“For me it’s a full-body experience. It’s as much in my body and very much less in my head than I’ve ever been before in any role.” (x)

RA on playing John Proctor in The Crucible (photos © Jay Brooks)


Gundam ZZ 200%

Here it is everyone. This is the full editorial article for Gundam ZZ in the 4/1986 issue of Newtype.

page 1: Judau Ashta, Leina Ashta, Fa Yuiry & Bright Noa illustrated by Naoyuki Onda. WTF is Bright thinking about? Correcting someone?

page 2: Gundam ZZ relationship chart with Mashymre Cello illustrated by Naoyuki Onda.

page 3: FUCK YEAH Sano art! The Gaza-D, Hamma Hamm, Galluss-J and the Zssa beautifully illustrated by Hirotoshi Sano.

page 4: Roux Louka with green hair? Illustrated by Naoyuki Onda. I am guessing this is a preproduction design of Roux. Also, I don’t like “Anime Ja Nai”. It is one of the worst anime OP ever….Sorry people.

page 5 & 6: Review of the final 2 episodes of Zeta Gundam. Those last 2 were brutal and depressing. That pic of Fa & Kamille illustrated by Toshimitsu Kobayashi is a heart breaker. Also, Haman ready to shoot Char.

This article is based.

"Sometimes I sit in the shower"

And I took four showers,
Hoping to wash off whatever
It was that made me feel

Thinking that maybe the worst of me
Would rub off and fall down the drain.

But all I found underneath was,

more of Me.

Nothing else.