itsmetree asked:

A fetus is a human being. They have their own set of DNA. They develop a heartbeat, fingerprints, brain waves, etc. They can feel pain. If the mother didn't want a baby, maybe she should have taken more responsibility.

It’s human and not a human being. To be a human being you need to be sentient which a fetus is not.

They also only start feeling pain after 28 weeks and if an abortion is happen after the 28 week point which is rare. It is because the fetus is dead or dying.

I know of several woman that have had abortions after her boyfriend fucked with her birth control and if she didn’t have said abortion would have died from pregnancy. I know a girl that was raped at age 14 years old and impregnated, she had an abortion or do you believe that she wasn’t being “responsible.” 

Also most abortions happen around this stage: