Your OTP meets somewhere fairly normal and conventional (a bar, a party, a cafe, or something) and hit it off well, but person A can’t help but feel that person B looks strangely familiar. Later, they choke on their drink when they realize that person B stars in their favorite porn movie.

Imagine person A of your OTP being a shapeshifter. Person B meets them in many different guises but finds them all curiously familiar and immediately attractive, and person A is fascinated by person B and can’t really keep away. It’s only after person A shifts back to their true form (which is not necessarily human-looking) that person B realizes they were all the same person, and they cautiously start a more honest relationship.

We'll Meet Again

World War Two AU from this prompt list of mine.

It’s a mushy, under-researched drabble and I apologize, but here ya go

We’ll meet again

Don’t know where, don’t know when,

But I know we’ll meet again, some sunny day…

Bending to sing into the microphone, Lily Evans’ red lips curled upwards. Her gaze scanned the crowd, made up of khaki green and their colourfully-dressed counterparts. Couples swayed to the music, noses touching, their own little bubbles undisturbed by the rest of the world for just this moment.

Lily had been singing for the army for a year now, performing at various town halls around the area. She’d always liked to sing, and she saw this as a good way of shutting up her annoying sister, who worked at ammunition factories for the war effort and pestered her to do the same. She knew the songs well enough by now to let her mind wander as she hummed.

Looking over the crowd, her eyes lingered at a table in the back, where a group of three men sat. Two of them seemed suitably drunk, laughing into their glasses. The third, though, was looking straight at Lily.

For an entertaining event, this boy wasn’t smiling. His hazel eyes were thinking, she saw, as he considered her. His jet black hair was ruffled out of any attempt at a hairstyle, and his uniform hung on his slim frame, exaggerating his shoulders. He couldn’t have been more than twenty, she figured.

With her green eyes locked on his, the last note rang out.


To a round of applause, Lily stepped off the stage. Making her way to a table, she grabbed a glass, when-

“Here. Let me.”

She turned to the voice. The boy from before stood with the jug of water, a small smile on his face. Taking the glass from her hand, he carefully poured.


He shrugged, grinning.

She downed the water in one go, wiping the corners of her mouth carefully. After setting the glass down, she smiled again at the waiting boy.

“May I have a dance?” He held his hand out lightly, and Lily accepted.

He was quite terrible.

Lily had danced with her fair share of men as she often liked to stay after her performances. These were soldiers, she knew, not film stars, and so many of them floundered around with Lily taking the lead. She’d thought they were bad, but she hadn’t met this one yet.

“What’s your name?” He asked, as his arms jerked out wildly at a sorry attempt at the Jitterbug.

“Lily,” she replied. “What about you?”

“Ja- shit. Sorry. Are you okay? I’m James.”

“Right. James.” She neatly pulled her foot back from where it would have gotten crushed by his.


“How old are you?”


Eyes watering slightly, Lily rubbed her temple where he’d knocked it with his elbow. She smiled weakly, and James sighed.

“Let’s sit down for a while, yeah?”


Pulling a chair out for her at his table from before, James slumped down next to her.

“You did well, mate.” The brown-haired friend smirked. James introduced him as Remus, and the other as Peter.

“Sod off. Lily here managed to keep up.”

“She managed to survive. Was it your intention to maim her?”

James rolled his eyes, but nervously looked Lily up and down. “Did I hurt you?”

“No,” she replied.

“Yes,” Peter corrected, gesturing at the purple bruise that was forming on her shoulder.

Ignoring James’ fretful apologies, Lily covered it with her sleeve.

“So have you been singing for long?” Remus took a sip of his drink.

“I started last October. Why? Was it bad?”

“It was beautiful,” James chuckled, earning a look from Peter. “Hey, where’s Sirius?”

Remus pointed to where a couple was dancing in perfect synchronicity. The man also black hair, but his was combed over and waxed beautifully. Never breaking his jive, he turned to wink at his friends. He’d got lessons, James explained, running his fingers through his own hair.

Sitting around the table, the group talked through the night. None of them were really all that keen on dancing, it turned out, but their mate Sirius had convinced them to come. He’d turned out to be an excellent dancer, while the other three hadn’t.

They were going to be shipped off in two days, and they eagerly discussed where they might go. Lily listened as she had done for many others before them. She didn’t know where they would go. She didn’t know if they’d come back. She sat back, watching their animated faces, young boys who knew nothing of what was to come. Neither did she, really, but she had no uncles, and so she knew well enough that war was not merciful.


When Remus had been chatted up by a girl and Peter had nodded off, James stood up abruptly, scraping his chair back. Biting his lip, he turned to Lily.

“Would you take a walk with me outside?”

Lily nodded, taking his hand.

The music carried into the night as the pair stood outside on the moonlit grass. Lily shivered a little, and James held out his jacket. She let him wrap it around her shoulders, her thanks coming out in little puffs of white. They stood there like that for a while, his hand lingering on her arm, before he spoke.

“Listen. I… I really enjoyed tonight.”

Lily smiled. “Me too.”

James nodded, encouraged. All traces of the joking, confident grins from before were gone, replaced by a small nervous smile that played at his lips.

He took a breath and continued, “And I… I’d like to remember that I kissed a pretty girl before I die.”

Lily blinked. She’d gotten used to men expecting a kiss, sure. When people are going off to war, they get reckless. They’d dance with her, they’d promise to come back, and she’d never see them again. She had expected James to be the same, and wasn’t prepared for what he’d just admitted.

But because she’d seen her cousins go, because she can’t stand to see another boy not return, she touches him lightly on the cheek.

“You will,” she smiled, “but not today.”


Looking into her basket, Lily sighs. The Second World War had ended some five months ago, but rationing hasn’t eased up at all. Looping her arm through the handles, she sets off back home.

Passing the train station, she pauses. The building stands, largely unused by the townspeople, a sorry reminder of better times. This has become a habit now, this glance, though it does no good to hope. Too many men come home in boxes.

Today, though, she notices a lone man step out onto the street. Hobbling a little, he tugs on his collar before looking around. His eyes gaze past Lily, stops, and turns to her again. Hazel eyes lock on hers.

James, she whispers. He steps forward, a man enchanted, and…

“Bollocks. Bloody bugger fuck.”

Lily raises her brows. James drags a hand down his face, eyes screwed shut.

“I died. I died when you’d promised me a kiss, although if you’re here too it can’t be that bad. But I told my aunt Maggie I’d come back to see her, and now I’ve landed myself in bloody fucking heaven. Bloody convenient.”

“I don’t exactly recall dying, either,” Lily offers.

He blinks, looks behind him, and frowns at her. “What are you doing in Brighton?”

“I kind of told you that I live here,” she points out.

Oh. Oh. I wrote it down so I wouldn’t forget, see, but I kept it in my pocket, and…”

He gestures to his leg, where a flash of metal showed at the bottom of his trousers.

“I’m sorry,” Lily says.

“Oh, don’t be. I’d be much sorrier if I were dead.”

He smiles as he says this, but there’s a little catch in his voice at the end. Something breaks in Lily then, and she stumbles forward, grabbing his neck and pulling him roughly towards her.

He freezes for a second as their lips come in contact, but then his bag drops to the ground. As picks her up for a spin, his right leg gives an ominous creak.

Lily steps back. “Oh.”

“It was a romantic effort,” he shrugs sheepishly, pulling her back for another kiss. With his lips against hers, James closes his eyes.

He whispers, “You know… I’d like to remember that I married a pretty girl before I die.”

“Too soon.”

Imagine your OTP meeting for the first time. Character A regularly crossdresses/plays with gender presentation and is presenting as a different gender when they meet. Character B acts very interested, but Character A feels guilty as they’re sure that Character B is only attracted to the gender they’re presenting as, and leaves. When they meet again, with Character A presenting as their actual gender, they’re pleased to find that Character B is bi/pan and, yes, IS still very attracted to them.

"How to Baby Proof Your Lair"

It takes several little things for Diggle to realize Felicity is pregnant. When she rushes to the bathroom immediately after devouring her burger at Big Belly and Oliver can only look on, concerned, with one hand still resting in the air where it had been lingering on her shoulder only just moments ago. When the smell of alcohol from upstairs at the club starts to be the only thing she can smell in the lair and how it begins to drive her crazy. Thus, driving he and Oliver crazy in turn. Or perhaps it’s when Felicity asks for him to help get her in shape, because she feels she’s gaining weight. Really it was all there and really it was all obvious, yet both her and Oliver had yet to say a single word to him. It was only slightly insulting since he’d been their number one fan when they finally got together. So being a man of action he decides to take the weight off their shoulders and announce he knows in the best way possible.

So when Dig throws a copy of “HOW TO BABY PROOF YOUR LAIR” on Felicity’s desk as Oliver looks on in stunned silence and only the sound of the hilariously titled book hitting the steel table echoes around them, he begins to wonder if he got it all wrong.

He has to give Oliver credit, because he manages to not pass out and instead sounds hopeful when he manages to get out a choked “You’re pregnant?” 

She winces and closes her eyes. Counts backwards from three and takes a deep breath. She bends down to pull out an identical copy of the same book with a sonogram picture inside, written underneath are the words “Baby Arrow.” And in typical Felicity fashion, the next sentence made them all laugh.

“Well ya know.. I thought the team needed a little mascot.”



[ 19. parents meeting when they take their kids to class au ]

Levi adjusts his watch and checks it. Right on time.

"Bye bye, papa!" His nine-year old daughter beams up at him, arms spread wide. Levi leans down to plant a kiss on her forehead and give her the hug she demands.

"See you later, Petra."

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An inventor has created a program where avatars of participants can meet in a dream world, although for the protection of the participants, personal details aren’t able to be communicated. Your OTP meets in a dream as their respective avatars and begin a dream world relationship, developing actual feelings for the person they spend so much of their sleeping hours with. They must now try to find a way to find each other in the real world without actually sharing personal details.

[[Thominho. ‘Soda’.]]

For a Friday afternoon, the gas station is remarkably empty. School has been out for a few hours now, but Minho is still pleasantly surprised by the vast amount of vacant pumps. Since he’s not feeling rushed or waited on, he leaves his car while his gas is pumping to grab a coke. Just the first one he sees. He doesn’t really bother looking for his name on the labels of these things.

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Imagine your OTP meeting while Character A is the star attraction of a (consensual) gang bang that Character B is taking part in. Later, they end up talking and realizing they have a lot in common with each other and quite enjoy each other’s company. Imagine your OTP starting a relationship after this, with a lot of averted gazes and awkward coughing when people ask how they met.

A gravity falls AU where Bill makes some kind of impossibly one sided deal that should benefit with him becoming human for like a month being his punishment for losing the bet but the twins win the deal and Bill’s gets to join the twins in being twelve year olds and has a higher non-echoy voice so he isn’t intimidating anymore


dollarwilliam said:

Where do you stand when it comes to AU chapters. Let's say Mary Beth is going skydiving and passes out before she jumps. The next chapter could be describing what would have happened if she didn't get on the plane. Sorry that's a really bad example, but do you consider it a terrible writing device?

AU, or Alternate Universe, is especially popular in FanFiction, but it does crop up in original works, too. AU, for those playing along at home, allows writers to explore what-ifs or change certain facts, events, people that have been established, or considered “canon”. Personally, I have nothing against AU. There’s a lot of great, innovative writing being done in that genre. That said, i think it does pose unique issues to writers.

Writing AU is a lot like renovating a home. If you just go around swinging a sledgehammer at random walls, you’re not only going to end up with a mess, but you could do structural damage. Before anything begins, you need to have an idea of what is a load bearing wall and what isn’t. Load bearing literally support the weight of the structure and keep it from collapsing. It is possible to change them, but you need to redistribute the weight they were holding elsewhere.

So, if your reader just read that Mary Beth passed out before she jumped, and the next chapter she didn’t even get on the plane you have some explaining to do. Writing AU, or any fiction for that matter, is about how well you can present those choices you’ve made as the most logical and plausible outcomes. You’re going to have to think through different possibilities and outcomes, and then make the best choice for your story. I will say this, though. In all of the years I’ve been writing, not once have I heard anyone say, “I think the author thought this through too much.”

Good luck,


Imagine one half of your OTP is reasonably well-known for whatever the reason, and have their nude photos (some of which have the other half in them) leaked, leaving them to deal with the fallout and having their relationship exposed.

Fic: The Art of Inarticulation: Chapter 3

Title: The Art of Inarticulation (Part 4/?): Chapter 3 (Ten/Rose, Roommates AU)

Summary: John Noble, a struggling writer who lost all inspiration finds a new roommate and friend in Rose Tyler, a shop girl who wished for an adventure. Their friendship is a new chapter in both of their lives but, of course, the story is always so much more complicated than that.

Rating: K+

A/N: Apologies again for late update. Next one should definitely be quicker. Beta’d by spookyknight

Prologue, Chapter One, Chapter Two

Ao3 Teaspoon

John heard the front door open and close, announcing Rose’s arrival. The door to her bedroom creaked and he knew she was going in to put her purse down. One day a week he got home from work before she did and he knew the pattern of her routine almost as well as he knew his own. It hadn’t taken long at all for them to overlap as they seemed to spend an increasing amount of time together. He heard the sound of her bed springs squeaking as she flopped onto her pink comforter and any other day he would’ve appeared in her doorway, leaned up against the doorframe and they’d talk about their days. 

Right now, however, he was tinkering. More than tinkering. He was quite sure he’d finally figured out the problem in his schematic and if he just attached this piece right there— 

“Ow! Fuck! Ouch!” He yelped, sucking his finger into his mouth as sparks flew from the object in his hand and left his nerves tingling unpleasantly. He threw the offending piece of junk onto his worktable, frustration and pain sizzling through his veins. “Damn it!” 

“Alright in here?” Rose asked, poking her head around the door. 

He quickly pulled his thumb out of his mouth with a ‘pop.’ “Fine! I was just working on some things,” he said, leaning up against the worktable and knocking an abandoned project from weeks ago onto the floor. He chose to ignore the shattering sound it made as it landed and hoped she would too. 

She did. “Can I, uh…do you want help?” she asked, glancing down almost as soon as she’d asked.

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