Follow Friday: It’s been 2 months edition

itLego: Stepping on a Lego block in the middle of the night is one of the worst things you can do. This blog is dedicated to everything Lego but that part. Because it is awesome, click ti follow itLego.

Drew Wise: Pixel artist and animator, the man just rocks. Chances are you are currently wearing one of his shirts…his portfolio is full of rad, super creative art that you simply must check out. Click to follow Drew.

James Slayte - James has one of the best art styles of any illustrator on Tumblr and that isn’t something to say lightly. If you are following his talebt, you are making a huge mistake. Click to follow James.

Time Travel & Rocket Powered Apes: If you love Herochan then there is a really good chance that you will also enjoy TT&RPA. It got it’s name because was taken. Click here to follow.

Follow Friday: Things I’m a sucker for edition.

itLego: I’m a sucker for cool Lego images. Plain and simple. I also have the ability to forgive the Danish dark lord who invented these things intentionally so that people would step on them late at night and feel pain. Fact: Legofoot is the #2 cause of death in adults age 25-40 in the U.S. I promise that is true. Follow itLego for tips on curing Legofoot!

GraphixRob: I’m a sucker for talented artists who also like Herochan (our sister blog). The personal Tumblr blog of comic book artist Rob Hassan is a must follow if you are a fan of almost anything in the comic universe. Rob does it all. He even created that amazing Kick-Ass print we had a contest for a few weeks back. 

StripeySocks: I’m a sucker for amazing minimal art done right. Melissa is an 18 year old artist from Scotland who knows exactly that. From a single submission, her art has been featured on Herochan 3 times this week already. Follow her and get even more of her awesomeness! 

PortPortPort: I’m a sucker for awesome people who also work on awesome sister blogs on our awesome network. AWESOME! Port works on IMNS (nsfw) and an upcoming blog that will be really really cool but I can’t give you a link because it isn’t 100% ready. Follow her to find out the secret meaning of the song She-Bop