I give uo with life I really do,I have over 100+ pills at the side of me…The bullies who have told me I’m better of dead have finally won,they are right everyone is better of without me…After all I have been destroying myself for so long now,I will never be myself again.So bye tumblr world I guess this my last post,if anyone has actually read this stay strong no matter what ❤

Those Care-Free Nights

I’m really going to miss my high school experience, not specifically the school part of it. I’m talking about the part where I really had no worries, none other than keeping my grades decent, and sometimes the occasional bullshit drama. Other than that High school was amazing. I am going to miss those nights where I would spend it with You especially. No other nights will ever feel the same anymore because after this is over, our teenage years will be gone, lost forever in our memories. I’m going to miss those days where we would be together the whole entire day without having to worry about having to be at work or at school. We were just kids then, we were able to enjoy ourselves and be free from stress. I’d do anything to stay in that moment, my sophomore and junior year will always stay with me. But now as time goes by, we’re forced to grow up, take on responsibilities, up until we die. I think I speak for everyone when I say, That’s not something I’m really ready for yet. I’m definitely going to miss those care-free nights. Mostly the ones I spent with you.