipper. I caught her trying not to smile as she teased me, obviously proud of the bulge she could now visibly see. She wouldn’t be smirking for long though, it was my turn again.

I quickly scooped Y/N up bridal style and carried her over to the bed as her surprised giggles filled the room. I laid her down softly and moved myself on top of her, planning my slow form of attack in all her favorite ways.

"Now, Y/N, I’m gonna need you to stay quiet for me at first, okay? Let me work and be a good girl for me then I’ll tell you when you can speak up, can you do that princess?" I let words fall from my lips and watched her eyes turn dark as she quickly nodded.

I hovered over her lips but denied her the kiss, swiftly moving down and placing long open mouthed kisses down her neck and across her collarbone. I felt her squirm under me and I grinned as I looked up, her mouth slightly open and her eyes shut. Oh no, that wouldn’t do. 

"Uh uh, baby girl, eyes open, okay? Watch me work on you" I spoke out softly, but leaving no question that it was an order. I went back to work, taking my time on each of her breasts, sucking, and lightly biting on them as they heaved up towards me with the arch of her back. I moved down, leaving a warm trail of kisses to her hips. I kissed over Y/N’s hip bones and my fingers lightly traced her inner thigh, making her hips buck in every direction as she held on to my shoulders, desperate to be touched and relieved by me.

I slowly positioned myself, my arms wrapping around under her thighs to hold them tightly in place, my hands falling on her hips to grasp and direct them. I started my slow attack, licking a wide stripe right up the center, landing on her clit and circling it slowly over and over again before I hummed into her core and said the one thing she wanted to hear the most: “Go on, tell me what you want Y/N”.

Your POV:

That was all I needed, that one little sentence to spill out of his mouth, giving me permission to speak up and get what I now desperately needed. “Jack.. please.. please I need you. Now.” I demanded, he stood up and looked at me as he dropped his boxers to the ground, taking his member in his hand and tilting his head to the side asking me, “I’m sorry love, I don’t think I know what you want, you’re going to have be more specific.” I moaned out in frustration, I needed him so badly. “Jack, please, please, have sex with me, I need to feel you right now I can’t wait any longer!” I spoke out, visibly frustrated. He shook his head and chuckled lightly under his breath as he climbed on top of me and kissed me once before whispering, “I can’t do that, but I can make love to you like you deserve.”

Without even a second to process what he said, he trust into me slowly, creating the perfect rhythm with one hand around my waist on my lower back the other propping himself up as I ran my hands up and down his back and shoulders, moaning out to every thrust he dealt me. The room was filled with an endless chorus of moans and “I love you so much” as things went faster, causing us both to breathe heavy as we worked towards our climaxes in unison. Right then he hit my g-spot right on, thrusting in to it relentlessly, over and over again, sending me quivering toward the edge, screaming his name and dragging my nails down his back, but I didn’t dare let go until he told me to. Jack leaned down and kissed me hard as his thrusts got sloppier, breathing out almost inaudibly, “Let go sweetheart” and I did, clasping around him and riding out my high as he found his, digging his head into my neck and letting out harsh breaths as he finished. 

Jack rolled over and immediately pulled me into his side, holding me as close as he possibly could, stroking my hair and down my back in comfortable silence as we calmed down. I broke it after a few moments, quietly apologizing, “I’m sorry I yelled at you…” he didn’t miss a beat to shoot back “No, don’t be sorry, it was the wake up call I needed, I don’t want you to ever feel like it’s a contest for my attention, you’ll always be my everything, Y/N.”

And with that you curled up into his side, your head on his chest and fell asleep with your favorite person in the world.

Please, don’t worry so much. Because in the end, none of us have very long on this Earth. Life is fleeting. And if you’re ever distressed, cast your eyes to the summer sky when the stars are strung across the velvety night. And when a shooting star streaks through the blackness, turning night into day… make a wish and think of me. Make your life spectacular. I know I did.
—  Robin Williams-Jack