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New Years // Grester SFW Oneshot

Here’s another fanfic, got my inspiration from Chester’s snapchat of Grace on their bed and the rumours that Grace is leaving New York tonight! I haven’t reread it and checked it so ope it’s all okay! Anyway hope you enjoy and please send feedback, I would love to hear it and also if you have any prompts that you would like me to write!

New Years // Grester SFW Oneshot // 2813 Words

Chester walked back to his apartment in New York after his first show today knowing that Grace was leaving later tonight during his second show, so this was his only chance to see her before she leaves for LA. He unlocked the door once he arrived back and walked inside to see the usual Christmas lights lit up the living room. She wasn’t to be seen in here so he wandered to the bedroom. “Grace” He said quietly thinking she could have fallen asleep. He grinned to himself once he was met with the sight of his girlfriend. She was curled up on the bed amongst the blankets while her head was pressed into his pillow she was cuddling. She was wearing his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle pyjama pants and her ‘You can sit with me” top on that he jokingly put on last night because she kept stealing his jerseys to wear, which he loved. 

He quickly pulled his phone out thinking she was asleep and took a photo of her on his snapchat. He chuckled as he her groan “Noooo” as she realised what he was doing because of the flash going off to light up the room. He typed out his comment ‘Look at her’ as she turned her head towards him. “I thought you were sleeping” he said typing but she didn’t reply, just continued to watch him. He looked up at her once he was finished adding the photo to his story. He was greeted with a very glum looking Grace. He put his phone down on the bedside table before climbing onto the bed behind her, pressing his front flush against her back. Wrapping his hands around her body he held her tightly, nuzzling his face against the back of her neck and shoulder breathing her in. 

“You okay?” He asked quietly and he heard her mumble something meaning no. “What’s wrong?” He asked again “I don’t want to leave tonight” She sighed “I know babe, I don’t want you to go either” He said placing a kiss on her shoulder. “It won’t be long and you will be back” He said “But I don’t know if I’ll be back before New Years” She said sadly. I thought you were coming back in the morning of New Years Eve” Chester questioned “So did I, but they want to have another meeting that day” Grace replies. “Oh, so when do you think you will be back?” Chester asks “As soon as I can get a flight after that” Grace replies “I’ve asked for them to reschedule that meeting until after January 4, so I can be here with you for New Years and your last show, but they haven’t got back to me yet” Grace informs him. “You didn’t have to do that” He says “I know, but I want to, I want to be here” Grace said turning in his arms to face him. “You’ve done everything you can to support me all year, the least I could do is be here to support you as well” Grace says as she cups his cheek and rubs her thumb against it. “I’m so proud of you Chester, so I’m gonna do whatever, to be able to be here. I want to spend our first New Years together and be with you on your last show” She continues. “Thank you baby, I’m more proud of you” He says pecking her lips. “But even if you’re not here for New Years, just remember we have a lifetime of New Years to come” Chester grins at her making her smile for the first time since he arrived back at the apartment. “You know… I hope so” Grace says quietly as she wraps her arms around his neck snuggling into his neck. “Don’t you worry, we will. And it won’t be long until we are both back in LA and it will be back to normal” Chester says rubbing her back bringing them into a short period of silence of them just enjoying being together in one another arms. “I see you already started missing me by putting on my pyjama pants and the top I had on before I left” Chester smiles and Grace just hums in agreement and he chuckles. 

“Let me know when you find out when you will be coming back, yeah” Chester says as he stands inside the apartment holding Grace close as he is about to leave for his second show today. “Yeah of course” She replies. “I should probably get going, I’m already a bit late” Chester says and Grace immediately groans like usual “Noooo” and holds on tighter to Chester which makes him laugh. “You make me feel like such a teenager in love for the first time” Grace mumbles into his neck, causing him to laugh more. “Ring me when you land” Chester says once he stops laughing. “It’ll be too late here though, I’ll ring in the morning” Grace replies. “Never too late to answer a call from you Grace” Chester says. ‘You’re too damn sweet, stop being such a gentlemen” Grace grins as she tangles her hand in the back of his hair, kissing him roughly. “I don’t know how to do that” Chester grins after he breaks the kiss but Grace pulls him back in for another. “Okay I really have to go now” Chester says out of breath after their little make out session. “Fine, leave me” Grace teases. “You’re the one leaving me” Chester teases as well as he turns around to open the door otherwise he doesn’t think he’s ever going to leave. “Hey” Grace hits his arm and he chuckles. “Na, it’ll be okay. We will be back together soon enough. Don’t stress about it okay” He says pulling her in for one last hug. “Okay… I love you babe” Grace whispers in his ear. “I love you Grace” Chester whispers back. “See you soon” He says pulling back and kissing her. “Yeah” She nods pecking his lips before he lets go and starts to walk away to go to the theatre. ‘You better ring me” He smiles as he turns back to face her as he continues to walk away. “I will” She smiles lightly as she is leaning against the door frame. He blows her a kiss and she pretends to catch it as they both gently laugh to themselves before he turns back around and walks into the elevator. Grace sighs heading back into the apartment as she packs her bag to take back with her to LA.

“Mm hello baby” Chester groans as he answer his phone just after three in the morning. “Hello” Grace replies a little to lively for this time of the morning. Even though it was only just after midnight in LA, Grace would of still just been used to the New York timezone, so she must have slept and drunk a bit of alcohol on her flight to LA for her to be this lively. “How was your flight?” Chester still groans from being half asleep. “It was okay I guess” Grace replies “Alcohol get you through?” Chester asks “Sure did” Grace smiles to herself as she falls onto her backwards onto her bed. “Don’t fall asleep on me Mr. See since you were the one who wanted me to ring” Grace teases. “Mm I’m not, I’m still here” He replies flatly and Grace giggles which slowly falls into silence, as they both drift off to sleep still connected on the phone. 

Chester stretches his arms out as he wakes up, his eyes adjusting to the morning light seeping through the blinds. He brings his arms back around the pillow he must have been cuddling all night long as if it was Grace. He wouldn’t tell her he did this when ever she was gone, though she had seen him doing it sometimes. He opened his eyes and looked down at his phone on his pillow which reminded him that Grace was meant to ring him when she landed. Forgetting about the short phone call that had happened, he checked his phone and saw that there was a phone call from Grace just after three am, it had lasted an hour and twenty six minutes. “What” He said to himself confused. He rang Grace even though he knew she would probably still be sleeping. “Mmm” She mumbled through the phone after awhile of it ringing. “Hello sleeping beauty, sorry I woke you” Chester said through the phone. “What time is it?” Grace groaned. It was her turn to be the one half asleep through the phone. “Ah it’s 9:48 here so 6:48 there” Chester answered. “Too early” Grace said making Chester laugh. “Did you ring me when you landed?” Chester asked “Yeah once I got home” Grace said slowly waking up. “Oh I don’t even remember, must of been half asleep. I looked on my phone and it said we were talking for an hour and twenty six minutes” Chester said “I don’t remember talking for that long” Grace said. “Did we both fall asleep?” Chester chuckled. “I think we might have” Grace giggled. Both of them oblivious to the fact that they only spoke to each other for less than a minute before both of them fell asleep. “Yeah that confused me, cause I don’t even remember you ringing, that’s why I rang now” Chester explained “You probably just talked to me in your sleep” Grace laughed which turned into a yawn. “I should let you go and get some more sleep” Chester said “You already woke me up, I won’t be able to sleep now” Grace teased “I’m sorry, I should have waited” Chester said “No its fine. I’m just teasing you” She replied “Oh” He smiled. “I might try get some more sleep though before my first meeting, and I’ll text or ring you later” Grace said “Yeah sure. I hope you get back to sleep” Chester said “Yeah I should” She chuckled “I’ll talk soon” She continued “Okay, I love you” Chester replied “I love you” Grace said before saying their byes and hanging up. Grace slowly falling back to sleep also cuddling a pillow as if it was Chester, just like he had done that night too. And Chester got up getting ready for the day and show later on that day.

Chester had just finished his show and was back at the apartment and it was getting on to midnight when he rang Grace, since they had just text all day and hadn’t called each other since this morning. “Hey” Grace said “Hey you” Chester replied smiling to himself from just hearing her voice. “How was your show tonight?” She asked just like she had after every other show. “Yeah it wasn’t too bad, mucked up in one part so” Chester replied “Oh that’s okay, You’re allowed to make a mistake sometimes babe” Grace replied “Yeah, how was your meetings?” Chester asked “Long but really good” She said “That’s good. Did you find out if you were going to be able to come back  here for New Years or not?” He asked “Ah yeah I did find out, I’m not going to be able to. They said these meetings in the next few days are really important” Grace said and there was silence over the phone. “I”m sorry Ches” Grace said sadly. “No, no. Don’t be sorry. It’s not your fault. It’s okay, like I said we have a lifetime of New Years to come” He said trying to hide the fact that he was actually quite upset they wouldn’t be together for their first New Years as a couple. “Yeah we do. You know I would prefer being there with you, don’t you?” Grace said “Yeah I do” He replied as silence fell over them. “I’m might go to sleep Grace, I’m really tired” Chester said “Okay, you okay though?” Grace said unsure. Yeah I’m fine, just tired” Chester said “Okay then, I’ll talk to you tomorrow” Grace said not believing that he was fine but didn’t want to annoy him by making him tell her what was wrong, though she had a pretty good idea that it was because she wasn’t coming back to New York. “Ring me if you need me okay” She said “Okay, night” Chester replied “I love you” Grace replied “I love you” Chester said before hanging up. Sighing he got up from the couch and poured himself a drink of some sort of alcohol Grace had bought into the apartment before he settled himself back on the couch. He wasn’t tired at all.

Chester and Grace had talked and texted each other a whole over the last couple of days and now it was New Years Eve and Chester was upset Grace wasn’t able to come back and decided he was just gonna stay in the apartment tonight even though he had been invited to a number of things with friends and co stars from Rock of Ages. He just didn’t feel like doing anything if Grace was there. Grace and himself had planned they would just FaceTime when it was midnight in New York and Los Angeles. Chester hadn’t heard from Grace in quite a few hours since she was in her meeting, so he was just hanging out in the living room watching some YouTube videos as he waited to hear from her. It wasn’t long before there was a knock at the apartment door. Confused, Chester got up wondering who it could be. Opening the door Chester’s face light up as he saw the the one person he wanted to see standing in front of him. Grace Helbig. “What are you doing here?” Chester asked excitedly as he wrapped his arms around his girlfriend. “I lied, I got the meeting postponed until after we both get back to LA” Grace smiled holding onto him just as tight as he was holding onto her. “You don’t know how much I’ve been moping around since you told me you weren’t coming back” Chester said leading her inside grabbing her suitcase for her. Grace laughed at what he said. “I told you I would do whatever to make sure I would be here” Grace replied. “God I love you Grace Helbig” Chester said wrapping his arms around her waist pulling her in for a passionate kiss. “I love you” Grace mumbled against his lips. 

They had been out for a late dinner so they could leave the restaurant and go straight to Times Square when it got closer to midnight. They walked hand in hand, not caring whether anyone saw them tonight. As they got close to Times Square there was obviously gonna be so many people tonight which made Grace start to feel anxious as she saw the large crowd of people waiting to celebrate the new year. She gripped onto Chester’s hand tighter and wrapped her other hand around his bicep. Chester knew exactly what was wrong. He stopped walking and turned to her. “You okay?” He asked “I’ll be fine” She nodded. She knew he knew what was wrong and would be able to see right through her. “We don’t have to go any further, we can stay back here. We will still see the fireworks and all” Chester said “And if you really want to leave, we will” Chester smiled lightly at her. “Okay, thank you” Grace smiled as he kissed her. They stood where they were and waited. Chester leaned his back against a street sign and pulled Grace’s back against his front wrapping his arms around her, holding her close. They made small talk into one another ears as people continued to keep walking past and the crowd was only growing and getting to closer to where they were. Even though this would usually make her anxiety heighten, she felt okay being in Chester’s arms. 

They didn’t have to wait too much longer until the crowd started chanting the countdown from ten. Both Chester and Grace joined in along with everyone. “10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1” They yelled together. “Happy New Year Baby!” Chester said loudly so Grace would hear over the cheers of the crowd and fireworks as he turned her around in his arms and kissing her passionately celebrating the crazy but very successful year of 2014 that they both had and the arrival of the year 2015 that they hoped would bring them even more happiness than the past year. They both broke apart smiling from ear to ear at each other, so happy that they were together to celebrate this. Whispering ‘I love you’s’ to one another before they looked up at the sky watching the fireworks boom above the city. Smiles never leaving their faces.