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heeey, [if you're still doing that send me your name and i'll tell you your first kiss thingo with one of the boys] my name is carmela and my favourite 1D boy is Louis (: x

As the sun begins to set, you look out over the horizon and can’t remember the last time you had this much fun. You and Louis are currently sitting in a Ferris Wheel at the amusement park. Louis is pointing out people and making jokes about them. You love this, you love that your boyfriend is carefree and how you’re always yourself when you’re with him. “So, baby? Want some food after this?” he asks, and you’re kind of hungry, but in all honesty, you’re more hungry for his lips. When’ you’re dating a boy from One Direction, sometimes you can’t be all lovey dovey in public. “Well, I rather have a kiss” you reply, and he grins at you “is that so?” “yeah, I mean we’re alone up here and no one can see us and it’s just us” and you can feel him getting closer. No matter how long you date, kissing him is always an adventure. He takes his finger and puts it on your lips, and looks up at your eyes “you’re so beautiful, Carmela” and he leans the rest of the way and kisses you. God, it’s like fireworks. Your hand rests on his head and you pull him in closer, you’re almost rocking the swing back and forth. You pull apart and smile at him, “i’ve missed those lips” 

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hai der (: oneshot of vittoria and harreeeehhh puhleease ? (:

Will do! I love your name by the way!

Harry got out of his car and reached for the bouquet of roses on the passenger seat. He straightened his blazer and knocked on the door. It swung open to Vittoria stood there in a pretty, plain light blue dress and sandals.

"Wow. You look incredible." Harry couldn’t help but stare.

Vittoria’s cheeks flushed as she thanked Harry. He held out the flowers to her and she took the appreciatively.

"Let me put these in some water. Follow me to the kitchen."

When Cindy had put the roses in a vase, Harry told her he’d be right back. He went out to his car and grabbed the bag of groceries from the back seat. Harry came back in and emptied the bag, preparing to make dinner for the lovely girl whose house he was at.

Cindy sat on the counter, watching as Harry made his famous fajitas.

Cindy and Harry sat on the floor in front of the tele and watched The Notebook. Even though Cindy always cried at the end, so did Harry. They sat together, entangled, sobbing at the beautiful couple in the film.

"I want a love like that," Cindy explained with a stuffy sounding nose.

Harry sat for a moment before turning to her.

"We’ll be that relationship. Without all the fighting. I want to be there for you like Noah is for Allie." Harry leaned down and kissed Cindy’s tears off her face before kissing her lips softly.

I hope you liked it! xx :)