A short story about bones, and boning. bones is now up for sale on Storenvy! Only 17 16 copies are available, so grab them quick ^q^ I apologise for the shipping rates, but unfortunately that’s beyond my control ;_; I will however be putting up more copies on Toranoana in the near future, so if you live in Asia you might get cheaper postage purchasing from there.

!!! This story contains sexual content. Please do not purchase unless you are at least 18 years old (or the legal equivalent of your country) !!!

A5, 28 pg (cover inclusive), greyscale pages with colour cover. Text is in Japanese but each buyer will receive a PDF of the English version via e-mail.

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[Edit] Make that 16 available copies… one of them has some stains on the cover so I’ve taken it out of stock but if you’d like to purchase it at a reduced price please let me know T_T

Imagine your OTP in a work space full of cubicles. A has one at the end of cube farm.  B is their new neighbor and heard its one of the least desirable spots because A is an awful neighbor.  But why?

A is a really loud eater.  They slurp their coffee. Lunch at desk is accompanied by loud chewing and occasional burp.  And an “excuse me!” so A isn’t being purposely rude or annoying.  But their afternoon snack is by far the loudest as they go get supercrunchy chips from the vending machine right around 3 every afternoon.

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So I kind of decided when I got Ethan (Jonah’s cousin) married and gave him kids I would pick my favorite child from each of Madie’s siblings and get them hitched and have nice little families because in reality a family tree with 16 kids in one generation wouldn’t just have one of them reproduce!

Anyways, I decided Mac’s son Trace was the most fit to reproduce and I got him married to one of my favorite sims, Anaïs~

Sardunyalar, pembe şarap, çilek, çise ve

Iyeoka ile henüz uyunmamış bir güne günaydın.

yorucu ve uzun süren bir gece çalışmasından sonra gün ağarırken çok keyif alarak hazırladım bu kadifemsi PLAYLISTi. Iyeoka kesinlikle tutkunun müziğini yapıyor. Doğal jazz performansına sahip güçlü sesli soul kadını. İçlerinde en sevdiğim “Poem for Love” u pamuklara sarıp sarmalayıp saklamak istiyorum. “Revolution” poetic esintili  içe dokunan bir müzik ve kelimelerin telaffuzu, vurgusu pek bir nefis. “I Travel Home” şiiri ise ayrı bir dokunaklı.Ofiste, yolda, işte böyle gün doğarken ya da ne bileyim batarken yani nerede dinlenirse dinlensin müziğiyle, lirikleriyle stresten, gürültüden uzak diyarlara alıp götürüyor. Ama ben bu playlisti aslında tamamen ayrı nedenlerden hazırladım.Hoş bir İstanbul sarhoşluğu olarak burada dursun; durmalı. 

*Foto tesadüf edilen bir çeşit İstanbul Street Art 

Güzel bir rüya:yanımda birisi var, tanımadığım birisi.

‘ben yokken ne yaptın?’ diyor.

‘I didn’t exist’ diyorum.

‘Bende’ diyor. 

~ Lale Müldür

Imagine your favorite character finding out that they’re pregnant, but they don’t want their friends to find out until there’s absolutely no way to hide it. So, even though reluctant at first, decide to put on a little weight to help keep the baby bump hidden for a little while at least. But, as they get further along, they find that they actually like being a bit more plush than usual, and decide to keep it up for just a little while longer, since they feel that they’re still not ready to tell their friends just yet. How long they keep this facade up is up to the reader/writer, as is how they’re friends react once they finally find out.

Take Me To The Mountains

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