Hello everyone,

      I just wanted to say how silly i find this to be… I am an ELF and aHUGEIU fan, but this is so ridiculous. I heard people were going to LOEN and burning IU cds in front of the building.. then i heard IU fans were going to eunhyuks mother’s cafe and trashing it… This is so wrong, for both sides.. AND i also bet that most of this is done by fangirls. I feel like fangirls go way TOO far in protecting their idol, which is understandable, until its almost lawfully wrong. I wish people would just stick to their own opinions and not do such things like this. So please do not bash the other. Even if they were dating now or dating before, imagine how much you are hurting the idols you love. By hurting the ones THEYlove, you are ALSOhurtingTHEM. The idols love us, but they also have a love in their personal life. Also, since i bet the ones doing these things are mostly very protective fangirls…like in highschool, the girls like to pick on the other girl that got what they wanted…

                                                I hope things get better for both sides<3 ^.^


                                                             leejieunIUlover(and an ELF) #WesupportIU


IU's 4th Anniversary!!!

*NOTE: This is totally about my feels and i just wanted to share my happy-ness<3 IUlover~*

OIEHGIEFIHQE890TH3E8Hisjd its IU’s 4th Anniversary today in Korea and tomorrow in America!! EKEKEKKEKEEEEEEK FANBOYINHUGBUIAEHFBEINNENFQERQEU9GQUEW8R3UJ#(*IJ!!!! I am so happy for IU who is adorable,cute,beautiful,kind, and an amazing idol!  YESSSSSS WOOO GO IU!! 4TH ANNIVERSARY! so proud of her and how well she’s doing T-T IU is my one and only female bias, my love, my lovely wife <3 Me and Everyone else will always love you IU! Uncle fans will always go crazy over you. Ill always feel proud of you when i see you on that big stage alone. I love you IU and everyone else does too! We hope you have another successful year and stay healthy <3 You have been an inspiration to me and i bet many others too. You inspire me to keep trying just like you did and to never give up. You taught me to follow my dream and that it wont always be easy. We love you IU and we will never stop no matter what happens <3 We love you<3



donguniee said:

What if IU is actually a really ugly man in disguise? How would you react?

I use to joke around that I am actually IU but i have to wear t his ugly male costume so girls dont get jealous of me and beat me up and also so guys dont grab me cuz im so bootyful.

donguniee said:

If Jonghyun for some reason became gay for you and he asked you to be his bf, would you accept? hahaha

Uh well I am married to IU so this is hard… But really who wouldnt want some dinosaur?? He already has taemin thoooo