verse; false gods, great demons

                    He’s the essence
                    of all our fears
                    Tomorrow holds the unknown
                    An unknown
                    He does not fear

                                       —— KetomaRose


He was the brother whom got the short end of the stick and learned to live with his fate. Hades was once a lively older brother, one that would not hesitate to look out for his younger. However that was then, and this would be now.

He is a god, one that is the most necessary. All of the dead will pass his gaze, and at the end of each day he will request a roll call to make sure none were missed, and sent to roam eternity without their soul at rest. Hades will take no pleasure in the job that he was given, though no complaint would be made given the decision of his work was final. 

He grew lonely in his dark home, and took a wife: Persephone, the most beautiful of the goddesses ( in the eyes of himself ). Though his methods were unorthodox, she would become the light of his life to the eyes of the masses. Though no flowers grew in the Underworld, stone roses would be created for the god to give to his wife.

When a pomegranate was given, in this story it was out of love.

When the Breach was opened, however, his job would now be to prevent unnecessary deaths. He was not an evil man, ( despite the unfortunate rumors ) just a man that was given a purpose which everyone feared the most. Death was inevitable, and also the reason he was most hated.

  • god: hades
  • group info: here

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