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1.) What makes you happy after a bad day? Playing my violin, talking to my best friend and singing generally lighten my mood.

2.) Tea or hot chocolate? Tea.

3.) Would you pick your friends over your family? Well, the closest of my friends I consider family; however, yes, I do believe I would choose my family over my friends, though the choice would probably kill me and I hope I’d never ever have to make it.

4.) What scares you most about your future? What scares me most about the future is what I’ll do when I grow up; I’m interested in so many subjects, yet seemingly not passionate enough about any of them to consider them a career.

5.) If you could change the color of your eyes, which color would they be? I’d love to have stormy grey eyes, however, I’m quite satisfied with the weird green thing I have going on.

6.) What’s your zodiac sign? Libra. ^~^

7.) If you were an element, which element would you be? Probably either fire or water, depending on my mood…

8.) What makes a book/movie/TV show/painting beautiful to you? Witty dialogue, good acting, real emotions, captivating plot and flawed characters.

9.) Early riser or night owl? Night owl, definitely.

10.) Optimist or pessimist? Hmm. Depends on the situation; concerning anything related to my own abilities or life, probably more pessimistic, for others, optimistic.

11.) What is one thing you love about yourself? I adore my hair. :3

Now! My questions:

1.) What is your favourite colour?

2.) Head in the clouds or feet solid on the ground?

3.) Apple or Windows?

4.) Favorite artist? (Can be author, musician, composer, director, etc.)

5.) Favorite way of expressing oneself?

6.) Are you empathetic?

7.) Who is your best friend?

8.) When did you feel most loved?

9.) Favorite cartoon?

10.) Marvel or DC?

11.) What will you be doing this summer?

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