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32 + matter i'm a matter trash nothing new

Woops i’m two months late buuut. There you go. Also this one got long too oops. And angsty. Also tried my hand again at writing in English so I hope it’s okay?? God I need to train more.

It had been a few months now since Mathis had left his home, left his family, left the danger and humiliations. The Zelenkas’ house was welcoming, a loving family as he had never known. Everyone tried their best to make him feel good, or at least better, and, most of the time, he did. Most of the time. Because there was these moments, when his heart just sank in his chest. These moments when he could feel it pounding through his ribs, as if it were trying to get out. These moments when he had to catch his breath again, just because he had caught his eyes. He was there, often, of course, why wouldn’t he, visiting your boyfriend is something you do, especially when his place is way safer than yours, when it is your shelter from an abusive home. Mathis could understand that, could relate to that feeling of relief he could see in Peter’s attitude whenever he crossed the door. He didn’t blame him for coming. In fact, he wanted him to come, wanted him to cross this door, wanted to see the light in his eyes when they found the boy he was coming for. Except that that boy wasn’t him, and it was that who was killing him. He had tried to repress it, of course. Control his movements when he was around, struggle not to stare at him to often. Tsveta was his best friend, the first person who had ever cared about him, and he knew he couldn’t do that to him, could not betray him this deeply. Still, he couldn’t help wishing that his boyfriend was his. So he started avoiding him. Only getting out of his room for meals or to go outside when Peter was around. Avoiding his gaze, always, limiting himself to the slightest contacts and exchanges. But he knew he couldn’t keep on doing that for too long, and that someone would eventually notice.

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thank you!!!!!!!! i can’t believe it’s over either. :_) i may go back and edit a few of the chapters, and i’m working on a ghibli museum visit one shot, so there might be a little bit more added to the story. i’m so glad you liked it! thank you for reading it and for taking the time to send me a message <3


Hey guys! I was thinking about selling stickers and magnets out of pictures and edits of one direction and 5sos, and maybe from movies and disney characters. I know theres a lot of people who sell this, but its a fun idea to do. Anyways, money would be useful and i love making edits and printing them, id show examples in the next few days. Im thinking shipping would be free.
Just wondering how the feedback would be.

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seems like fwwm always gets more updates/love than space oddity :'( where did the love go lady?

Aw, no, there is equal love! FWWM gets faster updates for a few reasons:

1) Its chapters are much much much shorter. (Around 5-6 chapters of FWWM for every one of SO.)

2) It is a LOT easier to write. Like. Ridiculously easier–and not because I love it or the characters more. Space Oddity is just a more complicated internal narrative.

3) I *cough* don’t get beta reads and long edits on FWWM.


replied to your photoset

“I asked my husband to run an errand and Target Gothic happened.”

Dorks ♥


Okay true story. 

So I started collecting dinosaurs last month as rewards for writing and editing progress and several of them are named/will be named after Leverage characters. I’ve also been introducing my husband to Leverage and he basically loves it.

So a few days ago he came home with a surprise for me. A new dinosaur, one that was not on my list, that he’s named James Sterling because he said I needed a Sterling-asaur. And also because it looks like an utter bastard. 

We are the KING and QUEEN of Dorkistan. 

man, being like, spooned and just held in general while laying with someone is actually the best thing.

its so comforting to know another human enjoys your physical contact that much and like, idk, i just love cuddling so much, fuck.

on an unrelated note I’ve been video editing a group presentation for the last few hours, slept for and hour and now I’m at school so i unintentionally pulled an all nigther basically. and i get to do another one tonight T____T because my grunt project is due tomorrow and i just–

i actually almost started crying while driving to class today with steve, but since he was there i didn’t want to. i said i was probably going to have a mental breakdown today and he said “don’t do that… because then i will have one too” lmao i just can’t

i need adderall to stay up tonight but i don’t have any.. maybe he’ll give me one but i feel bad asking. also idk if he’s working at my place or not but he has been for the last 3-4 nights? idk. we slept pretty well yesterday/the night before. like 6 hours at the most? 


I’m just so tired and typing this up in animation to keep myself awake. i should really go edit my animation but i don’t care at all 

Balance Me Radiance Face Mask

Love a good face mask, me.

I’ve never really been one to suffer from particularly bad skin but I have been known to have a few impressive breakouts. Either way, I love face masks to keep my skin fresh, healthy and looking at its best. Glamour Magazine’s March edition were giving out a selection of four different Balance Me products including the Radiance Face Mask, the Pure Skin Face Wash, the Su…

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