Why I don’t want an Olicity wedding

Right now you’re going “Wait… what?”  Because it’s jbuffyangel and I that have concocted the whole Olicity wedding theory in the first place.  Why on earth would I promote a theory that I claim not to want?  

Because it’s the theory that makes the most sense. 

I’ve seen snark, sideeye, shade and smirking from those opposed to the theory, saying that we’re so busy promoting this, that we want this so much, that we can’t see the other possibilities.  I would argue with that. Vehemently.  Have those people been in my Twitter DMs, watching Jen and I hashing out all the clues and details like we’re constructing some sort of FBI Suspect Board? I don’t think so.  Have they seen me wailing at Jen and mersayseh that I wanted to find any other option that made more sense?  Doesn’t sound like it.  

In fact, I could argue that these people who are so opposed are only that way because they don’t want it.  Which is probably true and I understand. 

But that’s not how I work.  I deal in facts and logic, yo, and I don’t waste time on speculation that I know has a billion holes in it. So let’s dive into why I *don’t* want this to happen, just to clear up this little misconception, shall we?

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