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99 Red Balloons (Pixel Ska)?
  • 99 Red Balloons (Pixel Ska)?
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99 Red Balloons (99 Luft Ballons) originally performed by Nena

I really wanted to do a thing with this song, sorry.

ALSO, I had really wanted to work on some what of newer genre in the sense that I’m not sure people do it. I love Ska music, and I do Chiptune. So I combined them to a degree, its not the first time but I figured I could convey it here. So, we’ll call it Pixel Ska or ChipSka. I have been doing Pixel Punk and we can just add this here. Hopefully I can say I made a new genre of some sort.

Hero Training (Open Starter)

That day was going alright if Lune had to rate it.

On the plus side it was summer and he was loving it. On the minus side he made eye contact with a small girl and she cried. So that wasn’t very good. And he noticed that there was suspicious clouds in the sky. It had better not rain…

Lune knew heading into Vale that it was gonna be tough without his sunglasses, after all bunny ears can be cute, fox tails can be cute but snake eyes? If they weren’t scary then they were just plain creepy. 

Lune sighed as he sat down on a bench in some park that he wondered into. Despite everything though it was quite the boring day. If only he could find someone to help out or in need of something.

He could hear the sound of crushed leaves from footsteps nearby. He turned his head, was someone there?

What's eatin' you? || Southerngentlevamp

Hunting was savage, and to be honest, Adrienne Nash wasn’t sure why she did it. It was dirty and messy, and about the furthest thing from what a lady ought to be doing with her life. Her friends — the girls that she had come up with, gone to school with — all had lives, good lives. Sure, they lived in middle-of-nowhere, Louisiana, but it was only an hour to the nearest town, to the speakeasies and the fun of what Adri’s brothers so affectionately called civilian life.  If she wanted to, she could’ve found a husband.

But she chose hunting. She chose to help her brothers quietly distill illegal liquor out in the back yard, haul it into town and sell it. She read palms and did card tricks for the tourists from the north, and did some real fortune telling for the citizens of their tiny coastal town, all to earn that few extra dollars that would mean another gallon in their gas tank or another dozen silver bullets.  And she hoped that someday, her family let her use them, come along on a hunt and take out a werewolf or a rugaru.  But there really was no chance of that — and certainly not recently. 

No, recently they had been tracking a largish nest of vampires who had taken to pirating ships off the coast.  They were a particularly elusive bunch, ones the boys rarely caught despite running more raids than they’d probably run on any one thing in their lives.  Once, they caught one of the young ones and hauled him back home to interrogate him.  They kept him for a few days or a week, doing everything from tearing off his fingernails to offering him fresh blood in exchange for information, but the vampire kept quiet, and eventually the plans changed.  The boys ran another raid, hoping this time to have some luck where previously they’d had none, and leaving their sister in charge of their guest in his makeshift jail cell, which happened to be their sitting room.  The huntress didn’t bother asking questions this time, instead sitting and twirling a strand of hair idly around her fingers as she watched their captive struggle weakly in his bonds. 

"What’s eatin’ you, Mac?"  She finally muttered, and a ghost of a smile touched her lips.  That was funny, she’d have to tell Paul when he got back. 

"You…you’re not…askin’ me any questions anymore."  The vampire responded, his voice slurred with hunger and pain.  Licking her lips, the witch leaned forward slightly, resting her elbows on her knees and watching the newborn vampire curiously, head cocked to the side.

"Hittin’ on all sixes, aren’t you? Darlin’, you’re just a bargainin’ chip now.  We want the…. what do you all call him again…?"  She thought for a moment before adding somewhat sarcastically, "The Old Man.”

Ummm Hey guys :) 

ok so this is handwriting tag

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gandi si writing hai waisay :P 12th class kay baad kharaab ho gae :P lol

Chalo shabash ab ye saaray achay bachay apni gandi si writing dikha do :P hehehehe

Do it guys, its fun :P especially if you feel like you are writing after centuries :)

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bas itnay kaafi hain :)

You,Wesley, and your son,Brayden, were getting ready to go on a family outing to Disney Land for the first time with your son. Of course Brayden wouldn’t be able to ride some rides, but you figured it would be fun. Wesley has gotten ready,but you still needed to get dress and do your hair and make up. “Wes can you watch Brayden while I go get ready?” You asked. Wes gladly took Brayden out of your arms and sat down to play with him. While you were upstairs getting ready you heard Brayden start crying. You were just about to go downstairs to go get him,but you heard Wes say,”(Y/N) don’t come down I got this.” Then all of a sudden you could hear Wes singing “Sunday Morning” by Maroon 5. Slowly, Brayden’s cries stopped and all you could hear was Wesley’s voice throughout the house. “That maybe all I need, in darkness she is all I see." He continued to sing. Once Wesley was done Brayden started laughing. “Did you like that,little butter? Your mom loves that song too.” You smiled to yourself and went downstairs to see Brayden on Wesley’s lap with a huge smile on his face. Wes saw you come into the family room and he said to Brayden, “Now that your mom is done we can get you dressed and you can meet my good friends, Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and a bunch of others.” You laughed and followed Wes and Brayden into Brayden’s nursery. “Why did you pick ‘Sunday Morning’ to sing to him?” you asked Wes. “Well the only other song I had stuck in my head wasn’t really appropriate to sing to him, and I know how much you love this song, so I figured since we both have awesome music taste he will like it too, and he did.” Wes said while putting down Brayden on the changing table while you went to pick our an outfit. You just laughed and said,”You know,you’re a great father.” He smiled so big and said,”I know.” And gave you a kiss on your forehead,then said,”We should give Brayden a little brother or sister.”