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111228 Magazine1: IU and Yoseob Couple (from 0:00 - 1:23)

so at 0:00 - 0:10,

  • IU was saying that she liked ones who have dimples and eyesmile, and then shyly continue saying that “Yoseob oppa has very nice dimples and eyesmile”

credits: vivaYONGYONG, hyperrealsg @ youtube

On December 29th, B2ST‘s Yoseob had a wonderful duet performance with IU at the 2011 SBS Gayo Daejun.

On January 2nd, SBS E! K-Star News aired a special featuring some backstage footage from the Gayo Daejun and it seems Yoseob was quite nervous for the performance.

Before the performance, he had a short interview session with a reporter:

Yoseob: I’m singing a song with IU sunbaenim.
Reporter: What song is it?
Yoseob: “If you want a lover.”
Reporter: If you were really to have a girlfriend what would you do with her?
Yoseob: Go to the amusement park and have a surprising event as well.
Reporter: If you were to date IU?
Yoseob: I’m so nervous and shy, how can that happen? I can barely even sing with her.

After the performance, both IU and Yoseob were asked how the performance went. While IU seemed perfectly fine answering, “It was fun,” Yoseob on the other replied, “I was shaking… I really was shaking… Ah, I feel so shy.

Video of BTS.
Video of their duet.
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Okay, HOW cute is that?! Ahdbsjbfjhbgjfg IUSEOB!

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0:24 - Yoseob and Dongwoon already stood up clapping for IU before she stood up

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source: ningin