All in her eyes

The smoke spun from my lips in a fashion only seen when the air is as perfectly still as ice. The light from my lit cigarette was the only way i could even attempt to see in front of me. The ere silence drove me mad slowly as I tried to find my way to something, anything, anyone. The walls began to drip over time making the floor feel like oil on a wet stone. Like a freshly birthed giraffe I slipped and fell in the dark gashing my knees with each fall. Lost my cigarette. No light. Little air. No where to go. The water started coming faster and it was at my ankles by this point. My feet were numb and my chest was tight but even through this all I could think about is her blue eyes, they shimmered like the biggest ocean on the brightest of days. There she was on that beach, the joy it brought me was something of magic or fairytale. It seemed so real. Like I could hear the running wate….r.. Now it was up to my chest filling all the faster than before. “There’s water flowing in.. So air must be going out” I thought to myself. I was on the tips of my toes balancing for air in the darkness. Air, not stale but fresh on the inhale. Halfway up my face. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale.. Now I was in a world unknown to me. Nothing but darkness. The fridges water made it hard to swim in my clothes. Searching and searching for an escape. Loosing air and floating downward I am at peace and Something in me let go, helped relax me. Told me I would be fine. As I relaxed to finish it all I feel movement In the water.. The current dragged me like salmon up stream. Bashing into stone and wall I gasped for air only to receive the unsettling rush of cold water into my lungs… As all the heat started to leave my body I left that place. I was with her; on that beach. It was all I needed.