I decided to make my first follow forever! You all making my dash look amazing. Even if I never talk to you i know you are nice.

abc: amorperrie, cannonwall, chermix, cosmicleigh, cuddleperrie, cupofnelson, curlythirly

def: elounurs

ghi: glammuffins, holythirlwall, huggingjesy, itsperrielouise

jkl: jadeadorable, jadetitwall, jezynelzon, jseynelson, just-a-mixer, leighapinnock, leighapinock, leighleee, leighsmile, lerriepedwards, lmixrs

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vwx: wooperrie, wowjesy

yz: yesniam

I'm pretty sure i forgot someone.


Ok so here’s my first follow forever. Thank you for making my dash perfect. You’re all so sweet and nice and make me smile every day. I know I’m not talking to everyone, but as cheesy it sounds, I love you <3

amorperrie, barbiedwards, cannonwall, cosmicthirlwall, cuddleperrie, cupofnelson, dopemix, edwardperrie, heylittlemix, howyadoin1d, itsperrielouisejadethirlwalled, jdaethirlwall, jesynelsons, jesysbabe, just-a-mixer, littlemixmagic, mixerprince, mixersmagic, myperrie, perrey, perriedwrds, perrieemix, perriesbabes, perriescrew, perrysmix, pinnockes, pinnockiss, pinnosaure, planetthirlwall, raspperrie, rhythmixerssweethirlwall, thirls, thirlwaller, thirlwallers, thirlweed, wittlemix, wooperrie

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If I forgot someone, I’m sorry. x

I thought it was time for a new follow forever because I have so many new favourite blogs along with the old ones! You’re all fabulous :D <3

a-f: barbiedwardsbracesbiscuitsandbows, cannonwallcosmicthirlwalldiabolischedwardperrieedwardzer

g-l: jadethirliwalljesysbabejesyseyesjetaimeperriejuddthirlwallheylittlemix

m-r: mixerprincenelsonsmafiaomfgpinnockpandjscurry, perrieshields, perrleperryedwards, ritadora

s-z: whisperies, takemeshometeamlittlemixthirliwalz

nikita's summer follow forever 2013 (◡‿◡✿)

i've waited for too long for this day to come! but its officially summer and i freaking love summer, therefore i decided to make a summer follow forever edition.

anselelgortes, amorperrie, bilytalent, britishcream, cannonwall, cupofnelson, curlythirly, cuddleperrie, cosmicleigh, cosmicthirlwall, flawlessbieber, greatbrituns, huggingjesy, infinileigh, itsperrielouise, jadescrisp, jadsters, jdaethirlwall, j-thirlwalls, jseynelson, leighlee, londans, londonsz, mealiks, mixersbain, nightignales, nwzealand omfgpinnock, oohgomez, partypinnock, perrle, perriecake, perriedwrds, perriesangels, perriesbabes, perriesoreos, perrieslut, perrey, perriezs perrysmix, pinnockes, pinnosaure, rhythmixers, scyfall, stanarry, sextperrie, skinnylovs, sweethirlwal, thirlbabe, thirls, thirlwalled, thirlwallus, thirlweed, urbanpinnock, whisperies, zacffren |

all you bold amazing girls, you are my tumblr crushes and i just love your blog so freaking much that i just can’t. your edits and the fact that you are just a really great person. so thanks for being absolutely amazing.

thanks to everyone that have been mentioned for being an amazing person, i’m glad i chose to follow ya! you are great and i truly admire you. remember that!

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you girls are fab, thanks for being amazing friends ♡

salla - alyssa - irene - fiona

so i decided to make my first follow forever, i am so sorry if i forgot you! i love you all 

abc: ameliathirlwall, amorperrie, cannonwall, curlythirly, cupofnelson, cosmicleigh, chermix, cuddleperrie

def: foreverjesy

ghi: itsperrielouise, heypinnock, hipstermix, holythirlwall

jkl: jadsters, jseynelson, jdaethirlwall, lmixrs, leighlee, leighsmile, leighstripper

mno: mixerprince, myperrie, omfgpinnock

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tuv: thirlwaller, thirlweed, thirlbabe, thirlrose, thirlwallskingdom, thirlwallception, theboymixer, urbanpinnock

w: wooperrie, wowlerrie

btw if i am in network with you, i will follow you forever :) x

abc: amorperrie, bluethirlwall, cannonwall, cosmicthirlwall

defg: dopemix, edwardperrie, edwardzer, fromromford, grimmshaw

hijk: heylittlemix, holythirlwall, itsperrielouise, jeserrie, jesysbabe, jadelust, jadethirlwalled

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wxyz: wittlemix, wowjesy


Okay so basically, I’ve seen a lot Follow Forever posts lately and they’ve just made me think about who my favorite bloggers/blogs are and I stumbled upon these blogs when I first made mine and when I wrote the list, these all came to mind. Thank you to these people for being either great friends or lighting up my dash, you are all amazing and ily! CAPS are my favs! Without further or do, here they are !xx :) 

PERRIE URLS: perriesbabes, AMORPERRIE, edwardperrie, ITSPERRIELOUISE, PERRIEZS, blazingedwards, perriedswards, PERRIELOUISEED, strawperriepie,PERRIENCESS, planetperrie, HOLYPERRIE, edwardslouise, perrieemix, queensperrie, perrieholicc, fyeahlouiseedwards, edwads, GOTPERRIE (DUH SHE'S THE BOMB)
JADE URLS: CURLY-THIRLY, thirles, THIRLBABE, thirlweed, jadetitwall, JADESBUNNIES
JESY URLS: CUPOFNELSON, nelsonsensation, WOWJESY, partynelson, jesyed, stereonelson, FOREVERJESY, jesynelsons, gorgejesy, JESYBITCHES
LEIGH URLS: cosmicleigh, PINNCOCK, leighsnaps, pinnsaure
LITTLE MIX/OTHER URLS: ohmymixer, CHERMIX, lerriesistable, MIXER-PLANET, heylittlemix, OLLYMURS, dopemix, rythmixers, SOUHTSHIELDS, stereosoldier, queenmix, littlemixbitch, wittlemix, mixer-prince, JESYSJADES, PEZZA-THIRLWALL, LITTLEMIXMANIA, cannonwall, lerriekiss2011

GROUPS: little mix crowns, the mixer mafia, BLOGROLL

I’m almost sure I forgot something or someone cause when do I not forget something? Anyway, I’m sorry if I did!  Once again thank you to all these people and a special thank you to my groups, ily most .xx

Thanks for making my dash fabulous! You should follow all of them, they are all amazing ♡ ‏

littlemixmagic · itsperrielouise ·planetperrie ·lmixrs

omfgpinnock · edwardperrie · greathirlwall · thirls

cosmicthirlwall · perriejuana · perrieedvards · heylittlemix

cannonwall · perriesbabes ·partypinnock · j-thirlwalls

pinnockes · myperrie · perrieemix · pinnosaure

perrysmix · sweethirlwall · whisperies

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anonymous asked:


pinnocksbabe: perf, i’ve been following forever


itsperrielouise: amazing blog

cyrurz: great multi

send me urls and i’ll give my honest opinion on them

Tag Game

I’ve been tagged by -planetelounor

Rule 1: Always post the rules.

Rule 2: Answer the questions the person who tagged you has written and write 10 new ones.

Rule 3: Tag 10 people and link them to your post.

Rule 4: Let them know you tagged them.

1) whats your favourite song of 2012?

I Got A Boy- Girls’ Generation :)
2) last movie you watched?

Pitch Perfect
3) favourite ice cream topping?

Lychee Balls
4) favourite celebrity?

Jay Park
5) quote/lyrics that relate to you or mean a lot to you?

I can relate to “I think I’m Ugly and nobody wants to love me”
6) do you have pets? what are they and their names if so?

I have 2 dogs and 2 cats :) Lovey, Emma, Ariel, Melody
7) starbucks order?

White Chocolate Mocha Frappe or Iced Green Tea w/ Extra Sweetener
8) favourite restaurant?

Hmm. BJ’s or The Chart House
9) tell a story of a happy part of your life?

there arent.
10) favourite and last read book?

Night Bells- by LM Sherwin (had to read it for English. Strange book haha)

My Questions:

1. Favorite candy?

2. What color is your hair?

3. Favorite store?

4. What’s the first letter of your crush’s name?

5. What’s your favorite hobby?

6. What’s your favorite Disney Princess?

7. Do you have any major fears?

8. What’s the funniest thing that’s happened to you this week?

9. Favorite artist at the moment?

10. What language(s) can you speak? :)

xx Amanda -eleanoranddanielle