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This is incredible. I honestly don’t even know what else to say. I’ve been contributing to the PJO fandom for a few months now and I’ve come across really great artists, cosplayers, and met some super close friends through it.

I can’t thank everyone enough for all your support and coming to my Livestreams, sending me messages, headcanons, fanart, it all means so much to me.<33


So I was talking to tinygayitalian the other day, and we agreed that Pirate!Nico would summon skeletal parrots to keep him company while he’s away from Camp. Unfortunately, Will and the parrot aren’t very fond of each other.

There’s been headcanons floating around that Will carries home stray kittens and such, so I included that too. Will’s kitten chills with Nico’s wild skeleton creatures. Though sometimes kitten pounces too rough, and Nico has to keep putting them back together. xD

Art by me
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Fuco Ueda ~ “Flower of Memory” (Tripych), 2014

Fuco Ueda is a Japanese artist who paints with acrylic (which she thins to achieve a watercolor effect) and powdered mineral pigments on paper, cloth, and on wood. Her paintings describe a bizzare world, dominated by female characters, and various nature elements (animals, marine fauna, flowers, bees, mushrooms etc.).  <source>

Nowhere Man by N Steven Harris  //  Forward Comix

"Nowhere Man is  the story of a police detective named Jack Maguire who happens to share his body with a super-powered agent named Zade. Due to sharing a body with Zade, Jack has super powers, but the more he uses the powers, the easier it is for Zade to take control of their shared body. As you might imagine, it is not necessarily a situation that sits well with Jack…"

Nowhere Man: You Don’t Know Jack (2013) story & art by Jerome Walford  

Available at forwardcomix.com / comixology