Taking a sip of his scotch, Scotty looks up to see the doors of the rec room slide open. “Ahk… I must say, th’ synthehol variety of scotch’ll never be better than th’ real thing…” He smiles. “But I’m assumin’ that you didn’ come t’ th’ rec room t’ hear m’ opinions on beverages.”


First Steps [its-amelia-strong]

Leaving the hospital that morning had been so exciting and so terrifying. 

A month, Jim had been trapped there. They kept telling him that he couldn’t leave until he was stable again. Stable. He couldn’t believe at first they really wanted to keep him there.

The first night at the hospital had been the worst night of his life. A terrible nightmare - a memory of the exact moment he had died, the feeling of the life pulling away. No man should know that feeling with such explicit detail. They’d needed three doctors just to hold him still, Bones being one of them. It took nearly an hour to calm him down, even with sedatives. And when he finally did fall back to sleep, it was only to be terrorized by the nightmare again. 

But now he was home again, his apartment all ready for him to use. Fridge stocked, bed made, his favorite movie already set up on the television. It’d been a wonderful first day back, just relaxing at home. But when darkness fell, he couldn’t be so sure. 

Sleep came easily, and fell to terror just as quickly. He found himself huddled in his bathroom, sweating and shaking and trying desperately to breathe and forget the echoing sound his screams had made throughout the building. 

Navigator on the Bridge!!


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