Sizzy AU . “The Lady & The Tramp”

She is the daughter of the wealthy - and noble - family Lightwood. He the “commoner”, the funny Jewish Boy that secretly works in a Speakeasy. But the rich daughter is not a helpless maiden, despite her pretty dresses, the flowers, hats and smiles, but his new boss because she takes over the family business of selling alcohol illegally with her big brother. What a trip this will be.

you were at the school’s library and you pulled out your laptop as a way to pass the time since you couldn’t leave school until around 6 because you didn’t have a ride and you lived a bit far.
so as you were on your laptop and waiting for a ride, a boy decides to pull up to the empty table you were at.

he sat down across from you and pulled out a laptop from his Paul frank laptop case.

"hi" he greeted casually, as if you’ve been friends forever.  

"um, hi" was all you said before it was quiet again. you weren’t used to talking to strangers or new people. especially attractive people of the opposite gender.  

"I’m luke, and you?" he smiled slightly at you, as you replied with your name. he nodded and began typing away on his laptop.

you focused back on your screen, you were on twitter when suddenly someone decided to follow you. you looked at the notification and noticed it was someone named luke.

you were a bit confused and decided to click on the small icon. you looked at the default picture and realized it was the attractive guy across from you and giggled quietly to yourself.

you followed back and decided to see his recent tweets. the most recent one was from minutes ago and it was from 4 minutes ago.

"theirs a really pretty girl in my school’s library"

you decided to reply to it
“there’s **”

after only a few seconds, you noticed his head pop up above his laptop screen, raising his eyebrow at you. you noticed he started typing again and decided to refresh the page.

"she’s also a smart ass but hey, beauty and brains. I’m basically winning here, am I right?"

then a few seconds later
“her name is (y/n) and id really like to know if she’d want to go get food sometime? who doesn’t love food”
you giggled at this and replied without a second thought.

"very true. pick me up at 7"
and you both looked up from your screens at that with grins on your faces. after that you started dming each other and shared your numbers.

Someone should write an A Walk in the Clouds AU with Ten and Rose.

Like—Ten went to war and came back a different person and the woman he loved doesn’t recognize him anymore, can’t stand to be with him because it’s like a stranger is staring at her out of her fiancee’s face, so they go their separate ways.  His job is gone so he takes what he can get and what he can get is a gig as a traveling chocolate salesman. 

He first meets Rose on a bus.  She’s beautiful and very pregnant and there are some douchebags giving her shit so of course he steps in because he did not watch men die in the trenches so he could come back and do nothing when innocent people are being harassed.  He gets off at her stop just to make sure that she’s okay (his is a few towns down) and learns her story:  that she was at university (contrary to her family’s desires) when she fell in love, but he was a tosser as it turned out and left her when he found out about the baby.

All of this leads to Ten pretending to be her husband in front of her super conservative family (set in a vineyard that is basically their life).  And then disaster strikes.

Imagine Person A going on a show like “The Bachelor(ette)” in order to find their ‘One True Love’, thinking it will be a piece of cake.  But, to their dismay, they realize they have to date 20+ individuals simultaneously in order to discover which one is their ‘One True Love’, for they can only end up with one in the end, at which point they will have fallen in love with at least 2 individuals and contemplated a future with either/both of them.