Newt/Lydia "Something to remember"

Lydia walked through the halls, bag in hand, heels clicking, as she made her way to the front of the school. Coach just informed her about a new student that she was being assigned to. A million thoughts ran through her head but they all stopped when she saw a blonde haired boy that looked all too familiar “Newt?” she called out in question as she approached the kid


      It was Mallory’s third day in college, and focusing on coursework right after her ballet class wasn’t as easy as she thought it would be. It was like stepping down from a cloud and being asked one and a million questions; but thankfully, she had reading time for her first period, so she didn’t have to fully deal with new information right away. 

      So it didn’t matter that the cafeteria was full of people, with her mind drowned in her Biology coursework, as well as the choreography for Cinderella she was supposed to already know, Mal scribbled on her notebook quicker than she thought possible, mouthing the words her hand had was occupied in writing, and ignoring every single person surrounding her. 

Or at least attempting to.


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This should be very interesting *wink wink* lol no but it should

Lydia slept soundly but that was until she felt an arm wrap around her. Her eyes shot open, her mom was at work by now, she let her eyes wonder over to the person laying next to her. Her eyes grew wide as she stared at him “Newt?” she asked in a hushed whisper, what the hell happened


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{itsabloodygurl} Bonnie and Clyde AU

Isaac worked in a diner. That was his life. The only life he had. And he wanted to escape it. To be a Hollywood actor like James Dean or something. He wanted a life where everybody knew his name. He was famous, or infamous, depending on how the viewer thought. 

Today though, dreams would have to slip away, once again, as he started to go through the restaurant, serving customers with his fake smile and peachy attitude. And now, as he got to the dining bar and served the new menu to the new customer, his breath hitched, looking at the boy in front of him. 

"H-Hi. I’m Isaac. Can I get you started something to drink?" he gulped. 


Finding Beauty in Pain || OPEN || SCORCH TRIALS STARTER

Helen found a shard of glass in hand as she leaned against a crumbling and delapitated building. Her amber eyes were on the street as it crawled with Cranks coming from their hidey-holes. Some came from windows, others from the back of old trucks. Even a few came from the sewers and other underground passageways. 

Mournful moans seemed to be the soundtrack to the city. A few crazy laughs and screaming echoed through the hot and sweltering air. She had been running, and now they could relax. She turned her head to the other. “You see anyone behind us?”

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She really needed to get a hold of her powers. Truly, she did. How many times had she been through exactly this? The nausea hit her first, a sure sign of a time traveling episode. Quickly following it was the pounding headache, and not long after, the waves of dizziness. Already knowing what was coming next, Delilah stood still, eyes closed shut in the middle of her living room. 

Opening them, what she was expecting had happened. She was no longer home. Probably no longer in the same time, either. If it was the future or the past, Delilah didn’t know. The only thing she was sure of was that she had to lay low. She couldn’t do anything major that could potentially change the future. Or if she was in the past, it could change her entire existence. 

Looking around her, Delilah took note of what she saw. 

A bit father ahead, something else could be seen, though Delilah couldn’t make it out. “Laying low should be easy here.” She whispered to herself. It was in the middle of no where. It couldn’t get easier than this, right? Wrong.

Turning on her heel to find a nice spot to sit down, she smacked against someone. “O-Oh my god! I’m so sorry! Are you okay?”

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Newt+Teresa plz.

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Newt/Teresa {Tewt}


  • who falls asleep on the couch: Both. Since Teresa loves cuddling and snuggling and not leaving any space at all between them, she will do her best to get to nap with Newt in the couch whenever they can. 
  • who wakes up first: Newt. Sometimes he’ll let Teresa sleep for a little longer, other times he’ll find a creative way to wake her up. Tickling is one of the most effective methods.
  • who cooks the most: Teresa. She loves cooking, but she is a danger in the kitchen. She’s always teasing Newt and telling him he would set in fire the kitchen, but truth is he’s the one who is always keeping an eye on her so she doesn’t burn anything.
  • who’s in charge of the tv remote: They share. Sometimes there are yells and fights and dramas, but they always find something they both want to see. 
  • who takes the longest getting ready: Teresa, though whenever she can she will take hours readying Newt as well because she loves when he agrees to let her choose an outfit for him. 
  • who takes up most of the bed: Newt. Teresa doesn’t need a lot of space, she’s all comfy as pressed as possible against him.
  • if/what pets they have: They have a kitten. The thing is so small Teresa is always afraid they might step on it by accident.