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Yep, that’s it. Here in Spain DC Shoes are between 30 euros and 70 euros (the most expensive). So I see you pay a lot for a pair of DC Shoes .___.

yeeep lol, the men were like “que pasa con ellos???” 


We pay that and seriously, it’s a good price, paying like 319 - 339 BRRL depending on the model it’s a good price for nice shoes here.

Oh...I almost forgot to make the post I promised to @izumimetal ... well, here it goes.

Well, you remember that I suggested you the bodysuit with the theme of sakura flowers, right? And since you liked the idea, I started thinking about other possibilities.

Well, what about making sakura flowers and petals on your arms, with rocks and mikiri background, very traditional, and make the geishas collecting sakura on your back as an entire piece… 

like this drawing from my friend:


what do you think about that @izumimetal?

About your indecision of how to start, I suggest you to start by the sakura flowers in the arm. it would be delicate and very pretty. You can choose between tattooing the rocks and mikiri or not. Only the sakura flowers and petals with  no background would be great looking also.


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Probably the salary is higher in Brazil than here… I don’t know, but if we have to pay that, we would think DC Shoes are made with diamonds LOL

DC’s are not for everybody here, lol. Most people buy nikes for 40 dollars. Or national brands for the same price, 30 to 40 dollars.

Salary here is not high for most people, but the place where I work is on a good area, and most of the people that go there, are people with good money, not rich, but with a good money. So they buy expensive stuff, like hoodies for a lil more than 200 dollars.

another post to @izumimetal

I’m glad you liked my suggestion :) 

I liked the painting you sent me, it’s on the same theme of sakura flowers, and it’s very beautiful.

About the question of having problems because of the arms, the answer is no, I never had any problem. :D Only funny situations, like people grabbing me by the arm in the street to ask me who’s the artist, cuz they want a tattoo…or people staring at me when I’m in a bus stop (mostly old people). Even people from my family (the ones that aren’t always in contact with me) asking me if I “work with drugs” cuz of the tattoos…

It’s kinda sad to see that kind of behavior in people from my family tho, cuz it shows a little of ignorance. The closed vision they have over something that’s nothing wrong, it’s just a tattoo, it’s just a representation of something that I believe on my skin, it’s a commitment to my beliefs…They don’t understand the symbolism of the foo dogs, and they think it’s some kind of demon or something, and they start judging what i have or not on my body…that kind of ignorance makes me sad…

About working, I don’t know because I haven’t went after a job yet. But I have a friend who don’t work with tattoos, but he has his face tattooed, neck, hands, fingers, lol…

and I have another friend that works in a store at the mall next to my house, and he has the hands tattooed as well… 

But it’s something that’s really subjective because some people have no problems with people with tattoos, and other people are extremely judgemental in that situations…

You’re welcome, I really enjoy this conversations about tattoos, and Japanese art :). It’s really good to have someone to talk about it, someone that understands it as much as I do, and even more than me, I can say. 

Thank you :D