its 4 in the morning why am I up

Uhm—dumb AU stuff I was drabbling about but

the sirens went off not long ago and they were testing them and I thought I’d heard them again at like 4 in the morning and it

gave me ideas I’d explain but I’d sound dumb so take a poorly executed sketch ok


Okay okay
Can I have a human!stuck Davekat AU—in which Kar is the lead singer for an alt/punk band (“The Triggers”) who ends up back-to-back on the lineup of a week-long indie music festival with Dave
And Gog does he fucking hate Dave, Dave’s just this cocky white kid who raps, like what the fuck, and he’s such a little shit on and back-stage and just FUCK
He hates him and his stupid internet persona and his stupid raps and his stupid combed-over hair and his cool as shit attitude and he wants to punch him but he also kind of maybe wants to fuck him in the crappy-ass bathroom
And maybe both things end up happening