sivakaneswarran-deactivated2013 said:

oh my gosh give us an update on your bros friend im so curious now!

well he just left. and i still dont even know the story lol. my brother wont really tell us. but apparently he lost his wallet, came here because some girl named Caroline told him about my brother, told my brother how angry he is that he lost his wallet and then left. and then my brother said something about them fighting on facebook and then him coming here. i dont even know whats going on.

my brothers a really secretive person so i dont think i’ll ever get the real/full story lol. im just as curious as you!!

sivakaneswarran-deactivated2013 said:

whats your most embarrassing moment? xx

oh man I could probably write a book with them all but hmm…well okay at homecoming all of the couples started grinding, and well I was there with the guy I liked (at the moment, but now he’s a total douche and i can’t stand him) but I could never see myself grinding with him cos I’m awkward. so he tries to position himself behind me and getting really close but I’m like um wot the hel lol and he makes this really awkward comment like oh i guess this isnt a dance where you bring your friend to lol and i’m like wow fuck off you’re obnoxious

sivakaneswarran-deactivated2013 said:

I know what you mean about Poppy though, like if this situation was real then I feel like my weird alter ego would totally be Poppy and definitely not Dallas but I am so rooting for Nallas or Dathan or whatever rather than Noppy. omg what have our lives come to

its kind of sad because i WISH i was like poppy, but if i was being honest i’m more like dallas in the way that i’m super stubborn and kind of a dick in real life lol.

i know seriously. we’re shipping characters that dont even exist lmfao. we need to get out more clearly :p