Omg....mother not only knows best--but knows me too well!

**My family went to go to the store just yesterday**

Dad: blah blah blah…Oh, the paint on the front of the van is coming off..//disapproved face

Mom: Well! We can sand the hood off and get the twins to draw on it!

Me and sis:


Mom: Yeah but there better be no bunny sex or anything like that on the van, ya hear girls?

Me: … . .OH sh— *whispers to sister* When the hell did she see the jackrabbit stuff?!?!

Sis: I-I don’t know! She just–she just—!!

Now we are VERY CAREFUL when we’re talking about jackrabbit or being on tumblr when our mom is around xD lol

For The-guardian-of-hope, e-aster-ventus, my friends, followers and everyone in between, this is for you <:3

((Because you’re flawless and we love you~♥))

((Because no matter what, we will rush over to see if you’re alright.))

((–Or accidentally break your back in the process lol))

((Even if you insist that you’re fine, that makes it better to hug you right?))

((And yes, if you don’t want to seem so OOC: BRO HUGS are also given))

((Need a hug just ‘cause? well then—-


((On tumblr we’ll be doing this…..


((But in reality we’ll be doing—

 pretty sure that’s the definition of 'true love’))

((So don’t forget, we love you. We love you, we love you, we love you, and you and you and you and you and you~))

((If it was a real job, I’d elect you as 'Hugs President’))

((So 'Hugs President’, for your first assignment in office……


I’m so unmotivated it’s almost terrifying……so have some Pom with a side of Wi-Fi. (My headcanon is that she was in her pj’s). Sorry if the colors are off, I don’t have a screenshot of her yet.

(yes, that’s a ‘Keep Calm and Wi-Fi’ shirt). Enjoy~ o v o

“Side by side, we stand like brothers
One for all and all together!
We will stay united, through darker days…
And we’ll be unbeatable forever~!”

Finished the Long Patrol picture I was working on, :D Ok, so from the left and to the right: Basil Stag Hare (our friendly neighborhood ‘Foot N Fur Border Patrol’ member), Orin Thornshield (the General), Peter McGregor (the smallest and newest addition in the group, he’s training under Orin) and we got Bristle O'Down and Maxwell (Maddy) Wilkson. These two are inseparable, Bristle is as good with throwing knives as Maddy is good with his boxing skills…when he’s not sleepy that is haha.

So, there you have it. Some hares in Mossflower Woods, good day and enjoy~

o v o

spart117mc replied to your photo: It’s just another war, Just another family torn;…

:D Yay, I was helpful! :D Also, awesome pic! The wittle girl is adorablez! XD Make’s me want to write a story about war refugees. Ooh, you wanna do a collab or something on a story like that?

PLEASEPLEASEPLEAZEPLEASEPLEASEEE~?!?! *tackles*  Thank you so much by the way, for the the motivation and also for commenting on my pic. ^^ And yeah, I had fun drawing the little girl–though her toy looks like psyduck to me haha xD But yeah, I’d be totally interested in doing a collab on a story like that with you~ >w<