"Shakespeare is awesome. Art is awesome. But why I really got into the business was to have an action figure with a friggin’ lightsaber!"


come on, guys.

I’m going to the Orlando Improv tonight !!!!

I’m going to see Dave Coulier tonight !!!!!!

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we love you and the way you laugh at your jokes. c:

I appreciate your support

It’s highschool and you have your very first science lab~! The goal is to put cool chemicals in fire so that they hopefully turn pretty colors and not blow up in your face instead! The teacher said she might let you all pick your own partners, but the class was being rude as of late so she’s picking for you guys instead. Ah well.

There’s mixed reactions as names are called, but she still hasn’t paired you up yet. As the number of leftover students dwindle down, it’s just you and one other kid left. Guess they’re your partner for this thing! You haven’t talked to this one much before. A chance at a new friend, perhaps? Either way, it’ll be fun to see how this goes.

Everyone is starting to go with their partners to grab the equipment. You should say hi to yours too, shouldn’t you? Of course, safety first! You scoop up your stuff, nab a pair of safety goggles from the bin, and go over to where your partner is. You offer a bright grin and introduce yourself in your typical cheery fashion.

"Hi! I’m Oliver. Ah, sorry, but I don’t know your name yet. You are..?"