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Santa the Claos

So I consider myself a bit of an expert on Krist-Mass and Krist-Mass mythos, and decided to try my hand at the most faithfull representation of the creature this ancient celebration is centered in, along with an informative description:

Santa the Claos (maybe related to biblical antagonist Satan?) is an incredibly ancient creature often reported to resemble a human, that spends the most part of the year trapped within Earth’s northern geomagnetic pole. It is widely known that Claos is released from its imprisonment for exactly one night every year to grant many gifts upon its followers, the night of Krist-Mass, eagerly anticipated throughout the year by millions of us humans, and specially human larvae. 

This otherworldly creature of unknown origin is praised as a god by millions of humans, who sing chants that foretell its coming and extoll its virtues. Claos keeps an extensive, ever updating record of every single human child within the Krist-Mass covenant, and is known to reward those that are proven worthy with material goods of their liking, and give coal to those who are not. 

It is unknown why Santa the Claos punishes unworthy followers specifically with coal, but it probably makes a lot of sense in its mind. No one ever questions the ways of Claos.

Have a very pleasant Krist-Mass night! may Santa the Claos render you or your offspring worthy! HOO-HOO-HOO


”It took me 10 years to be ready for this. I’ve got a pretty good foundation of friends and family that will always keep me grounded no matter what. But I don’t think I would have been ready for it 10 years ago. So I’m really happy with the way it worked out. You need to learn how to do this. You need to learn how to keep your cool, learn how to be a leader on set, learn how to act. F—-, I still know I’ve got a ton to learn. It’s all a learning experience. I’m going to school every day.” [x]


Do you know what it is like to be sold, squire? I do. My brother sold me to Khal Drogo for the promise of a golden crown. Well, Drogo crowned him in gold, though not as he had wished, and I… my sun-and-stars made a queen of me, but if he had been a different man, it might have been much otherwise. Do you think I have forgotten how it felt to be afraid?”

Boa Hancock + Snake face tattoo

The Enneagram system of personality types describes nine distinct personality types and the relationships and interconnections between them. Each type is characterized by specific habits of attention. [x]

Email tumblr. Ask them (politely) to change the layouts back. Explain why calmly, rationally, and firmly. Feel free to use my email in full, or as a base if you’d like:

Dear tumblr staff,

I understand that you want to make updates to your site and your layout, and that’s fine. We might complain about layout changes, but overall we adjust. However, this is different. As someone who has been a graphic maker on tumblr for several years, I have created what I can only assume is over 1000 graphics, gifs or otherwise. All of these gifs were designed for the 500px post width, all thanks to your recent change, all of them now look awful. The new wide post width stretches out all gifsets created with the previous size in mind, making them look blurry and/or cut off. This includes both on the dashboard and on personal blog layouts, which have been designed with the 500px width in mind. I, like so many other graphic makers, put so much work into each gif set that I make. Over time, this would add up to hundreds of hours of work that has been single-handedly ruined with one “simple” change that you somehow saw “no reason not to”. Well, I hope you will see that there are plenty of reasons not to. Reasons like the thousands, probably even millions of gif-sets that now look absolutely awful because of the changes you made. Or the personal blog layouts that have been similarly ruined because of your change. This is not even taking into account the fact that you’re essentially asking thousands of graphic makers to change how they make their gifs and graphics, to new (and very weird) size ratios. 

Please undo this poorly thought-out change, and  revert the width of the post size back to 500px. For the sake of all your site’s numerous, incredibly talented graphic makers, as well as this incredibly visually-oriented sites years worth of posts.

Thank you,



MANILA — Rescue officials in the Philippines were scrambling on Saturday to get to isolated villages on the islands of Leyte and Samar, amid early estimates of at least 1,200 dead from Friday’s powerful typhoon.

High waves amid strong winds pounded the coast on Friday as a typhoon hit the city of Legazpi. At least four died, officials said. Enlarge This Image Jay Rommel Labra/European Pressphoto Agency In Cebu Province a gymnasium housed evacuees from Typhoon Haiyan. Enlarge This Image Charlie Saceda/Reuters Strong winds from the typhoon hit a coastal town in Laguna Province. More than 700,000 evacuated ahead of the storm. “The local Red Cross chapter has seen many bodies,” Gwendolyn Pang, the secretary-general of the Philippine Red Cross said in a text message. “They reported an estimate of about 1,000 deaths in Leyte and about 200 from Samar.” “An actual body count has to be done to determine the exact number,” she added. “That is only an estimate.”

FOR DONATIONS: Philippine Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, UNICEF Philippines, CARE Australia, Caritas International, World Vision, AmeriCares, Samaritan’s Purse (Canada), Canadian Red Cross

Seriously, the things we’re seeing on the local news are unimaginably awful. Haiyan was here for all of 24 hours but it dealt so much damage. We haven’t even heard from remote islands and many coastal towns yet because the communication lines are down and roads are blocked by debris. Many cities have no food, no electricity, and no potable water. If you can, please donate. $1 USD can go a long way—it can buy a couple of kilos of rice, or packed goods, or medicine that the victims need. 

-Don’t let the wine go to your brains
The moment Enjolras found out how to get Rs undivided attention

Wild chimps seen hunting with spears

Chimpanzees mostly eat fruit but occasionally supplement their diet with meat. A common prey is other primates and chimps have developed some fairly complex tactics for taking them down, often flanking around to force their prey into a trap where another chimp is waiting to ambush them. However one group have chimps have taken things a step further and started using spears in their hunt.

The Savannah chimps (so called because they live near the edge of the forest) hunt bush babies; a prosimian widely regarded as “cute”. Bush babies are nocturnal and hide in tree hollows during the day. They’re adept climbers so if a chimp were to try and reach in and grab them they could easily escape. To counter this the Savannah chimps have started breaking off tree branches, stripping off the bark and then sharpening the end with their teeth.

They then stabbed their spear into the bush baby “nests”; after which they would break open the tree and pull out their prey. Although the researchers couldn’t see if the bush baby was killed by the spear, they did note that “it made no attempts to escape, nor did it utter any vocalization.” The chimp then ate their victim (interestingly, they did not share it with other chimps as is the norm).

This makes them the only known animal (other than humans) l to use tools to hunt vertebrates.

The primatologists were also impressed with the complexity of the spear, requiring more steps to create than most other chimp tools. Not only do they sharpen the tip and strip the bark, but they also typically trim the tips of the tool first. This helps remove any damage caused by them snapping the branch off the tree; creating a more durable tool. This indicates a high level of planning, intelligence and murderous intent.

Next they’re going to figure out fire, then we’re fucked.

Pruetz, J. D., & Bertolani, P. (2007). Savanna Chimpanzees, Pan troglodytes verus, Hunt with Tools. Current Biology, 17(5), 412-417.