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  1. what is something that can timelessly make you feel better when your sad? Definitely my best friend/sister Santiara (:
  2. favorite way to spend your winter break? Snowboarding - in bed with hot chocolate! and with the family(:
  3. who do you go to when you feel like breaking down?My best friend(:
  4. what is something you miss? Gossip girl :(
  5. if you could turn back time, what time would you go to and why? When my best friend was around - i want to relive all our amazing memories :( And also my tests - so i can ace them!!
  6. how many books do you read in a month? Hmm on average about 3-4?
  7. what is your favorite subject at school? Art, English
  8. do you worry a lot about the future? My job! I really want to be a designer or actor but its like a one in a million chance :(
  9. what are your top three pet peeves? Biting my lips, biting my nails, messing with my hair every 5 seconds ahhaa
  10. your phone is ringing. it’s the one who hurt you the most. do you answer? yup
  1. do you believe in love at first sight?
  2. thoughts on drugs?
  3. do you believe gay marriage should be legalized? 
  4. most exciting event that has happened to you?
  5. do you believe in ghosts? 
  6. Pet Peeves?
  7. If you saw one direction in front of you; what would be your reaction?
  8. Best memory you’ve had with a best friend?
  9. something about you that your family doesn’t approve of?
  10. Would you go to school naked for £200,000?


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izziws asked:

Okay, I came off anon! Please follow me Liam :)xx Hope you have a great day :) Say hello to the rest of the boys from me :)<3

Thank youuuu have a lovely day as welll :)

izziws asked:

I love you, Liam <3 I saw the video yesterday and it was AMAZAYN!! I was smiling and laughing during the whole video :)x Just loved it! Hope you're having a FANTASTIC day :)

Thank you! We had soo much fun making the vid, glad you like it! :) :)