Imagine person A is a superhero and person B is their arch enemy. In an epic battle between the two, A reveals that they have fallen in love with B. B returns A’s feelings. Does A join B in the life of a supervillain or does B try to be good for A?

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An illustration for the fic I wrote (My secret Santa gift) for crystallightbutterfly!!! you can read it here https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10920452/1/Cold (my first ever fanfiction omg I´m so nervous qwq)

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Imagine person A as a “child of the night” (Xeroderma Pigmentosum, a genetical illness that makes skin super sensitive to sun, people with that illness have to cover their windows in special foil and can only go out at night, thus kids with that illness are often called children of the night). They are still very young and don’t have any friends, until person B (and person C if you have an OT3) gets curious and sneaks out at night to get to know this mysterious kid who only comes out after sunset.

Imagine person A of your OTP is a pilot for the Air Force and person B is a USO singer during WWII. They meet on a plane from San Antonio TX. Person B is traveling to London, person A is going off to Buffalo to be deployed. Changing planes in Pittsburgh, they get grounded in a storm.

Can continue after they get to Europe as an epic WWII love story if you want.

Modern AU James/Lily 'we're both sick and we both reached for the last can of soup in the store'

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         “Gah, Lily!” Lily bit her lip and looked guiltily at her friend from her nest of blankets on the sofa. Marlene sat next to her, her arms held up in shock as freshly spilt tea dripped down her top. She gingerly peeled it away from her skin and glared at Lily. “I swear to god I’m going to kill you!” Lily’s eyes were wide and she felt a grin creep onto her lips.

         “Don’t laugh” Marlene said warningly. “Laugh and I’ll pour the rest of the tea all over you” She held up the mug in threat.

         Lily tried to control her urge to burst out laughing and slowly held up her book so as to cover her face.

         “Not laughing” she said grinning from behind her book, in what she thought was a very sincere voice. She felt the sofa shift as Marlene stood up.

         “Three times this has happened now.” she muttered grumpily. “No wonder Sirius keeps saying I smell like tea.” Lily let out a snort of laughter before suddenly dropping her book and covering her mouth with both hands.

         “Lily!” Marlene swirled around with a fiery glare. Lily scrambled out of her sofa-nest and climbed stealthily over the arm rest as Marlene ran quickly after her.

         “Sorry, sorry, sorry!” She squealed, heading towards her room and slamming the door shut behind her. Her back was against the door and she winced in pain as the paracetamol she had taken earlier for her migraine began to wear off. There was a loud knock at her door as Marlene reached it.

         “Open up you useless excuse for a friend” she said. Lily opened it by a sliver to peak at Marlene on the other side. “Marls I need some more paracetamol” she whispered, trying to look as pathetic as possible. Marlene sighed and rested her hand on her hip.

         “Do you really have to go and pull the guilt trip on me?” She said, with a little smile.

          Lily shrugged clutching her head and traipsing past her towards the kitchen.

         “I think we’re all out of paracetamol Lils!” Called Marlene from the other room as Lily rummaged through the medicine box.

         “Could you get me some from the shop please?” She called back.

         “Yeah but I’m going out with sirius in a minute; we won’t be back until 11!” Lily sighed and shoved the box back into the cupboard with a little more force than was necessary. Marlene appeared in the doorway wearing a pretty pale blue dress and her knee length camel coat.

         “If you’re desperate you could just brave it and go to the corner shop.” She said. Lily groaned.

         “Yes but that involves going outside and I really don’t want to do that looking and feeling like this.” She gestured towards her current state of messy hair, fluffy pyjamas and a red-raw nose. Marlene rested her head on the door and laughed.

         “Sirius said that James has come down with a flu type cold too” she said lightly. “Funny how you both have the same illness isn’t it?” Lily narrowed her eyes and put her hands on her hips as her friend sent her the smallest of smirks. “oh!” She grabbed her tea-stained top from the counter.

         “Chuck this in the wash will you?” She threw the top to Lily who caught it just before it was about to hit her face and then disappeared again behind the door. Lily wandered across the kitchen and draped the top onto a chair piled with unwashed clothes.

         “Right, I’m off!” Marlene said as she came back into the kitchen where Lily was now searching for the soup.

         “Have fun” she said turning her head to acknowledge her friend who was now wrapping a scarf around her neck. She turned back to the cupboard that apparently didn’t seem to occupy anything of use. “I swear I bought some pumpkin soup last week” She added in an undertone.

         “You had that for lunch the other day” said Marlene. “See you later, Ginge.”

         “Bye!” Lily heard the door slam shut behind her and moaned loudly. She really didn’t want to go to the corner shop, but she could feel the pain slowly dragging it’s way through her head. This and her hunger, she thought stubbornly, would only be cured with soup.
Lily wandered down the isle of the corner shop idly. She wasn’t particularly paying attention to her surroundings; she only had eyes for the shelf on which her soup would be sitting. After a couple of minutes she saw it, her precious pumpkin soup. It was the last can on the shelf. Lily could’ve cried with joy… but she was in a public place full of normal people and normal people don’t tend to cry over soup. She leaned up on her toes to reach it before she was essentially rugby tackled to he floor by a blur of black hair and flailing limbs.

         “What the-“

         “Oh my god, Lily! I’m so sorry I didn’t realise it was you, you have your hood up and-“

         “James potter get off me right now or so help me.” Lily whispered angrily from the floor. James stumbled off her and offered her his hand to help her up. She took it reluctantly and brushed her self off huffily. She looked up at him which an icy glare and put her hands on her hips. “Please explain to me why you just tackled me to floor in a public shop?”

         James shifted his weight uncomfortably and his hand immediately shifted up to his hair. He looked as bad as Lily felt if she was honest with herself, but that didn’t stop her heart from beating double time at the mere sight of him.

         “Well” he began glancing at the shelf Lily had been reaching up to just moments before. “The soup” he said awkwardly pointing to the one can of pumpkin soup. Lily’s eyes widened.

         “If you think you’re going to get that soup then you are wrong on so many levels.”

         James folded his arms and looked down at her with his eyes narrowed. Lily mimicked his position and glared up at him, as if daring him to take the can. He glanced at it longingly and then frowned as he looked back at Lily.

         “I only like pumpkin-“

         “Me too” Lily cut across him with a challenging smirk. James’ lips twitched upwards too as if to say ‘challenge accepted’. He stepped forwards with a competitive spark in his eyes.

         “Okay, well I’m sick and I really-“

         “Me too, stop feeling sorry for yourself” Lily fired at him, putting her hands on her hips and forcibly standing her ground. James looked around as if trying to think of another comeback.

         “We’re all out of food in the flat.” He said clicking his fingers and pointing at her as he said it.

         “Well I got here before you came along and attacked me” said Lily swatting his pointed finger out of her face. “So you can wipe that smug look from your face, you know that can is rightfully mine”

         James hesitated. Lily thought she saw defeat flash across his face for less than a second before he suddenly lunged forwards and took the can from the shelf. She caught his smirk as he turned and began to run down the isle towards the cashier.

         “James Potter!” Lily shouted as she sprinted after him. He got held up by a couple in the bread isle so Lily took her chance and pounced onto his back. She took advantage of his brief moment of confusion and prised the can from his hand. He swivelled around and grabbed onto the can so that they were now awkwardly wrestling it from each other.

         “Give it to me potter!” Said Lily through clenched teeth as she tried to twist the can out of his hands.

         “Never.” He said in a strained voice as he attempted to pull it roughly towards him. His move didn’t bring about the desired effect however because Lily had essentially curled up around the can and just got pulled along with it.

         “I won’t let go, you know I won’t” said Lily in a muffled voice. She could feel James’ grip loosen but he didn’t let go.

         A surge of blinding pain suddenly flickered through Lily’s head. She let out a little yelp and scrunched up her eyes in pain. She was barely aware of the fact that she had let go of the can as she pressed the palms of her hands hard over her eyes, trying to pressure the pain away.

         “Lily?” Through the dizziness Lily felt a pair of gentle hands hold her steady and guide her into a standing position.

         “Paracetamol” she said letting one of her hands grab on to James’ arm as the throbbing in her head began to lessen slightly.

         “Is everything alright over here?” Said a woman’s voice to Lily’s left who Lily assumed was one of the shop assistants. Lily squinted at her and nodded.

         “She’s got a bad migraine I think” James said putting his arm around her waist. “Don’t worry I’ll take care of it” he assured the shop assistant.

         “I just need soup and paracetamol” muttered Lily, over coming the pain a little more.

         “How about we share the soup, and I’ll get you the paracetamol?” Said James throwing the can up in his hand as they walked forwards.

         “Sounds good” said Lily closing her eyes and resting her head on his arm.

”Lily, We’re back!” The door to the apartment slammed shut as Sirius and Marlene began to hang up their coats and scarfs.

         “Do you hear something?” Muttered Sirius, holding his arm across Marlene to stop her from walking forwards. Marlene paused and listened. There was definitely a sound coming from the living room. She frowned when she recognised it.

         “It sounds like singing” She said. Sirius gasped dramatically and stepped forwards.

         “Singing? Stay here, this could be dangerous.” He said with a grin and Marlene rolled her eyes and laughed quietly. “If I die I want Mick jagger to sing at my funeral” he said, before quickly kissing her smiling lips and venturing through the doorway into the living room. Marlene put her hand on her hip and watched him go with a little chuckle. Her boyfriend was such a dork, she thought fondly.

         “Prongs!” She heard Sirius say in surprise. She rushed through to the living room and stood next to Sirius who had his arms folded. She looked at the sofa to see Lily under plenty of fluffy blankets with her legs resting comfortably on the lap of James potter. They each had a bowl of hot pumpkin soup in their hands and were looking innocently at Sirius.

         “Are you watching Dirty Dancing?” Asked Sirius in amusement.

         “It’s actually not bad Padfoot” replied James taking another spoonful of soup.

         “I told you you’d like it!” said Lily, gently shoving his arm with her foot. “You should really get Sirius to watch it” She said to Marlene brightly before turning back to the TV. Marlene raised her eyebrow. The couple carried on singing along with the film- or Lily sang whilst James kind of murmured vaguely to the tune, because apparently the only words he knew were ‘hungry eyes’.

         “This is actually quite weird” remarked Marlene quietly to Sirius, who nodded slowly, a somewhat bewildered grin on his face.

Oliver owns Bow & Arrow, a coffee shop that lives right next to the brand new little bakery Smoak n’ Sweet.

He prides himself on making the best damn cup of coffee in the city and he hears that the store next door is doing pretty well on its cupcakes. Many of his customers tell him that his beverages pair nicely with her treats. Curious of the owner who’s cooked up a storm in this city, Oliver meets the blonde who looks as sweet as her baked goods.

But their first meeting involves a misunderstanding and they’re left with a bitter taste in their mouths. From then on, they’re tolerant of each other, but otherwise go on about their own business, only managing thinly veiled remarks in response to their customers bringing up the other’s goods and how well it compliments their own.

Of course, Oliver’s barista Sara and Felicity’s head baker John know that only an attraction would produce such animosity from their boss.

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Skinny Jeans and Coffee Beans

Title: Skinny Jeans and Coffee Beans
Pairing: SasuSaku
Summary: AU. It’s a coffee-colored Christmas.
Chapter: One
 Hopefully this is the beginning of a multi-chapter fic exploring a SasuSaku relationship through holidays. I am in love with this brainchild, even if no one else is. :B


Christmas Day is the worst day of the year. Haruno Sakura kicks at a piece of trash on the street and curses as it scuffs the white rubber of her brand new Chucks. Just another reason for her to hate this stupid holiday. As she stuffs her hands in her pockets and continues down the empty street, she mentally rehashes all of the reasons in a purely masochistic exercise.

Sakura lives in Upper Konoha, the rich district of Konohagakure. Her parents like perfect appearances and perfect parties and a perfect daughter. Sakura is definitely not the latter and hates the other two with a burning passion. She refuses to wear the hideous and restrictive clothing that young ladies of the upper echelon typically wear, opting instead for worn skinny jeans and various grunge band tops. Since it’s cold and the neighborhood is buried in snow, a hot pink hoodie and black denim jacket complete her rebellion.

As she wanders down the empty street, road salted so that it’s ice-and-snow-free, Sakura is almost grateful for the holiday. Every year in December her parents leave on a month-long cruise in the tropics, leaving her to fend for herself. Sakura is both relieved by the solitude and resentful because her parents have no interest in spending Christmas as a family.

To make it worse, her friends are all off on holiday as well. Ino and Temari are off visiting Temari’s family in Suna, Hinata and her family are at their chateau in Kumo, and that means that Tenten is also gone because she’s dating Hinata’s cousin.

So here she is alone on Christmas day, a solitary figure bracing against the chill as she approaches Upper K’s shopping district. Most of the stores are closed for the holiday, but Starstruck, Konoha’s premier coffee chain and Sakura’s favorite, remains open. The red and green flashing lights in the window are the beacon for her dragging feet, and five minutes later the bell above the door tinkles as she makes her entrance.

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