Alright here’s a song I made up like two hours after my last post on Tumblr.  This song was improvised.  I just hit the record button and off I went on the keys!

Sorry for the mistakes and randomness, I just played what I felt.

RIP Junethea Crystal Centeno, this one’s for you!  :)

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This is 4th of July done right.


Until next year.  Oh wait, I’m going to the Navy.  :(

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me and @jusjessicaaa doing a cover on justin bieber’s ft. jessica jarrell overboard!  amazing collab with this girl right hurr.    support!  subscribe!  like it!  share it!  love it!  etc!

stay tuned!  i’m working on an original,  exclusively for the ukulele!  :D

Even Though I Don't Know Her...

"Junethea Crystal Centeno."  Me:  Who’s that?  -_-

I’ve been living under a rock!  Read through some of her posts and saw some videos.  Wow amazing words of wisdom.  Just amazing.  Although I didn’t know her, I know she could have easily been one of my go-to-tumblr people.  Hands down.

Too late to follow her?  I don’t think so.  Even after her unfortunate passing, she is still teaching us a very valuable life lesson:  LIFE IS PRECIOUS AND WE SHOULD CHERISH WHAT WE HAVE RIGHT NOW (or something along those lines).

Now excuse me as I kiss my mom, dad, grandmas, dogs (lucky and chino), my little bro (just a hug), and my bird Rusty.  Thanks for teaching us Junethea.  My prayers go out to your loved ones.

I might just be inspired to write a song for her… 

Omegle, Chat Roulette, Etc. aka Serenading Strangers

Okay you get one of these FOUR common things:

1.  Pen15.

2.  Person who flicks you off.

3.  Person who wants you to show your body.  (let’s just leave it at that)

4.  Person who actually want a conversation.

Tonight, I encountered all of these.  However, #4 is really an amazing experience!  Yeah I know.  Stranger danger.  But believe it or not, there are some people online who are actually pretty cool and want to have a normal (dare i say) AIMSkype-esque chat. 

Serenading strangers even when singing off key will only make their day/night better.  Plus it’s fun as hell.

Music ftw.

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Kissing U Cover!  Check it! With @mintxxo!

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Me and @laurenmanuel doing a last minute cover of Halo at Gising Na’s open mic. 

Thanks again Jon Carr for letting us perform!  :D 


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Heart on A Leash!  An original song about…your heart being on a leash lol.

Staying Alive. Still Alive.

Been awhile since my last “non-reblog” post.  So here’s an update!

What have I been up to?

Recording my original song!  Yeeup. 

Black Ops. Smh. 

Eating.  What’s new?  noms. :3

Reading the “Zombie Survival Guide” by Max Brooks.  Worth buying.  Will save your life.  :)

Biking around Mira Mesa.  I almost forgot how to ride one. 

Wally World.  Number at the checkout line?

Swimming.  I still can’t float for my life, but I can swim.  Sorta.

Eating.  Wait..

Chillin’ with the homies.  Uh huh.

Bonfires galore.  Sand everywhere!

Jogging at Miramar Lake.  I need running shoes.

And sleeping.  zzz

So that’s what I’ve been up to!  Hope you guys/gals are having a fun summer!

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Yay 100 subscribers!  :D

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We Know

An original i wrote! Listen to it and lemme know what ya’ll think!! :))

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Feel Again OneRepublic - Nathan Cuevas Ukulele Cover

Feel Again - OneRepublic

New song from one of my favorite bands! :D

Hope you enjoy.

And don’t forget to pick up their new single on august 27th!