that summer feeling will haunt you one day in your life// a playlist for wasting the summer ((listen))

01. let’s go surfing - the drums | 02. king city - swim deep | 03. beach rats - the growlers | 04. long hair - drowners | 05. breakers - local natives | 06. max can’t surf - FIDLAR | 07. miss teen massachusetts - SKATERS | 08. afraid of heights - wavves | 09. teenage kicks - the undertones | 10. whirring - arms | 11. red light green light - dune rats | 12. best of friends - palma violets | 13. sea of love - the national | 14. gravedweller - the wytches | 15. misbehaviour - the vaccines | 16. fuckabout - drenge | 17. swimming pool - the front bottoms | 18. spiderhead - cage the elephant | 19. motoring - TOY | 20. sacrilege - yeah yeah yeahs | 21. needles and pins - surfer blood | 22. pelican - the maccabees | 23. wasted - mainland | 24. sweet disposition - the temper trap | 25. that summer feeling (cover) - the vaccines


Teen Wolf AU - When Cora comes back to Beacon Hills she finds herself falling for Kira. She tries to fight it at first, because she’s never had much luck with love, but eventually she gives in. 



Jo/Anna High School AU
Prompt by mitch123k 
Inspo: Arctic Monkeys, Arabella (x)

Anna and Jo have been in love with each other for so long that when they finally get together, exactly no one is surprised.

When Jo tells him, still reeling from their first kiss, Dean kind of…blinks at her and says “Wait, you weren’t already together?”.

Meg arches a carefully plucked eyebrow, lights a cigarette and smirks. “Well, about time.” she drawls. “If it was possible to die from excess of sexual tension, you two would be six feet under.”

Castiel, Anna’s twin brother, gives Jo the stare of doom. At first, Jo thinks it’s Castiel’s equivalent of a ‘hurt-her-and-i’ll-kill-you' speech, but after a long, assessing minute, Castiel shoots her a rare smile and simply says “Good.” Anna rolls her eyes, squeezing Jo's hand.

And Jo’s mom? Well, Ellen goggles at them for a minute, and then throws her head back and laughs, laughs, laughs. After a few minutes, she manages to calm down long enough to say “Oh, sweetheart, as far as I’m concerned, you’ve been together since you were eight.”

Jo doesn’t really mind.

“Do you remember what you told me that night?” She cocked an eyebrow pointedly. Dany did not need to specify which night she spoke of. Doreah was obviously very aware by now.

“I said many things, if I recall,” Doreah responded, her voice slightly hoarse and strangled with the effort of remaining still.

“You told me love comes in at the eyes.” She leant down to capture Doreah’s lips for only a moment but felt the body beneath her surge up and pull her flush down. Relief flooded her nerves at the feeling of fingers splayed wide across her back, anchoring her in place. Tiny eager moans leaked from the older girl’s lips as she returned the kiss with an unexpected urgency. Ordinarily, owing to years of practice, Doreah did not display such disregard for composure, even in the most excited state. Yet here as the Lysene girl writhed slightly under her, Dany could focus on nothing else. It was overwhelming, contagious even. It was Doreah the girl—not the whore or the traitor—laid bare and honest beneath her.

Gathering her strength and steadying herself, Daenerys pushed slightly upright again to hover over her handmaid solemnly. “So what do you see, Doreah?”

Happy early Valentine’s day friends

« Thank you, Irisviel. I almost lost the thing that was most precious to me. »

is it possible to have post-concert depression 7 months after your concert happened

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