It’s About Giving...


Giving is sweeter & more meaningful when it involves a bit of sacrifice and a whole lot of love. I remember how my grandma would give her last & only piece of bread to a neighbor’s hungry child and how my mom would give the last of her money to a sickly old woman in a marketplace.  That taught me to believe that the essence of giving is not just merely sparing your extras.

Last night, I gave a young co-worker a brand new dining table & a potted plant for her new apartment. I can tell that she is delighted by the way she hugged me. Without her knowing, I am just as happy ( even happier )  as she is. That is the effect ‘giving’ has on me.

And this is just a dining table….

Imagine the joy I have when God wooed me to give the gift of love and hope to a child in need. After searching about the reliability, trustworthiness and financial integrity of Compassion International, my husband and I commit to sponsor a five year old girl from thePhilippines. This means that through our sponsorship, this beautiful little one will receive food, water, medical care, educational opportunities and more importantly, she will get to know Jesus Christ. Through a Christ-centered, Holistic Child Development Program, our sponsored child will have a chance to break the bonds of poverty while developing a life-long relationship with our Savior. Through this program, complete strangers get to be a part of each other’s lives.

My first thought is to keep this to ourselves. We don’t want to sound as if we are bragging about a good deed. But what other people think about us has become least of my concerns, when millions of children go hungry and are in need of sponsors. So I joined the Compassion Blogger Network and decided to spread the joy of giving….

Ephesians 5:10 says “Figure out what will please Christ, and then do it.” This is my driving force when I give. I desire to be pleasing in the sight of my Savior. Doing so gives me unexplainable happiness too, maybe because giving is in my DNA. Our Creator is a very generous Father. He gave us an amazing world to live in and enjoy. He gave us companions in the form of families, spouse & friends. He gave us skills and talents. We are HIS children and we inherit Our Father’s generosity, we just have to awaken that part of ourselves.

This Christmas is the best time to do it. It is much more than the holiday festivities, the food, the new gadgets, and the latest fashion. It really is about giving. It is the greatest example of giving one can ever fathom. For it is the day we remember the birth of the Emmanuel, God’s greatest gift to mankind.

Please, please check out:  and let us all be a blessing to others, in JESUS’ name.

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