This was me on Valentines!

I was debating posting this (since I already post way to many selfies) but I decided I would. Because I felt so cute this day. It was an amazing day, and I had the best time of my life with my friends.  (this is gonna get cheezy)

So for me Valentines has always been the holiday I had the worst breakups before, and had the worst memories on. Its like seeing other people so happy while your just sobbing. So for me Valentines has always been ewwy.

 But this year, my friends did something amazing, they put together a fun party! We all hung out, stuffed ourselves on pancakes, bought an icecream cake and just watched out favorite movies. And I love my friends for being so amazing.

Anyway, (Sorry for ranting) I just think I should post something where I felt cute, and felt so happy and cheerful.

(The beauty beside me is my one of my closest friends Thessaly!!)

(The reason my lip is weird color is because I just ate one of those fun dips candies)

(and lastly the kiss on my check was a gift from my dear friend DD)

Nobody knows how things will turn out.



teen wolf au: roleswap
(based on this incredible au)

in which allison is the main protagonist struggling with school, first dates, broody ex high schoolers and full moons. lydia is her snarky unconventional ‘sidekick’. scott mccall is the new kid in town that comes from a family of hunters.


"Show me a hero and I’ll write you a tragedy." - F. Scott Fitzgerald 


"I want to be by your side always. Through all the troubles that stand in your way, I will be there to help you overcome any turmoil. I want you to realize that my love for you is strong and all I wish is for you to always be happy. Let me be your strength when you are weak. Let me be your courage when you feel scared. Let me be the hope when you lose all faith. Let me be the love that you need whenever you’re lost in this world. I love you, Kurosaki-kun. Please, I hope my voice reaches out to you….”