Please Sir, I Want Some Christian

Perhaps I should say something on the subject Smackdown’s main event last Friday, but to what end? Most things that needed to be expressed have found voice, certainly the outrage felt by Christian’s Peeps all across the Internet.

I work shortly, so I don’t think I am going to sit down and write up anything of substance yet (though I feel I should put some thoughts down in the very near future). However, what I think is important is that we recognize that this man whom we all seem to be showing respect and defending is a consummate professional; he is an accomplished performer, as both an athlete and an actor, and my experience of watching the match from Friday Night Smackdown! was that he was helping to tell a story. Randy is the top dog in the company, and he is here on SD! after the draft. Christian has been around longer than most, has done more than most, and even in his victory at Extreme Rules was reigning in the shadow of his best friend, the now-retired Edge.

He is a man struggling not just to prove to the roster and to the audience that he a champion, but also to himself. The segment at the beginning showed that; Mark Henry is right when he says that Edge is no longer here to help him.

There is a story being played out here in which Christian must overcome himself psychologically while trying to overcome his opponents physically. There is no real heel, no real face in this story. There are only wrestlers, and dreams, and questions about whether Christian can be what he has struggled to be for seventeen years: a champion.

Keep watching.

Keep cheering.

Keep reacting.

But remember that a story is being told. Do not post spoilers before the show airs, that hinders the story for others.

Extreme Rules was a great moment, and Smackdown was a rough moment. That is not the end to the moments that Christian’s story will have this summer, so please, have faith. In WWE, in Christian, in the abilities of these men to tell a story that resonates with us all as long-time fans of this art. I have not seen enough to judge this story out of hand, so I will be watching next Friday and every Friday thereafter until there is no longer a shadow of a doubt in my mind that Christian was screwed. Right now, I believe this story has legs, and I am looking forward to seeing it unfold.

I hope you watch, too.

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