1. You keep the trigger between your finger and thumb.
2. The most painful thing you could ever do comes out of your smoking barrel.
3. No one takes you seriously unless they see blood.
4. Your chamber is filled until you empty it into someone else.
5. It’s only as heavy as the thoughts you have about it.
6. You’ve got to put it back together at some point.
7. You hide the ammunition in hopes that no one will ever find a way to use it against you.
8. They find a way to turn off your safety anyway.
9. Your hammering heart beat is just as loud as the burst of the bullet from its metal cage.
10. Your body is a weapon.
10. Your body is a weapon.
10. Your body is a weapon. Let no one tell you that you are weak.
—  Body of a Gun, co-written by J.M.C. (#520: May 15, 2014)

In honor of miscarriage awareness I thought I’d post my story . I was 16 years old and my boyfriend and I had been together for over a year and our condom broke but we didn’t realize till after . So a few weeks went by and I wasn’t having my period . I went to my local clinic and there is where I found out I was pregnant . I came home and told my boyfriend and gah ! He was so scared . But we was gonna keep the baby and make it work . I went for my check ups and my first little ultrasounds and seen my little peanut ! Months passes and It was time for me gender ultrasound . I was so excited I wanted a little boy so bad ! We went in and on the screen said ITS A GIRL! I was so happy lol even though I wanted a little boy ! So after all that we decided to name her . Jocelynn.Marie.Coley . I’d never been more happy in my life ! 2 weeks after that ultrasound I started to hurt . I was bleeding and hurting so bad ! I went to the e.r and there is when they told me that I had had a miscarriage . My heart broke into a million pieces . I was lost for words and couldn’t believe it . I stayed and got the treatment I needed . I couldn’t understand why god had blessed us with such a sweet baby then took her away . But god just wasn’t ready to give up one of he’s angels just yet . I am 18 years old now and haven’t been pregnant since then . I love my baby an miss her everyday ! I love you and miss you Jocelynn.Marie.Coley forever and always !!❤️👼