Hi I haven’t been posting for a while! that’s because I was busy doing my work and my upcoming comic book me and my gf have been working on! so here is a teaser for our fan comic! since there is no continuation of the Avatar series and my and my girlfriend are avatar addicts so we decided to make a comic of what we (THINK) would happen if the cycle did continue I hope I can post updates on the comic itself too! its the first time I will be doing an online comic series any tips in posting the comic or anything would really help! this got me and my girlfriend really excited! so yeah! update you guys soon!

in retrospect, he probably shouldn’t have left his house. he really wasn’t in the proper state of mind to be dealing with people but alas, there he was rocking back and forth on his heels as he watched the soccer team ( his former teammates ) take the field. he was anxious, eyes flitting about. 


i’m doing a raffle! every like on this post counts for one entry and every reblog counts for two. multiple reblogs won’t count so max number of entries will be three c:

onto the prizes!
1st place: gets a 5k drabble, no restrictions. can be a reader insert, shippy thing, whatever floats your boat. you can tell me exactly what you want or just give me a character and a word and let me roll with it. will also get a gif OR edit. the gif can be for any kurobasu character, edit can be of a character or yourself. if you’d like an edit of yourself (like those ones you see on instagram, see below for examples of what i can do), I’ll ask you for a theme and a high quality photo of you. if you don’t want that, there’s always the gif or an edit of a character :)

2nd place: gets a 2k drabble OR edit OR gif. no nsfw, but everything else is cool :)

3rd place: can pick from either of the remaining options that 2nd place didn’t pick.

my only rule is that it is followers only. this may seem a bit unfair but this is my way of saying thanks to my followers so it kinda makes sense

after the event, i will write all the urls on bits of paper and put them in a hat. first name i pick out gets first place, next gets second, next gets third.

this will run until sunday 24th may, 10pm GMT +1/BST, thanks again guys

look below for examples of my edits (obvs if you want one like this it’ll be of a much higher quality and i’ll make sure it’s absolutely perfect)

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Switch; jongyu; nc17

“Are you really going to fuck my mouth?” Jinki grins, running his upturned lips along Jonghyun’s cock, amused. “Isn’t it normally the other way around?”

Jonghyun stares down at him. His gaze is cutting and serious, an intensity to it that makes Jinki’s skin prickle pleasantly.  He hasn’t seen this look before. “You offered.”

this is just shameless smut inspired by this pic. it feels like it’s been a while since i posted a smutty oneshot…there isn’t much of a background to this one, since it’s not really even set in an au.

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HEY! Wow, so its been awhile eh?
(eat that canadian shit right there) 

Anyway. Im currently locked in a basement with no windows.. please send help. I can hear people upstairs dancing wildly to the beat of what I can only assume is human sculls clacking together while they attempt to use them as instruments. 

I thought that might be an interesting thing to say other than I just didn’t want to post anything because I didn’t care to.

What have I really been up to?

Well, since I last posted Ive drank maybe a pound and a half of coffee. What more did you think ive been doing? 
I am currently in the middle of a kafluffel I can’t really talk about just YET.. but believe me.. you will be third - forth to know when I can. 

I recently got a haircut and am currently in the “shit what is my hair doing?” phase. You know when you aren’t quite sure if your hair is good to go or not. Its a typical thing for me that lasts a week or so, During that time you can find me wearing a hat and touching my hair to make sure its still there.

Anyway PEACE. 

kyxdai​ answered:

✿ – my muse reacts to yours picking flowers || still accepting

     Uwaaah- So bo~red!”

Luffy rolled around outside, baking under the summer sun and sincerely wishing he could enjoy the sweet, cool respite of the nearby river. For once, eating that fruit seemed like a terrible idea. He glanced over at the body of water (and his brothers, both of whom were splashing around and cheering whilst trying to catch fish) with a fervid jealousy. He stuck out his tongue and yelled, waving his arms in protest.

     “You guys suck–!”

He glanced around, looking for something to do, when he noticed Cara not far off. With a grin he lept to his feet and took off in her direction, stopping a few meters away to inspect the ground around him.

    “Huh- What’re all these…?”

He laughed, picking a flower from the soil and holding it for himself, glancing over at the small boquet Cara held in her hands.

     “They’re pink, just like your hair!”

     “….. Do you think I could eat ‘em?”

Cara was enjoying the heat a lot; it reminded her of the base back in Baltigo and, being a chef, heat didn’t really bother her anymore. It made her smile to see the three brothers enjoying themselves…well, two of them anyway. She didn’t understand why Luffy didn’t just go and join the other two in the river to cool down. Maybe he couldn’t swim?…

She grinned as Luffy came over to her, counting the delicate pink blossoms in her hands as he laughed.

“They are pink. They’re even called Pinks because of the different shades of pink in the petals.”

She laughed gently. Trust Luffy to be concerned with food above everything else.

“No Little One you can’t eat them. But if you’re hungry I could probably take you and your brothers to the village for ice cream if you’d like. I’ve still got enough money for it.”

Flareon Giveaway

[Our feature artist tonight is myblackeyeddemon! He is taking commissions now and can really use some more commissions, so check out his art! I believe Tar is Live Streaming, so check it out while you wait for pokemon to be traded and tell him Flarepix sent you!]

Hey guys so my wifi has been down since Thursday morning, so that’s why I haven’t been on. This isn’t the giveaway I had planned, but its the one I’m going to do.

Tonight I’ll be giving out two boxes of Level 100 Female Flareon! To get one deposit a male Marill into the GTS with the code “Flare”. Only one per person until I decide to call for doubles.

If you post a pic, you’ll be entered to win a bonus pokemon. Tonight I’ll give away a Victini. So if you post a pic and tag tcgiveaways in it, you’ll be entered to win it. 

Remember to check out our FAQ and Rules before depositing. Good luck! -FP

also, i’m gonna go ahead and start queueing submissions i get from now on. i’ll also be upping the amount the queue posts so hopefully i can post about as many submissions as i get a day, just spread out a little better. been thinking of doing this for a while and since people seem to agree its a good idea, i’ll go ahead and make the switch.

fixups of post/118624188089 and post/114268424755. actually put some effort(no more than 20min doe|D) on the first n the second was a 5min doodle. its been a while since ive done anythin sonic so they might seem off=w=;;;

These both look great! I love your colouring on the fan character. The Sonic characters also look great, especially because you even went out of your way to draw them how they’re supposed to look, but you kept the same cute faces.

Thanks for submitting!

-Mod J