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Marceline and the Scream Queens #2, by Meredith Gran, colors by Lisa Moore; back-up story by Faith Erin Hicks; covers by JAB, Yuko Ota, Erica Henderson, and Jen Wang

JOIN FAN-FAVORITES MARCELINE THE VAMPIRE QUEEN AND PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM FOR ROCK-FUELED EXCITEMENT IN THIS ADVENTURE TIME MINI-SERIES! Now that Princess Bubblegum is properly prepared to rock, it’s time to meet the band…the groovy ghoulish SCREAM QUEENS! Written and drawn by acclaimed cartoonist Meredith Gran (OCTOPUS PIE) and featuring a back-up story from Faith Erin Hicks, with variant covers by Yuko Ota (JOHNNY WANDER). ADVENTURE TIME #1 and #2 sold out before they hit stores! Don’t miss out!



 Market Monday

Marceline and the Scream Queens #5 by Meredith Gran, colors by Lisa Moore, back-up by Polly Guo, covers by JAB and Kate Leth

DON’T MISS THIS HIT ADVENTURE TIME MINI-SERIES! The Scream Queens are about to hit the biggest gig of their lives…and Marceline can’t take the heat! Can PB help the band find their center?



Market Monday

Marceline and the Scream Queens #4, by Meredith Gran, back-up by Yuko Ota, covers by JAB, Natalie Nourigat, and Faith Erin Hicks

DON’T MISS THE LATEST ISSUE OF THIS POPULAR ADVENTURE TIME SPIN-OFF MINI-SERIES! Starring fan-favorite Marceline the Vampire Queen and the hit of San Diego Comic-Con. Popular with all-ages and a great way to get girls into your store!



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Marceline in the Scream Queens #6 by Meredith Gran, covers by JAB, Brianne Drouhard, Camilla d’Errico

THE FINAL TOTALLY AWESOME ISSUE OF THIS ADVENTURE TIME MINI-SERIES! Can the Scream Queens rock their crazy-huge biggest gig ever…and will Princess Bubblegum finally discover the true meaning of ROCK? Final issue of this incredibly popular series!


FICLET: Freckles

Dean tried to ignore that, as was frequently the case, Castiel was standing uncomfortably close. “No gas stations between here and Missoula, so remind me to…” From the corner of his eye Dean saw a tuft of dark hair and he glanced over, only to get a very close view of Castiel’s face peering intently at his. “Cas? What are you looking at?”

“You have freckles.”

Dean’s hand was already halfway up to his face as though to brush them off before he realized it and let it drop. “Yeah, so?”

“I have never noticed them before.” Castiel was, if anything, closer, his nose nearly touching Dean’s cheek. “How is it I’ve never noticed them?”

“Um.” Dean felt himself going cross-eyed as he continued to try and watch Castiel’s intent observation. “Hell if I know. They usually only show up in the summer.”

“They’re fascinating.”

Dean closed his eyes. “Cas, stop - stop stroking my face.”

“You even have them on your ears.”

“Cas.” The problem was, he didn’t sound very insistent. The angel’s inquisitive fingers were surprisingly gentle, leaving a silk-soft trail of remembered touch behind them as they played over his earlobe. The hairs at the back of his neck stood up as he sensed more than felt Castiel switch sides to investigate the other ear.

You could kiss him right now.

The thought came unbidden, unannounced, suddenly looming large in his mind like an enormous echo. Dean’s eyes flew open and he took a step back, raising his hands to ward off Castiel’s attentions. “Woah. Okay. That’s enough of that.”

He wasn’t sure whether he was addressing Castiel or himself, but either way, he felt a vague disappointment that he turned all his attentions to denying as he yanked open the door of the Impala.