We’re thrilled to reveal the first of this year’s Webby Sessions taking place at Internet Week New York! 

The Webby Sessions are a series of panels and discussions touching on the latest Internet trends and inspirations specially curated by us. Each day, we will bring you thought-provoking content and leaders representing the very best of the web.

The first Webby Session is taking place on Monday, May 20 at 11am and will feature the incredibly popular, engaging, uplifting, and Webby Winning photo blog Humans of New York.

Photographer Brandon Stanton will join Webby Executive Director, David-Michel Davies to discuss the Internet’s ability to foster altruism and build supportive community along with sharing the meteoric rise of his blog over the past couple of years. 

We look forward to sharing ideas from some of our most inspiring Webby winners, judges, and friends. 

Join us at Internet Week HQ. Tickets are on sale now

We've gotten a few questions about our conversation with Chester, if you want to know what we talked about read on...

We took pictures with Chester and to our surprise he stuck around so we started talking to him. I asked him what he was doing in New York or if he was just here for today’s event. By the way he answered, it seemed that he was just here for Grace, but for all I know he could be working on his own secret project. He also called Grace a superstar which was super cute. We talked about playlist live for a while and how we ditched school to go to the internet week panel. He showed us the background on his phone. He wouldn’t let my friend take a picture of the background on his phone, and since he was kind of secretive about it I’m not gonna say what it was, but it was not a picture of Grace or a picture of him and Grace. We also talked about camp takota and how Grace improved the suck me line.

Chester was really kind and sweet and wonderful. He absolutely did not have to stick around to talk to us, but he did. We were really flattered and honored to get to meet him and talk for a bit.

"I asked our lexicographers to show me data pitting ‘geek’ against ‘nerd’ in the Corpus. From this I learnt that:

  • ‘Nerd’ frequently appears with the adjectives bumbling, bookish, scrawny, and crotchety, while these descriptions aren’t used in relation to geeks.
  • Nerds are also more frequently bespectacled and mild-mannered than geeks – although there are a fair share of bespectacled and mild-mannered geeks too (in the Corpus, we see one bespectacled geek for every two bespectacled nerds, if you’re interested).
  • Geeks are more likely to be ‘self-confessed’ and ‘self-respecting’, with more than double the number of ‘geek’ instances paired up with these phrases.
  • ‘Computer’ is by far the most common modifier used alongside both ‘geek’ and ‘nerd’, with nearly 600 instances of ‘computer geek’ in the Corpus, compared with 280 instances of ‘computer nerd’. The more technological bent of the geek can be seen in the other collocates that frequently describe them: techno, gadget, and tech (see the simplified table below: it compares the number of instances of these word pairings in the Corpus)

The other significant collocates that occur next to geek (but not nerd) are the references to sci-fi and comic books. This fits well with the Oxford Dictionaries definition for geek as ‘a knowledgeable and obsessive enthusiast’.”

(via Embrace your geekness | OxfordWords blog)


Grace Helbig joined us for this year’s Webby Sessions at Internet Week.

Watch her chat with our Executive Director David-Michel Davies, where she shared the inside scoop on what it’s like to be one of YouTube’s biggest personalities

In case you missed the livestream and wanted to watch just the part with Grace Helbig. Michael Buckley, and Hannah Hart, I put it up on my dropbox.

EDIT 2012-05-17: The clip is finally up on YouTube on What’s Trending’s page here.

A Few Quick Facts About Elio Motors

By Samantha Scott

Here at Internet Week, Elio Motors introduces what could be the new standard for American cars. Providing 84 miles to the gallon and boasting a $6800 price tag, the deal is almost too sweet. Made and manufactured in Shreveport, Louisiana, the company hopes to do their part in replenishing the American job market.

Interested? They’ll be here all week!  

Help Bitly 'Make the Stage' at Internet Week!

Every spring, the business and tech worlds come together for Internet Week, a week-long festival that celebrates technology’s impact on business and culture. For four years, Internet Week NY (IWNY) has opened a small number of slots in its schedule to let the public vote for what they want to see on the stage.

This year, YOU can help us ‘Make the Stage’ at IWNY! To vote, you’ll need to create an Internet Week account (don’t worry - it only takes a minute). We’ve submitted two presentations:

  • Move Over Marketers; Consumers are Driving Your Brand:  Social media is undoubtedly the most direct way to influence an audience but brands are taking the backseat as consumers gain share-of-voice. Consumer authority on brand content is skyrocketing - particularly amongst millennials. Consumers are driving how, when and where content is shared online; they’re the marketers of today. What does this mean for brands? Our CEO, Mark Josephson, will discuss how brands can work behind the scenes to steer these next-generation brand ambassadors, leveraging the trust and spotlight consumers have already built on social media to drive marketing strategy.

Vote for this presentation here!

  • Content is the Web’s New Currency: Knowing what your content does as soon as you put it out into the open web is like money in the bank. In this presentation, our CEO Mark Josephson will discuss how marketers can look at the open web as a nearly endless source of audience intelligence. How your content is received and what people do with it used to be an open question, but now the technology exists to collect information in real-time so marketing teams can attack opportunities, increase efficiency and engage directly with previously undiscovered audiences.

Vote for this presentation here!


Want to Build a Startup in NYC? Here's How:

By Samantha Scott

Why do startups fail? Two reasons: either owners don’t posses necessary planning and management skills to succeed or underestimate the amount of money needed to run a business (or both). This afternoon, Carlos Guzman of NYC Business Solutions explored the ins and outs of creating a startup in The Big Apple, offering 10 tips to ensure success:

10 Steps to Starting Your Own Business

  1. Determine if you are an “entrepreneur”
  2. Develop your idea
  3. Develop your business plan
  4. Determine your legal structure
  5. Set up your bookkeeping.
  6. Get permits, licensing, and insurance
  7. Acquire real estate
  8. Your internet presence
  9. Put together your team (attorney, CPA, business banker, insurance)
  10. Get financing

For additional guidance, check out NYC Business Express and NYC Business Accelerations, both powered by NYC.gov


Lookee here…the NYC Chinatown Dumpling Tour is an official event during Internet Week New York.  Now you might ask innocently enough what dumplings have to do with the Internet, so instead of taking you out back and smacking some sense into you, I will tell you why dumplings are VITALLY important component of Internet Week:

1) Highlights the growth of collaborative consumption - The dumplings will be overflowing and you may just succumb to Severe Dumpling Satisfaction Overdose.  The name of the game on this tour is consumption.

2) You are seeing the benefits of social networking at work - What is more social that walking around Chinatown with red Solo cups, taking in all the sights, and stuffing one’s face full of dumplings in the company of other like-minded techie food enthusiasts?  There will be much embarrassing Instagramming.

3) All the dumplings are made using 3D printers - Just kidding, but that would be kind of awesome is a nerdy sort of way.  As for drone-controlled killer dumplings, I have no knowledge of that.

4) Dumpling are fun than grumpy cat memes and animated GIFs - This is a scientifically proven fact, so please do not dispute this claim with your so-called “facts”.

5) Our company name Dumplr took its inspiration from Tumblr - David said its all cool.  A little known fact is that David was inspired to start Tumblr over a steaming plate of fried dumplings.

So there you have it, you are now REQUIRED to join this tour next Wednesday, May 22nd at 6 PM.  Sign up via my posting on Uniiverse.

On May 21st at 8pm JVTMcomedy is hosting, Watch, Reblog, Repeat - A Panel Discussion About Comedy Web Series’!

As a part of Internet Week New York, Johnny Velvet and the Moonbeams welcome producers of New York’s best online comedy content and will be discussing how they create material that people don’t just watch, but also share.

From CollegeHumor
Adam Conover, Paul Briganti

Morgan Evans
The Untitled Webseries That Morgan Evans Is Doing

From PERIODS. Films
Philip Quinaz, Giovanni P Autran, Charlie Porter

Jeremy Redleaf

Nate Williams
Sweet Misery, Actualized, Planet Awesome