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Season 8: The Road Hugs So Far

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I’m sorry but taken out of context this really looks like Cas’ spent an ungodly amount of time redecorating their cabin and all Dean’s got to say when he’s back is


…why pink???

Things that should have happened on Penny Dreadful #21
  • Vanessa:Dorian, sit down a moment, would you?
  • Dorian:Why, certainly, Miss Ives.
  • Dorian:...
  • Dorian:Might I ask why you are all standing around me in a rather ominous circle?
  • Vanessa:Dorian, we didn't want to have to do this, but you forced us to it.
  • Malcolm:This is an intervention.
  • Dorian :Riiiiiight. An intervention about what, exactly?
  • Dorian:Whuh?
  • Brona:You're swanning about with your neck showing every which way. It's very distracting.
  • Brona:The good sort of distracting, but still.
  • Sembene:The first time we met, my eyes were drawn and held by your neck. I could not look away.
  • Sembene:That's never happened to me before.
  • Sembene:It was unsettling.
  • Victor:I've never even met you until today, and yet I am enthralled by that neck. I'm torn between writing a poem about it and wanting to dissect it.
  • Ethan:You know what that neck made me do. That portion of your anatomy is not of this world.
  • Vanessa:In short, that is a neck which must be kept under lock and key and cravat.
  • Malcolm:Thus, for the sake of public decency and just plain good manners -
  • Malcolm:(what kind of gentlemen goes around with his shirt undone like that, honestly, kids today)
  • Malcolm:- we are ordering you TO SHAPE UP AND BUTTON UP.
  • Dorian:...
  • Dorian:Fair enough.

hey cutie pies!!! i’m rlly sorry if i haven’t written back to your message, i’m not ignoring you!! the past few months i’ve been super busy and doing a LOT of stuff but half of my winter break is starting so i’m gonna try to hop on all of it and answer Qs and stuff!! luv u!


I’m really really behind in archaeology and my final is at 12:30 but Jesus Christ I am so tired and I slept like shit last night. Im going to bed for a few hours. Happy birthday to me.

Repost this and tag ten people you want to get to know better.

(i’ve done this before but i obv missed a few questions and flo tagged me + alot of other so what the heck)

Name: Tone

Nickname: Viking Nerd, babe and any variation of the english pronounciation of “tone”

Birthday: February 21.

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Lesbian

Height: 165 cm

Time Zone: idk

What the time and date is it here: 23.08 09.12.14

Average hours of sleep each night: 6 or so

Last thing I googled: elfen lied nb char  wiki

My most used phrase: ye boi or crustier than roy mustangs asshole

First word that comes to mind: compass

What I last said to a family member: "i did pr well on my annual exam today"

How many blankets I sleep under: 3 its cold af

Favorite drink: apple cider or the tears of fake geek boys

Last movie I watched in the cinema: Godzilla, it was rad

Things I can’t live without: internet, hp, greasy foods, my best babes and yall rad people also ibux

Something I plan on learning: How to make gifs n stuff

Piece of advice for my followers: let toxic people go and don’t be afraid to tell people theyre bad for you, no matter what they’re doing!

You all have to listen to this song:  Money and Da Power by Die Antwoord