I Got My Roommate Kicked Out of His Church

I used to teach self defense classes at a local church in my area. Someone else who works there are a fitness instructor who also attends church there asked if I wanted to split an apartment together. I was like of course that sounds like a great idea to me. I was under the assumption that since he spends so much time at church that he leads a somewhat moral filled life. Worst assumption of my life. First thing is first, I am a college student and I spend what precious moments of my life that i am not working or studying relaxing. His idea of relaxing is constantly throwing parties at our apartment without my permission or even so much as telling me. He smokes pot, drinks heavily, and eats everything in the fridge. I could somewhat deal with that part of living with him but after a month of living with him he started bringing his friends around. Every time they came over my things would go missing. Keep in mind these are people that he goes to church with. So I got an additional lock for my door to keep this from happening again. My breaking point was when I came home early from work one day to find he had kicked in my door and they were raiding my room for shit to sell for drugs. We were coming up on the end of our lease and I had found a new job so I decided to get him back. I tried to talk to the pastor at his church about it but he would not do anything about it. Whenever he had parties at our house I would take pictures of all of the horrible things he would do. Keg stands, bong rips, all of the things that you should not be doing as a church goer. I uploaded all of the pictures to Facebook and tagged him as well as various members of the church in the picture album. Not only was he fired but he was asked to leave the church. On top of that his father refused to pay anymore rent for him until he went through a Christian drug rehab as well as stopped paying his car payments. Moral of the story being, not even in a church will you find a good roommate.

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