We map the terrain of domains using research and empathy, see opportunity spaces, create definition around solutions that makes change manifest in the world.
—  Sarah Brooks on what Interaction Designers and User Experience Designers do.  Sarah has issue with her definition —”Wait. That’s as vague as the rest of the descriptions that drive me nuts. ” — but I happen to like it. :)

Urban Interaction Design - Online Conversation with Tobias Revell, Manu Fernández and Han Pham

Along with Tobias Revell and Han Pham, and hosted by Martin Brynskov, I will be part of the conversation for the next ten days, discussing the character and relevance of the emerging field of urban interaction design. You can follow the conversation as a series of question-responses rounds and let´s see how the experiment works. You can comment or contribute directly on the site as the three of us share our thoughts.

The great thing about having a large portfolio is that it helps convince people that they should talk to you in the first place. What it won’t do, however, is prove that you’re a good fit for the client, their culture, or the task at hand. A conversation about one’s portfolio can also distract prospects from what’s really important: uncovering the problem and explaining how specific tools in your process toolkit will solve it.
—  Robert Gorell, Process, Not Portfolio