All Inclusive Fete - with a purpose!

On Sun 8th May, 2011, part of Borough Day celebrations in Point Fortin, treat yourself to Iwer, Super, Kenny J and Mello Boyz in the All Inclusive Fete (with a purpose) at Clifton Hill Club, Point Fortin from 4pm - 10pm
Tix are $400 & 500, part proceeds go to St. Michael Senior Citizens’ Home. More info: call 495-3247, 648-4982, 317-1317

So I was looking at someones blog and they are doing a flower child competition. Flower child of the week. There are all these rules…to be a flower child. Being one means you are free and breaking free of conventional ideas of society and have simplicity in your life. So let’s just makes sure we have all these complicated strict rules so we can. Be a flower child online.

No hate to the people doing this just wanted to express my thoughts.

Interview: In Flames vocalist, bassist talk musical progression, beer, food

Interview: In Flames vocalist, bassist talk musical progression, beer, food

The melodic death metal movement of Gothenburg, Sweden is well-known to virtually all metalheads. When that phrase is ever uttered, one of the first bands that generally pops into people’s heads is In Flames. The now legendary band has been cited as a source of influence by countless other groups. However, In Flames is also known by many as a band that has experienced a change in the sound of…

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anonymous asked:

Du siehst aber aus wie 45 0.0 ich werde wir helfen wegen dir nicht weiter empfehlen oder überhaupt noch was schreiben du geilst dich bestimmt an den Problemen auf weil du darauf stehst du Perverser alter mann!!! so etwas ist nicht verantwortungsvoll

1. ICH BIN FUCKING 20 2. wie soll man sich an Problemen aufgeilen?  3. woher soll ich wissen wie alt iwer is der uns eines seiner Probleme schickt und 4. es gibt auch ältere Leute die Hilfe brauchen.

Soca Monarch semi-finals review

..well between watching the Grammy’s and Soca Monarch i applaude myself for multitasking between the two. Minus the HORRIBLE angle the camera had as well as the abhorrent feedback sound that was getting on my nerves - the show seemed PRETTY LIVE. LONG as hell but none the less live. Moving on to my girl Destra …. who had this rant GOING IN on my boo/future husband/future baby daddy Machel..   -__-  Destra i love you and i love what you stand for. Even on twitter Machel said that mess came out of no where. I understand there’s no more Ms. nice Destra but personally calling him out like that, I say it was all show. I LOVE the competition. They all came to win but only ONE gets crowned the best. 

I enjoyed Fayanne, Bunji ( ;-) ) , Kes The Band …did his THING (he’s kinda cute too) , Tallpree is slowly becoming a favorite, and Shall Marshall murdered the stage. 

Now who I think will get to the finals (in the Power category) ..none other than Machel, Destra (of course), Shall Mashall, and Iwer are my picks. 

The final winners haven’t been posted yet BUT i’ll be keeping my ear to the ground for the next couple of days