District 11 Interview: Ivory Erwin
  • Caesar Flickerman:And now we have Miss Ivory Erwin of District 11! We welcome you to the Capitol with open arms, Miss Ivory! Goodness gracious, your stylists have really outdone themselves! You look absolutely amazing! Don't you all just love her dress?! -loud applause from the audience-
Careers, Garrett and Ivory:

The Careers enter the cavern, Glitter’s attention focused on Ivory as she tries to flee. Nike’s attention turns to Phox, who has a gash in his arm and hold the knife she threw. 

Garrett tries to slip away from the group of Careers, keeping his distance from the softly glowing vapor seeping through the tunnels, but he stumbles across the ground, his legs weak with thirst and hunger. 

Ivory tries to scamper down the nearest tunnel, noticing the glowing mist expanding into the cavern.

Please respond to this post. The order will be: Glitter, Ivory, Wes, Garrett, Nike, Phox.

If someone chooses to attack another tribute, a Face-off post will be made.

Day 3

Ivory slept next to the puddle that was gone now. She woke and began walking again. Her hands and knees hurting horribly. “Ivory…” She heard something hiss in her ear. Ivory Spins around. The inability to see was killing her. She stuck her arms out and spun around not touching anything or anyone. “Ivory follow me..” An evil voice  whispered from the darkness.

"N-no" Ivory whispered then. covered her ears and squeezed her eyes shut as they whispered her name over and over again. "st-stop.." Ivory whispered. she opened her eyes. and uncovered her ears then blinked while looking around for anything that could have been making the noise. Nothing was there. Ivory sat on the floor for awhile wondering what was going on her mind kept coming to the conclusion that she was going insane she dismissed the thought every time; her thoughts were correct. She was slowly becoming insane.

Day 2


Health: Alive/unharmed

Items: none

Accompanied with: nobody

Location: Southwest tunnel, in a little secret tunnel place. 

Plan of action: to find food and water and something she could use to defend herself.

Day 3

Ivory woke up from the banging on her door from Flux. Ivory’s body hurt from training. She’s never worked so hard in her life. Everything ached as she sat up and began getting ready for training. Ivory looked in the mirror and rubbed her eyes then pulled her hair back up into a bun and walked out of her room. 

"Good morning Ivory." Ashby said. Ivory smiled trying to hide her pain as she sat down. She began eating biscuits and gravy not filling herself too much or else she’d puke during training.

After breakfast, the escort brought her downstairs along with Leonis. When she got downstairs she stopped and looked around for a second. What should i do now? She looks over and shes the slingshot booth. She walks over feeling her muscles tighten and hurt. She grabs a sling shot anyway and a couple little rock like ammo.She walked over to a target and pulled the slingshot back. The shot it only sending the rock a few steps ahead. Ivory began laughing and tried again. still getting no where near the target, after 20 minutes of the same thing Ivory put down the slingshot and decided she needed to re learn about shelters.

"Hello again" Ivory said to the man at the shelters station. This time Ivory sat and listened instead of having her mind drift to things. Ivory felt slightly prepared for the games. Even though she didn’t have a very good chance of winning she felt ready to go into the games.

Training day two

After breakfast was served and Ivory was dressed, she was escorted down to the training floor. where she decided she needed to learn how to use a weapon. Ivory decided she wanted to try archery. As she grabbed the bow and a couple of arrows. As she pulled the arrow back and winced when she pulled back to far. A man came to correct her. She took his notes in and looked at the target. She breathed out and let go. the arrow sprung forward. She watched as in punctured 2 lines above the middle of the target. Ivory turned and looked at the teacher for approval. 

"Is this your first time?" He said dumbfounded by her unknown talent.

"Yup. It was probably beginners luck." Ivory said as she put the arrow in place and pulled it up to shoot. She breathed out and let go sending the arrow through the middle. "Or maybe not." she mumbled. She did that for a little longer getting a little better every time. Ivory shrugged off the fact that she could possibly do archery in the arena cause most times there isn’t even one in the arena.She moved on to climbing after that. It was almost too easy for Ivory climbing was a talent Ivory has always had, she learned how to on Chase’s farm when they needed to get peaches out of trees that were tall. Chase used to say that she could climb like a cat. Ivory was upside down when it was time to leave. Ivory carefully climbed down and walked out to the lobby. Her escort stood there and looked disgusted at her body because she was dripping in sweat. 

"Don’t touch anything." She said trying to smile. As the Elevator shot up and opened it’s glass doors everyone stared for a second at her shining body.

"I’m going to go clean up." She said before walking off to her room.