This was my Art History 2 inspiration project that I presented today. I did it on the Oath of the Horatii by Jacques-Louis David back in 1784. Pretty much it shows 3 brothers taking oath to defend their family & anyone else in Rome. Their father is holding the swords. What I liked about the picture was that it really captured you’re attention because the viewers are probably thinking what happened after the oath. Well since I’m an Animation Major I drew this pic for my presentation to show what I thought happened? lol

Either you can or you can't?

How many of you actually have that one friend, family member, or even a person you may have interest in who always is like “We can hangout! Just hit me up anytime!” and will smile in your face. When that time comes around, they are no where to be found. Keep you waiting, and you’re thinking like okay maybe something may have come up, but why haven’t they called or messaged me? 

Obviously at this time, you realized that this person is playing games, or doesn’t really wanna hang with you. It don’t take but a minute to text someone that something came up and I can’t make it. Fine, no problem see another time. Instead they’d rather go missing for hours, hours becomes days, days become weeks, so on & so on. Just for them to finally give you some BS story of why they couldn’t contact you to let you know. I understand ish happens, but if you can’t make it to something just say it. I don’t even care if you lie and say you can’t make it because avoiding me. Just let me know instead of me wasting my time.

Oh, and this is the part I love. When you run into this person in the street, or at a store. They be like…”OH HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY” with open step outta the way like “PLEASE You didn’t hit me up all last month…” Get the heck outta here.