so hey i made a version of this pic with helmets for all of you who don’t buy into my facecanons

and also because i’ve gotten the hang of the armour but the helmets still hurt my soul

i’ve committed to improving and it’s important to try new things

Happy season finale everyone!!

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One Direction Concert-Charlotte, NC-September 27th 2014 (x)

39:40-Another angle of Liam teasing Harry when he wasn’t on stage and asking if he had a nice poo, and Louis being all fond and laughing and teasing. I didn’t realize it in the first video, but it is actually Zayn who says, “What?” when Liam asks that question. I thought it was Harry who said it. Anyway, you can see that Harry is smiling, and he even turns his head just slightly and you can tell he is smiling back at Louis who is just all sorts of smiley, fond, and adorable.

As soon as the door closed behind the two of you, Calum had pinned you against the wall. Pressing his lips hungrily onto yours. Sucking on your bottom lip. Drawing low moans from you.

"We should take this upstairs", you breathed in between kisses.

He let go of you and took a step back. Leaving you enough space to push you off the wall. Just when you wanted to pass him he grabbed your hand and pulled you against him.

"I don’t think I can make it to your room", he groaned in your ear, grinding his hips on yours. He pushed you back until you felt the dinner table in your back.

Once again he connected his lips with yours, resting his hands on your thighs. You smiled against his lips as his hands softly caressed your skin.

credit to gif owner