barely convinced myself that a pack of face cleansing wipes weren’t too expensive at walgreens. they were too expensive but I honestly don’t have energy to do my normal face washing routine anymore and this feels clean.

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So I haven’t been in a DA:I headspace for a while (partly because the fandom scares the shit out of me, and partly because Far Cry 4 cheerfully muscled its way into my heart, all “HELLO YES HELLO HAVE YOU TRIED THE CRAB RANGOON??? IT’S FABULOUS”), but boy howdy BOY HOWDY DO I EVER HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS ABOUT HOW THE DA:I CREW IS BASICALLY JUST THIS BIG WEIRD FAMILY THAT TOTALLY HANGS OUT TOGETHER AND BICKERS OVER STUPID SHIT AND GENUINELY CARES ABOUT ONE ANOTHER

I can’t even be super coherent about it, because it largely involves me thinking about, say, Cassandra and Josephine gleefully discussing romance novels with each other in hushed voices and then clamming up all stone-faced when Cullen walks in the room, only to crack up again when his back is turned because “oh sweet maker one of the characters in Varric’s most recent installment acts just like him DO YOU THINK HE KNOWS????”; Sera teaching Cole how to make flower crowns, at which point he starts making one for EVERY SINGLE PERSON, and while Dorian bitches endlessly about how he’s allergic to pollen and flowers and having things in his hair, he totally wears it without a second’s hesitation; the Chargers somehow managing to get opposite ends of the tavern into a singing war with each other that ultimately culminates in everyone getting thrown out (except for Vivienne, who was quietly drinking wine in the corner with Leliana and declares herself the victor after all the dust has settled and no one argues)—

—and then clutching my chest in agony because FOUND FAMILIES ARE MY THING AND I CANNOT REMOTELY DEAL WITH IT

Do you ever get home from hanging with friends and all you can think about is how closed off and introverted and basically how broken you are overall

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sterek, scallison, jasper/monty :)


nOPE | no | hmmm | idk | sure | ye | yES | OH MY GOD YES


nOPE | no | hmmm | idk | sure | ye | yES | OH MY GOD YES


nOPE | no | hmmm | idk | sure | ye | yES | OH MY GOD YES




Outed myself today for #transdayofvisibility at my tech school and I had pretty much a perfect day. I got to dress up and basically make a statement saying “hey, I’m trans, people are trans, and its all cool.” My day was just really good and there was only one really good friend who made a sassy comment to me.

Sadly, the moment I saw my mom she just has zero joy in her face, she just thinks I’ll be made fun of for some reason, makes up excuses basically of why I shouldn’t ever go out in public like I did today.

Seriously? Go fuck yourself mom. Literally no one complained about anything or made fun of me and all I got were smiles. The joy I got just seeing my dolled up face unexpectedly was more joy than I’ve felt for a long time. Stop making excuses that makes you seem less transphobic, cause its really apparent.

Seeing my mascara run as I cleaned it off made me want to fucking cry.

Smallville Rewatch: Season 1, Episode 7 -- Craving
  • In case anyone was ever wondering why it was DELIGHTFUL that she played Lois Lane in Man of Steel it’s because Man of Steel basically took all its Superman canon from Smallville and Amy Adams was featured in the first season of Smallville before she became ~*AMY ADAMS*~
  • I think this is the only time I’ve ever been okay with the use of a fat suit on an actress.  I know there’s probably people who can argue that it’s still shitty, but the character arc involves her losing weight very quickly and on a show with a limited budget, it’s easier to add a little padding and latex.  Besides, it’s not a Shallow Hal scenario, the entire moral of the episode is about loving yourself for who you are and the dangers of dieting.  She starts out with friends and family who care about her, and she gets skinnier and skinnier they all express concern about it and I just have a lot of feelings about this episode okay.
  • And how Chloe and Pete go off on the guys giving her hard time and how her dad tells her she’s beautiful now and she doesn’t need to starve herself to lose weight.  This is such a great episode.
  • Is that why the EPA never tested the soil or anything around Smallville?  Because everyone hated LuthorCorp so much they decided the plant must have been the cause of every strange thing around town?
  • Omg you can still access the Smallville Torch’s website.
  • Omgggggg you can still access the Smallville Ledger and LuthorCorp sites too.
  • “That spoiled rich brat who walked into that cornfield”????????  Oh honey, you’ve been listening to your dad’s bullshit.  Come on, that directly contradicts everything we know and later find out about Lex’s childhood.  The very first time you even SEE Lex in the series he’s cowering in fear during a helicopter ride.  Every single time there’s a flashback to before he graduated high school he’s crying about something.  By Lex’s own account he was a delicate little nerd-baby with fragile emotions.  The first underhanded thing he ever DID was to get a bunch of assholes to just stop bullying him and his Only Friend.  What about that says “spoiled rich brat”?
  • “You thought it was funny.  Calling me names, making me cry, making me wish I were dead instead of fat.” This episode is soooooooo importantttttttttttttttttttt
  • I love all of Lex’s ridiculous vanity license plates
  • Nobody ships Clark/Lana as much as Lex.
  • “Clark: Jodie this isn’t you. / Jodie: What?  Isn’t this what I’m supposed to look like?” sooooooooooooooo imporrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrtant
  • If anyone wants to watch Lois Lane beat the crap out of Superman, you should watch this episode.
  • “I spent eighteen years of Luthor Christmas parties in the coat room.” YEAH, TELL ME AGAIN WHAT A BRAT YOU SUPPOSEDLY WERE AS A KID, LEX
  •  … what doctor sends someone’s very sensitive test results in a tri-folded letter with some tape on it?  Not even in an envelope?????  For that matter why didn’t you JUST CALL LIKE A NORMAL DOCTOR OR SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT TO DISCUSS THE RESULTS???????  Just WOW for a guy who handles high-profile patients he SURE doesn’t know the mOST BASIC RULES OF PRIVACY
  • $100,000 for in-depth research into the effects of kryptonite radiation on human cellular structures?  Really Lex?  I know this was over ten years ago, but you can do way better than that.  You could at LEAST provide him with a proper lab and tools, ffs. 
  • Oh great, now I’m gonna have that song stuck in my head all day.

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Why does this have to be such an ordeal? You're basically, I don't want to say attacking but you kind of are, a show that makes people happy. Honestly I don't think you've ever watched anything except the first two episodes if that. But think about how you would feel if suddenly people started spamming and saying nasty things about something you liked. I don't see the point in all of this, so can you explain that for me?

as both a japanese person and a chinese person hetalia and the fans have made a greatly negative impact on me and how they see me, its horrifying to know that soeone’s perception of an entire race of people is altered because of a show based around racist stereotypes, other poc even feel the same, i dont see why any of that should make you happy.

there are tons more posts on this + there is a lot of antisemitism present in hetalia but since i am not jewish i can’t speak on that. find a jewish person willing to speak on those topics and try to get educated from there

“hetalia is a comedy” isnt an excuse lol its a racist comedy

having people say mean things about ur fandom isnt “just as bad” as your fandom actualy being racist and anti semitic and impacting REAL people. being brought to attention that something that you like is racist or anti semitic is important, please dont at like these people making call out posts on hetalia is “omg so mean to me … so mean …”

im already stressing out over college just thinking about having to study again… because of my gap year i literally forgot everything ive ever learned in school except like really basic math like adding n shit… my hand cant even write anymore cause its been too long :’(
i feel like i became super dumb over the past year and i have no confidence towards having to compete with v smart kids at ucsd
i know college is important and all but i have zero motivation and zero money and im seriously considering just not going????

the sweetest most weirdest thing just happened

right so you may or may not know this but Lobo is my favourite villager ever I absolutely adore him he’s just so sweet and he’s a wolf and awh yeah and basically queenie asked me to deliver a package to him. she was being all secretive and flirty about it doing that shyness dance and I was kinda like are u trying to take bae from me >_> so I went and gave it to lobo and hE SAID HE ACTUALLY BOUGHT THE PACKAGE FOR ME AND GAVE IT BACK TO ME I JUST THOUGHT THAT WAS SO SWEET then I went to go find queenie and tell her I delivered it but then she ended up buying the gift off me instead?? like wow jealous much

Did I ever post a picture of the Sentinel? Because I don’t think I did and he’s going to be made in, like, two weeks. Probably. I mean, I want a skull for him anchor, but I do have a jaw bone that could work. I really don’t have anything else to use the jawbone for, anyway. 

He’s pretty cool. He’s going to be Dave, Doug, and Daisy’s baby brother and the last of that line of servitors. I’m getting all weepy thinking about how that type will be retired after this, but it had a few problems that have been fixed in the Stalkers. Really, the Sentinel isn’t even needed at this point because of the Stalkers, but I want to finish that line before moving on. I’ve had plans and designs for him for a couple months now and I don’t want those to go to waste. 

It’s a shame that he’s not as important, though. I honestly have no further need to make any more protective servitors and it’s kind of sad. Those were my favorite kind to make.

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I followed you because of a few things (1 your fanfiction is amazing (2 you are one of the nicest people ever on tumblr!! (3 your Colin sidebar and then just basically everything about your blog

Tay you are so sweet! Thank you so much for all of your kind words, they mean the world to me!! Ugh I just want to hug you until the end of time! <33333

Why did you start following me?

Part 2 to Da Feels 💁

Soo it has just come to my attention that i am inlove for the first time ever, the way i feel about her is like no other, i can see other girls on the street and not to be rude… But they dont mean anything to me… Its gotten to the point where i basically know what i want and i want is her… All i ever wanted was her… Shes the only thing thats ever made me genuinely happy… No one matters to me anymore … The only thing i ever think about is her… The only person i ever see is her… The only person i bother to text everyday is her… I swear to god guys ive found my other half… The one im meant to spend forever with…. The one who holds my heart and the one who i would take a bullet for… Everything i do, in any way, shape, or form is for her and is for us and i can never not think about how much better those things would be if she were with me and even though shes gone right now… Nothing is the same without her, other than us managing to still fall asleep together through skype 🙈 i cant wait to have my beautiful baby girl home because im inlove with my bestfriend and she means everything to me… I cant wait for everything to come in the future baby and i cant wait to finally be together again, i love you so much 😘😘

I’m so grateful that Free! is a thing that exists

I love going on the subway.

I’m always interest by the different types of people I see sitting/standing on the train. Idk if this thought ever comes to anyone else’s mind, but I always wonder the basic why and how.

Why are they on the train now? Are they going to work, are they going home, are they traveling/visiting someone or are they running away.

Its weird thinking about, but no matter what reason they had to get on that same train with you, all our lives intertwine. It could have been for that brief moment in our lives, or maybe our lives will cross paths again in the future. Who knows, maybe that one person you were judging turns out to be the nicest person you’ve ever met, or the person who you thought was nice is actually the devil and needs to die. Its just interesting knowing everyones story up to the point on where we cross paths.

How did they end up in that very train? Were they late for where ever they planned to go? Maybe they just wanted to be on time so they left a little early.

Ever since this one movie I saw, I was always fascinated to know like the whole picture. For instance, why I’m forced to stand up on the train because some asshole took my seat? Why didnt he come later so he could be the one standing. What lead him to taking the very last seat?

Idk maybe its just me but sitting/standing on the train and just observing everyone’s behavior and having all these thoughts really makes me want to have the power to just see into how their day went and watch them up to the point where we’re both in the train.