theworldhasfaults said:

misfits? x

Yay I’ve been waiting for someone to send me this! Here we go!

❤ male: Nathan Young; He’s too funny, some people might find him too offensive but I think that’s just his defense mechanism in response to others. Beneath that egoistic layer of his you can truly see how wonderful the individual Nathan Young is.

❤ female: Kelly Bailey; What the fook? She’s a goddamn rocket-scientist!

✖ least favorite: Curtis Donovan; I don’t see how he is contributing much to the group, to be honest. 

✔ who resembles me: Nathan Young; I’m loud and I run my mouth whenever I want. I also tend to be the one that makes the funny in serious situations to ease the tension. 

❤ most attractive: Simon Bellamy; Just look at the sharkish features. He’s like a handsome shark!

❤ three more characters that i like: Rudy, Seth, Nikki (Remember the girl with the ability to teleport, I hated that they killed her off!)