Making arrangements for all my late payments. Not too sure what I’m going to do about rent yet since it will screw me over even worse to put it on multiple credit cards. That’s the biggest problem at this point. & the office is so rude, after 1 day late they have a pay or get out in 3 days notice on the door. I swear it’s Florida thing, how fast companies like to put people out on the streets. There is literally no forgiveness or help. And as someone that has ALWAYS done my best to pay everything on time, it sucks that in my time of need I can’t catch a break. On the upside, Capital One was super nice and although I’ll have to pay a late fee, I think the fact that I let them know I’d be paying late & when I’d have the money helped me a bit. I hope my citi card people will be as nice. Late fees suck and i’ll have them left & right next month once I get my money finally but at least I’ll be set for at least 5-6 months after that. Life sucks sometimes. But at least i’m not homeless, or more importantly, i’m not homeless & living in a hoarders yard. because I watched that episode of hoarders today & it was nuts.Β