Today’s style inspiration: Louis Philippe de Gagoue.

Hailing from both Cameroon and Cote D’Ivoire, the self-described eclectic fashion stylist, blogger and personal shopper is currently based in Morocco after half a decade living in neighbouring Tunisia.

With a style all his own, there’s a sense of vintage cool, classic sartorialism and modern vibrancy in almost everything he wears. From Congolese sapeurs to traditional North African garments, there’s always a strong African influence in de Gagoue’s visual aesthetic.

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Nappys de Babi, a natural hair group in Ivory Coast, is paving the way for the re-introduction of natural hair care in the West African country. The word ‘Babi’ is the nickname of Abidjan, Ivory Coast’s bustling capital.

In Ivory Coast, straight hair is the ideal. Many women use relaxers, or wear weaves and other extensions. Additionally fair-skin is highly desired and advertized, leading to the widespread use of carcinogenic whitening products.

According to one of the founders Miriam Diaby, “Society frowns on ‘afro’ hair overflowing all over the place.” Bibi Gagno, owner of the website omgiloveyourhair.com, male stylist Ange-Dady Akre-Loba, as well as Liliana Lambert, a half-European, are part of Nappys de Babi to contribute to the de-mystification of afro-textured hair.

Nappys de Babi’s community has grown to 2,400 members. They hold meetings every two months to share hair care tips, information and their experiences of going natural.

Watch the AFP interview here (French) || AFP article || Facebook || Interview with Ayiba Magazine

IVORY COAST, Bonoua : Youths from the Aboure tribe perform a warrior dance as they take part in a parade during a ceremony on the last day of the 34th Popo carnival in Bonoua, 60km south of Abidjan, on May 3, 2014. The festival this year promotes national reconciliation. AFP PHOTO / SIA KAMBOU

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