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I am really happy they chose Emeraude to play Isabelle. As a latina girl who reads many, many books, I dont really ever get to see latin actors being in this kind of big movie franchises or important roles. I know many people are again disagreeing in the cast elections but to those out there who dont like them please stop for a second and think that we are having a second choice to see our favorite books on screen. Isabelle Lightwood is not a great character because of her skin tone, she is a GREAT character for her actions. So please dear fans who are angry with the choices the production is making, you should know that this is just an adaptation not a copy of every word that is written in the book. Im sorry if you guys feel enraged, but i really think you should give Emeraude and all the cast an opportunity to show their talent.

​​Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments series is being adapted into a new television series on ABC Family called Shadowhunters.​ Work on the series is already underway, with the official Shadowhunters’ Twitter account sending teasers out every day. Casting is ongoing, but the casting of three characters has been announced so far - and, in a wonderful turn of events, two of the three actors are people of color.

Dominic Sherwood will play Jace Wayland, the male lead and a sexy demon-fighting Shadowhunter. Emeraude Toubia will play Isabella, a Shadowhunter and Jace Wayland’s adopted sister. Alberto Rosende will play Simon Lewis, Clary Fray’s human best friend.

Learn more about the casting of Shadowhunters on YA Interrobang.


I don’t know who I am. I look at myself in the mirror and I see Stephen Herondale, but I act like a Lightwood and talk like my father — like Valentine. So I see who I am in your eyes, and I try to be that person, because you have faith in that person and I think faith might be enough to make me what you want.

Petition for Dom Sherwood not to wear contacts to play Jace.

Dominic Sherwood has been cast as Jace. Jace is supposed to have gold eyes, I know, but for once, I don’t want them to follow the book. Dom has heterochromia iridum, which means that his eyes are two different colors. One is blue, the other is brown with a trace of blue. To me, this could be representative of Jace’s inner struggle. He is mostly blue, the good inside him and the angel blood. But the brown, or the impulsive desire to rebel and throw it all away, won’t give up so easily. cassandraclare if you see this, please consider leaving Dom’s eyes as they are for Shadowhunters. That condition is so rare and the metaphor is so beautiful, it would be a shame to waste it. Reblog if you support me in this.